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Nima Denzongpa Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Nima Denzongpa 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunita takes a few fireworks and says I will show my devotion to Tulika. She tosses the fireworks close to Nima’s house and runs from that point yet Sunita’s saree bursts into flames from the diya. She shouts to save her. Varun looks on. Nima comes out and sees her saree consuming. Tulika and others come there as well. Nima races to her. Tulika murmurs to Varun to not go close to her. Madness goes to bring water. Nima lights resting off the fire with her mind. Suresh comes there and sees Nima utilizing her hands. The fire snoozes off. Sunita says I am fine. I’m fine.. express gratitude toward God. Nari sees Nima’s hands consumed. Nima swoons so Suresh holds her. Tulika is dazed to see him lifting her in his arms. Suresh carries Nima to her home and strokes her face. He checks out her consumed hands and blows on them. He weeps for her.

Tulika is sitting tight for Suresh and expresses what is happening? Sunita requests that she quiet down. Tulika yells that this happened as a result of you. For what reason did you go close to Nima’s house? Sunita says I needed to toss fireworks in their home to show my dedication to you. You were biting the dust to wed Suresh and I generally upheld you. I love you yet you know when I disdain somebody then I don’t spare them. She leaves. Tulika requests that Vaurn proceed to beware of Suresh.

Scene 2
The specialist checks Nima and swathes her hand. He says she really wants to deal with her hands and should keep her hand spruced up. He leaves. Varun comes there so Suresh requests that he bring drugs. Nari says I will bring it. Suresh says no, he will do it. Varun goes from that point. Sarla asks what was the deal? Sia says she is fine. Sarla requests that Suresh return home as Tulika will blow up. Sia says she is correct, you should leave. Suresh says alright yet assuming you wanted anything, tell me. Deal with her. He unfortunately leaves from that point. Nari says Ayi is in this condition as a result of them. Sia says I won’t go to Pune when Ayi is in this condition. Sarla says we will deal with her. Sia says I can’t leave her like this. She messages Shiv that she won’t have the option to come to Pune.

Suresh is returning home. Tulika inquires as to for what reason did he lift Nima in his arms? she should rehash dramatization. Suresh says would you say you are insane? She consumed her hands while saving my Ayi while you were remaining there and sitting idle. You never showed signs of change, you are insane. He leaves from that point. Tulika says how might my arrangement work now?

Nari glances through the window and sees Suresh sitting external his home. Madness and Sia see him as well. Nari says I am seeing a father’s support without precedent forever. Lunacy says he dealt with us today, Sia says he is a great man however stalls out in awful circumstances, he is all alone.

Tulika comes to Sunita and brings liquor for her. She says I am upset for blowing up with you. You are faithful to me and I know it. She cries and says Suresh actually runs behind that Nima, I can’t bear it. I wanted you with me. You are my help as your child harms me a great deal. Sunita says my Suresh won’t ever leave you, simply trust me. Tulika says I used to undermine Suresh to take off from the house however presently I feel like I am losing him, his heart is still with that Nima. I adored him since I was 13 years of age yet I never got his adoration. Tulika embraces her and says guarantee me you will be with me generally. Sunita says I guarantee, we are one team.

Sia, Mania and Nari come to Suresh. Sia says thank you for dealing with Nima. Suresh says I didn’t do anything, all of you are extremely capable, I am pleased with you. They all wish him diwali. Nari grins at him. Madness gives him desserts and sees his hand consumed also.

The scene ends.

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