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Nima Denzongpa Episode Written Update 26th October 2021- Nima Puts Tulika In Place

Nima Denzongpa 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Scene 1
Sia, Mania and Nari win the dance contest. All applaud them. The host says let’s have a good time. Varun is irritable seeing them. Madness requests that Nima hit the dance floor with them. Sarla hauls her. Sunita drinks liquor and requests that Suresh dance. Nima is hitting the dance floor with her little girls. Suresh moves too. Tulika shows up at the celebration and searches for Suresh. Nima turns and grins at Suresh. Suresh tracks down a gold piece of jewelry on the floor and thinks if it’s Nima’s? He shows it to her yet she is befuddled. Tulika sees Suresh and Nima remaining next to one another and is stunned. She winds down the music. Suresh and others are shocked to see her. Tulika shouts for what reason would you say you are giving my accessory to Nima? Varun is paralyzed to acknowledge he dropped the jewelry from his pocket.

Paras, Mitali, Babita and her life partner are sitting together. Paras attempts to have a discussion with Mitali. Paras attempts to discuss his business thought however Mitali doesn’t appear to be intrigued. Paras reviews his gathering with Mania and grins. He thinks I am here with Mitali however and, after it’s all said and done Mania’s musings are making me happy.

Suresh asks Tulika what was the deal? Tulika yells what is happening? You requested that I return, you informed me so I would see this? Suresh says when did I message you? Tulika shows him the message which was sent by Suresh and it says that he is feeling the loss of her so she should return. Suresh says I didn’t send this message. Tulika inquires as to for what reason would you say you were giving my accessory to her? Suresh says how did your jewelry come here? Varun says perhaps another person has a similar accessory. Tulika says my dad gifted me this accessory and he was giving it to Nima. She lets everybody to see know he up to. She yells at Nima to quit doing her modest shenanigans. Nima says enough Tulika. Stay inside your cutoff points, we are not powerless. Quit charging others prior to knowing reality. Suresh says you are mixed up Tulika. Tulika says I can see everything unmistakably, this Nima needed my adornments. Sarla attempts to answer her back yet Nima lets Tulika know that no one needs to converse with her since you are so annoying. Why should you yell at me? I never lie since I generally come clean. Nothing occurred among Suresh and me since I went out. She tells sorry to everybody for obliterating the bubbly climate. Nima frowns at Suresh and leaves with her daughters.

Paras sits with his companion. His companion inquires as to for what reason does he look miserable? Paras says my family has chosen Mitali for me so it’s fine. His companion says I realize you are thinking something. Paras says I attempted to converse with Mitali however there was nothing to discuss. Otherside.. he takes a gander at Mania’s arm band. His companion says to give some an ideal opportunity to Mitali to open up to you.

Tulika is tossing things around in the house and advises Suresh to quit messing around with her, he can’t continue to be with Nima. You implored me to return and afterward show this to me? Suresh says I never informed you. Tulika says show me your telephone. Suresh is shocked to discover the message on his telephone. He reviews how Sunita had his telephone. He frowns at her. Tulika says you have ridiculed me. Suresh says everybody is having a good time on diwali however you simply need to battle. We enjoyed harmony in the house when you were not here. Tulika says you got back to me so I am not leaving. Suresh says you know I didn’t send that message, I don’t care. He asks Sunita for what reason did you message her? He tells her that I won’t rest in my room. He requests that Sunita proceed to lay down with Tulika. Tulika calls her dad and says simply continue to do what I requested that you do. Sunita goes to her and says I informed from Suresh’s telephone so you would be back. I am so glad to see you here. Tulika says you don’t look glad. You didn’t even call me once. Sunita says I care about you that’s why I informed you and conflicted with my child. Tulika says I had trusts from you, you have harmed me when you failed to remember me. You broke our group. I did an error by trusting you.

Mania says this Tulika is so modest. Nari says she ought to have been slapped. Sarla says Nima never blows up. Nima says I have sympathy for Tulika, she took everything from me however presently she is terrified of losing everything. I have everything in life since I have my little girls with me so for what reason would I blow up on anything? Her girls smile.

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