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Nima Denzongpa Episode Written Update 25th October 2021 – Suresh Can’t Stop Staring At Nima

Nima Denzongpa 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh comes to Sunita and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is holding his telephone? Sunita says I was simply checking it.

Tulika is going out and lets him know that I will accept my right as Suresh’s spouse. He requests that she leave her stuff here. She says okay.

Nima and her girls enter the diwali celebration. Suresh shows up there with his family moreover. Suresh grins checking out Nima. She grins back. Suresh goes to her and attempts to talk yet she disappears. Suresh utilizes the glass that she used to drink water and smiles.
Nima comes to Sunita and asks how are you feeling now? Sunita says you should be glad to not send food any longer. Nima requests that she be careful and departs. Nima comes to Sarla and says my children dressed me up today. Craziness brings bun kabab for them. The host reports that we will begin a dance rivalry and the victor will get prize cash. Varun lets his family know that I will move first and afterward go to take from the house. Nima’s kids go to partake in the dance contest too. Sunita gets herself enrolled also.

Tulika is going to the celebration and messes up her lipstick in the auto-cart. She reprimands the driver so he drops her out and about and leaves. Tulika says this region isn’t protected, I should stroll to the celebration prior to everything is finished.

The have tells everybody at the celebration that the primary artist is Varun. All applaud him. Varun moves on the stage and Mania giggles. Another artist goes on the stage so Varun leaves the celebration. He goes to his home and opens the safe. He discovers Tulika’s gold accessory and takes it.

At the celebration, Sunita begins moving on the stage. The host says next is Mania, Sia and Nari. They all dance on the stage. Nima is glad to see them dance. Some others dance as couples. Suresh checks out Nima and envisions himself hitting the dance floor with her. The host says we will report the champ now. Varun returns and says I will win. The host says Mania-Sia-Nari won the opposition. All applaud them. Nima is happy.

The scene ends.

Precap: Everyone is moving. Suresh tracks down a gold chain and shows it to Nima. Tulika sees it and asks Suresh for what valid reason he is giving her chain to Nima. She asks Nima when she will stop her appalling demonstrations. She was away for a couple of days and she began her demonstrations. When will she leave Suresh? Nima says enough. She asks Tulika what her identity is and what she considers herself? Just the individuals who aren’t right shout. She says, I am correct and that is the reason I don’t scream.

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