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Nima Denzongpa 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Paras Is Overjoyed To Reunite With Mania

Nima Denzongpa 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Scene 1

Nima is working in Suman’s home. Tulika stows away and begins moving toward her however Bakay snatches her and says you are a cheat right? Disappear. Tulika says no.. no. Suresh comes there and sees her. He says Tulika?

Bakay carries Tulika and Suresh to Maaji. Suresh says she is my better half. Tulika says I didn’t sneak in. Maaji says for what reason would she say she was keeping an eye on our home? Bakay says she was glancing through the windows. Ginesh lets Suresh know that you are making issues since you came here. Suresh says I am truly heartbroken. Maaji asks why is she here? Tulika attempts to talk however her voice is no more. Suresh says she required cash as she is sick. Maaji creates some distance from her. Tulika says I have an irritated throat. Ginesh admonishes them and requests that Suresh send her away. Take our consent prior to coming here once more. Suresh takes Tulika from that point. Tulika is glancing near yet doesn’t see Nima. Nima sees her from the kitchen and gets frightened. Suresh requests that Tulika disappear. Tulika leaves.

Craziness goes to the workplace to meet the CEO. She sees Ginesh’s image on the divider and says he should be the CEO uncle. She recounts what she will say to him. She says I will let him know I can’t shoot now.

In the bank, the chief lets everybody know that we will have a yearly outing. We are going to Pune this time. Sia says all need to join in? He says OK, it’s mandatory. All of you need to present the structure in 2 days. He leaves. Shiv sees Sia strained and asks what was the deal? These studios are entertaining. Sia says it’s not regarding that, I don’t figure Ayi would permit me to go. She never let us stay for the time being anyplace. Shiv says you can ask her. Sia says you don’t have the foggiest idea about my mom.

The secretary calls Paras and says Mania came to meet you. Paras grins taking a gander at her wristband. Madness goes into the room yet Paras is turning away. He requests that she plunk down as he is searching for the reference inventory. Madness says look uncle, quit searching for the inventory. Much obliged to you for giving me the possibility yet sense of pride is generally critical to me so I can’t do this shoot. I can’t do it. Paras pivots and says I am not an uncle. Craziness grins seeing him. She says Paras? He says you recollect my name? Craziness says you saved my life. Where is the uncle? Paras says he is my mom, I am the CEO now. Madness says it’s so nice to see you. I was having an exhausting day however not any longer. Did you rehash this to meet? Paras hacks and gets frightened. Insanity snickers. Paras says I figure my picture taker did a misstep by dismissing you. You suit our image. Lunacy says you are charming, I needed to do this shoot however I am confounded at this point. Paras says I need to make this saree business develop. He tells her his marketable strategy. He says I realize you didn’t care for the work however it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, you will be the substance of our mission. Insanity says I don’t see this yet you have given me regard so I will do it. She shakes her hand with him. Paras grins. Paras’ companion Hemal comes there. Lunacy says I ought to get rolling. She grins and leaves. Hemal says you didn’t acquaint me with bhabhi? I realize you are getting hitched. Paras says she is our model, she isn’t my eventual spouse. Hemal says I realized you were unable to score a young lady like her. Paras hits him.

Scene 2

Nima comes to Suresh and says what was Tulika doing here? Everything is working out in a good way however your better half needed to come here? Individuals are discussing her in the house. Suresh says she is insane. Nima says on the off chance that she had seen me, she would have made an issue. We might have lost our positions, I can’t get by without this work. Suresh says I am grieved, trust me I will deal with Tulika. Nima says you need to as we don’t have another decision.

A mailman brings a letter for Varun. He takes it and disappears. Sunita expresses what might be in that letter? She asks him. Varun says it’s uplifting news. Sunita requests that he read it to her. Varun says it’s composed that in light of his helpless participation, he won’t be qualified to sit in the test. He should rehash the class. Sunita expresses what’s the significance here? Varun gets strained and says they are content with my dance and empowered me.

Ginesh is conversing with Babita’s dad in-law. He closes the call and tells Paras that Babita’s inlaws concurred for the joined commitment service so you will get drawn in around the same time. Paras gets strained and expresses imagine a scenario where we dispatch our web-based mission at our commitment party as it were. There would be rich individuals there. Ginesh likes the thought and applauds him.

Nima gets back home and is strained. Sarla meets her and asks where are you lost? Nima says I am simply occupied with work. Sarla says we will talk today.

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Suresh gets back home and resents Tulika. He says how might you spy at my work environment? I was offended. Sunita requests that Suresh quiet down. Suresh inquires as to for what reason did you do it? Tulika says I needed to discover you in the act, you don’t accept my call however have another young lady’s hanky? I needed to see who are you getting together with. Suresh says we have been hitched for quite a long time yet your uncertainty never disappears, you are going off the deep end as you go old. Tulika says don’t consider me that. Sunita requests that Suresh fail to remember all that. Suresh yells that she is getting me offended all over the place. I would prefer not to live in this house any longer. Tulika is paralyzed to hear that.

The scene closes.

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