New Mission of NASA Will Enlighten Us More About Balck Holes

NASA has successfully launched the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) with the help of a Falcon 9 rocket made by SpaceX. The duration of the mission will be approximately 2 years and in this mission, NASA is working with an Italian Space Agency.

This mission is planned to study the effects of X-ray polarization. Space scientists of NASA will try to find out the origin of X-rays that are produced from celestial events like a supernova explosion. The base of this mission is formed by using the works of Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

NASA New Mission

This mission was launched way back in 1999 and now the current mission will provide more insight into the formation of black holes, exploding stars, and many more astrophysical events which are occurring in space. IXPE will study a total of 40 pre-designated celestial objects in the first year of the mission and in the next year, a follow-up will be done.

Now we will get answers to many questions about the black hole. A press release has been made by NASA right after the rocket launch where the space agency said that The IXPE observatory will get separated from the rocket almost after 33 minutes after taking off.

Then it will deploy the solar panels and enter orbit around the Earth’s equator. Forty minutes prior to the launch, the first set of telemetry data will be delivered by the spacecraft to the mission operators of NASA.

The IXPE launch is a big step forward in discovering space that is mostly unknown to us and next NASA Is planning to launch the James Webb Telescope on 22nd December this year. 

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