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Puja begins. Savant ji requests ghee. Sakshi goes to bring it. Juhi and Manas need to help just as this puja is for their haathi. They head to the kitchen too. Virender and Purvi trade a smile.

Sakshi pours ghee in a bowl. Juhi and Manas request that she give it to them. She is stressed that they may drop it yet they demand. We need to help for puja. Prakashi and Anjali have come there as well. Juhi takes the bowl from Sakshi. Children leave.

Manas and Juhi squabble about who will give ghee to intellectual ji. They drop it on Purvi accidentally. She chooses to put on something else. Virender asks her who she is searching for Purvi says Sakshi ji advised me to keep it in my lap constantly. He makes her give it to him and heads to her room. Virender advises the children to go and play.

Prakashi tells Sakshi she realizes that she would not like to talk about this however I thought to jab you over and over. You are the senior DIL of this haveli. It harms me a ton. She gives debris to Sakshi. it isn’t standard debris. Simply add it in havan. You can do ponders with it. It will make Molkki’s body empty. You will get Virender and kids and that Molkki will be out of your life! Sakshi says you are no not exactly noxious snakes. Don’t you dare hurt Purvi while she is attempting to help me! There is a puja happening in the house at this moment or I would have given you a superior answer. Leave! Prakashi and Anjali leave. Sakshi is certain that even they will trust it since she is a major well-wisher of Purvi. they should feel that I kept this puja for Purvi’s purpose yet it isn’t valid. I will enter in Mukhi ji’s life after this puja and Purvi will exit. Trust everything works out positively, Lord.

Sakshi returns and finds the coconut in Virender’s hand. Where is Purvi? for what reason would you say you are holding it? I had told her not to give it to anybody till the time this puja is finished. Virender says ghee dropped on her garments so I took it from her. he gets a call and lets the individual know that he will get back to. He seizes the coconut when it slips from his hand sending her in alarm. He says you are apprehensive as though this isn’t a coconut yet a bomb! I realize it ought not fall all things considered for puja. I will give it to Purvi once she is back. She chooses to bring Purvi. you can hold it back at where she was sitting before. He gestures. It isn’t weighty. I will keep it. Sakshi chooses to bring Purvi back before her arrangement is spoiled.

Manas and Juhi are exhausted. They return to the puja.

Virender gets a call once more. He considers Sakshi’s words and keeps the coconut in the puja thaal as he goes aside to go to it. Manas and Juhi return yet no other person is there. Juhi recommends playing a game with the coconut till the opportunity haathi arrives back. Savant ji is occupied with the prepares. He doesn’t see the children taking it.

Everyone returns for the puja. Sakshi promptly gets some information about the coconut. He tells her that he had kept it in the plate. Where could it be? Sakshi gets strained. Purvi will be saved again if it isn’t figured out on schedule. Purvi tells her not to freeze. We can utilize another coconut. Sakshi counters that she needs that specific coconut as it were. She gets it together. You wont comprehend. I need that coconut as it were. Virender asks her what occurred. Maybe you have lost one of your valuable things. What’s so unique with regards to it? Sakshi answers that intellectual ji has done puja when Purvi was holding it in her lap. It is for Purvi’s prosperity. He guarantees her that it will be here as it were. Don’t be frantic. Children come running there when they see haathi. Sakshi chastens them for taking the coconut. They apologize to her. Virender sends them outside to play. Everybody plunks down for the puja.

Sakshi thinks finally. Purvi’s belly will be obliterated once this coconut impacts. Savant ji tells Purvi the puja is finished. Let’s go to Ganpati ji for everyone’s prosperity. They all represent the puja. Sakshi asks why the coconut didn’t impact yet. I have put the clock effectively. It ought to have impacted at this point. She hears kids discussing the coconut and gets tensed.

Manas and Juhi are playing catch and toss with the enlivened coconut. Sakshi takes it from them. How could you get it? Juhi says it was in the plate. We thought to play with it till the opportunity haathi arrives back. Manas needed a coconut designed comparably. I gave him a coconut designed similarly as the one utilized in puja.

Flashback shows Juhi and Manas checking out the coconut that they have adorned. It is designed indistinguishably. They go to play catch and toss. Flashback ends.

Sakshi hears the bomb blaring and gets stressed. Manas grabs it from her. I need to play with it. He goes around holding it yet she grabs it out of his hand and tosses it noticeable all around. It impacts in air. She embraces them. They ask her for what good reason it impacted. Sakshi says it wasn’t coconut yet a firecracker. I brought it here to check. Juhi inquires as to whether such a coconut exists. She gestures. Children choose to tell haathi. Sakshi lies that she had carried it to check. We will give shock to Baba and haathi on Diwali. Guarantee me. They guarantee her. She sends them inside to take Prasad. Sakshi is stresses that her children may have been harmed seconds ago. Purvi’s karma is exceptionally solid. I’m bombing in the entirety of my endeavors to get her out of here.

Purvi goes to her room and is astonished to see an armchair in the room. He inquires as to whether she enjoyed it and causes her to sit on it. She lets him know it is incredible. You are accomplishing such a great deal for me. he tells her it isn’t anything in contrast with how she will help Manas. You will end up being a mother to save his life. I can do this much for you atleast. Simply pause and watch how I will make the following 9 months paramount for you. She expresses gratitude toward him. Sakshi is envious to see them hence. Don’t know what he will do once she is pregnant with the youngster in case he is now giving her such a lot of affection. I should effectively prevent Purvi from turning into a mother.

Next morning, Sakshi takes care of improved curd to Purvi exactly when Virender and Purvi are leaving. A woman comes running there and requests that Virender save her from her better half. He beats me each time he drinks. Virender says I will accompany you later as I need to head off to some place at the present time. I will send a watchman with you at the present time. She beseeches him to help her. Purvi advises him to go as it is his obligation as a Mukhi. He doesn’t need her to go alone. Sakshi offers to go with her all things considered. Virender goes with the woman. Sakshi goes to bring her phone.

Sakshi and Purvi are at a red light when a person requests that they purchase blossoms. Sakshi asks her how she will manage it. Purvi says he is buckling down as opposed to asking. This is fine. He hurries to bring change for her. Sakshi advises Purvi to sit tight for the change yet Purvi says we are going for a decent deed at this moment. Perhaps his gifts will help us. Sakshi gestures. It will be done impeccably and I will be the person who will bring forth this kid!

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