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Sakshi advises Virender to call somebody to fix the rooftop. I have called a few ladies at home tomorrow for karwachauth puja. He gestures. She recommends that Purvi ought not quick right now as it wont be useful for her wellbeing or for the child. Doc additionally advised her to fare thee well. Virender gestures. Tell her not to keep the quick. Sakshi advises him to address her. she may not get me yet she will concur on the off chance that you say as much. He agrees.

Purvi and children are making prepares for karwachauth. They additionally praise her dress. Virender comes and sends the children outside. She shows him the stuff that she has been getting ready. He tells her not to keep quick tomorrow. She reasons that she has been doing it since they got hitched. He gestures. This time you need to care for yourself and the child so you wont keep it this year. She demands however he is resolved. This is my last choice. He leaves the room. Sakshi thinks things are at long last going according to my arrangement. I will save quick for Mukhi ji’s long life tomorrow. He will break my quick himself. I’m stride in front of you this time. Be ready for another unexpected tomorrow. Purvi is certain she will keep quick tomorrow. I wont let anything happen to our child either.

Prakashi, Anjali and Sakshi are having sargi when Purvi goes along with them. I will eat sargi as well. Prakashi says you weren’t going to keep quick. Purvi says I won’t keep quick however I will in any case eat sargi. Sargi is a quality supper. My child and I want it a great deal at the present time. Purvi sits close to Sakshi. sakshi checks out Purvi and thinks that she realizes that Purvi has saved quick for Mukhi ji today. I will uncover you and will break your quick eventually.

Virender is eating. Sakshi sends the house cleaner to bring Purvi. House cleaner goes. Sakshi feels that Purvi wont have the option to get away from this time. I haven’t left you with any choice at this point. Purvi tells house cleaner she will come soon.

Purvi comes ground floor and lets Sakshi and Virender know that she had samose and golgappe. I was wanting for those and requested that children bring them. Sakshi gets some information about it. Children come there all at once and tell Sakshi that Purvi had 5 samose today. Purvi shares that she is full. I don’t figure I will actually want to have anything till supper time. She makes a beeline for her room with the children. Sakshi is vexed that Purvi is lying and that she has likewise elaborate the children in her falsehood. She chooses not to allow Purvi to finish her fast.

Purvi carries the children to her room and apologizes to them for lying. Juhi says you just let us know that an untruth that helps somebody is right. Manas gestures. Babbar Sher will get astounded as well. Purvi grins and embraces them.

Workers come to fix the rooftop. Sakshi takes them higher up and lets them know the issue. They fix it. Sakshi advises the director to remain back and advises him to send the specialists back. He nods.

Purvi and Sakshi prepare for karwachauth puja. Sakshi imagines that she looked into the Molkki 2 years prior on karwachauth as it were. I will toss her out of your life today on karwachauth only.

Virender praises Purvi. She says each wedded lady gets dressed appropriately on karwachauth so I prepared as well. He advises her to remain in the room. You should rest as you haven’t kept quick this time. She says I can in any case do puja for your long life. He understands that she needs to do customs like different ladies. She gestures. I will eat yet I will keep following the ceremonies like consistently. He concurs. However, you look so excellent today that I don’t want to go anyplace. I need to invest all the energy with you in this room as it were. Let’s rehash the frog and princess story now. He kisses her on her temple and embraces her. Sakshi sees them hence and exhaust. I disdain her similarly however much you love her so I don’t lament what I will do to her today!

Moon is apparent in the sky now. Purvi gives puja thaal to all ladies. Sakshi grins as she checks out Virender. Purvi checks out them. Sakshi checks out Virender through the strainer. Anjali breaks her quick by taking a gander at her husband’s photograph. Purvi feels discombobulated. Virender is going to take care of water to Sakshi when Purvi drops. Children yell at Virender to check haathi. He drops the pot and races to Purvi’s side. He assists her with plunking down. How could you fall? Juhi says it very well may be on the grounds that she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Virender questions Purvi. She says it is karwachauth all things considered. I have saved it for your long life. He gets some information about the child. She tells him not to stress. I addressed doc before. She let me know that I wont have any issue on the off chance that I eat glucose bread roll. I had them in the first part of the actual day. I will be a mother yet I am a spouse as well. I ate as a mother and I kept a quick as a spouse as well. Virender grins. I don’t realize what to provide for you. Juhi advises him to take care of water to haathi. He cheerfully obliges. Sakshi frowns at them. Virender tells Purvi his children have become incredibly brilliant subsequent to living with her. sakshi believes that she has not seen a really shrewd lady previously. You have interfered with my puja today. I will rebuff you for this. I will deliver retribution from you today itself. She discards her dupatta. Juhi embraces Purvi.

Sakshi advises Purvi to do the puja in case she is feeling better at this point. Purvi gestures. Sakshi takes her to a specific corner and goes to bring water for her. Virender remains before Purvi. Purvi checks out Virender through the strainer and does puja. He takes care of her laddoo. A gatekeeper tells Virender there is a call for him. He attempts to excuse it however monitor calls attention to that it is from the factory. Virender goes to go to it.

Flashback shows Sakshi paying the administrator additional cash. He asks her what he ought to do. She advises him to break the greatest part of the tree such that it falls when she will need it to. He concurs. Mukhi ji will kill me in the event that somebody sees me! she guarantees him that everybody will be occupied around then. You will get huge load of cash for it and you can leave Rewari then, at that point. He consents to do it. Flashback ends.

Sakshi signals the administrator. He pulls the rope which was holding the wrecked tree. Virender hears the sound and turns upward. He yells at Purvi to move yet it is past the point of no return. Purvi tumbles down in the wake of getting hit by the branch.

Episode ends.

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