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Molkki 27th October 2021

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Purvi says this child will be yours and Mukhi ji’s just however I will bring forth this child. Sakshi is stunned. Sakshi asks her what the requirement for this is. For what reason is surrogacy required when I have brought forth kids in the past as well? Purvi gestures. You did that when I wasn’t a piece of Mukhi ji’s life. Presently I am a piece of his life. I also have the very spot that you once had. As his significant other, it is my obligation to raise his family. Sakshi asks her for what valid reason she needs to bring forth the child when she can do it herself. Purvi says it is to save our connection and to save Manas. You had once let me know that it can influence my connection with Mukhi ji if you and Mukhi ji approach again in view of this child. I’m just after what you had exhorted. I need to be a proxy mother thus as it were. I have checked with doc as well. He has concurred that my age and body is ideally suited for this. Kindly let me do this. Virender seconds Purvi. How would it be a good idea for us to respond? Purvi says doc has requested that we meet him prior to anything. He will direct us then, at that point. Virender consents to go tomorrow first thing. We don’t have time. Virender heads towards the entryway. Sakshi and Purvi gaze at one another. Virender takes a gander at them and requests that Bawri accompany him. She goes with him.

Virender acclaim Purvi on her thought. I’m in a problem in any case. You don’t know what I was going through. I was in a fix as a result of Manas’s life, our connection and Sakshi. she inquires as to whether he picked Sakshi out of all that. Couldn’t you hang tight for my reply? Virender says it isn’t so. She starts to leave when he holds her hand. I went to Sakshi’s space to tell her that I wont do anything without your authorization. You are misconception me. Purvi says I saw both of you together. Quit giving me these clarifications. He makes her look at him without flinching. Do you truly think I am that sort of an individual? Sakshi was attempting to drive me yet I wasn’t prepared. She was certain you will say OK. I wouldn’t have done anything without hearing your choice. How might I be so cheerful if I had concurred with your choice the extremely one second from now? I can swear on the children in the event that you still don’t trust me. She lets him know it isn’t required. I know the amount you love me. He grins and embraces her.

Doc has done Purvi’s tests. She is totally fit and beneficial to bring forth the child. Sakshi grins. Purvi asks doc when they will begin the interaction. Doc discloses the means to them. Purvi will be pregnant following 14 days if everything works out in a good way. Kindly read the docs. She goes out. Virender says I can hardly imagine how Bawri will bring forth our child who will help Manas. Purvi says it will be your and Sakshi ji’s kid. Virender gestures. However, the course of how things will turn out is generally excellent. Sakshi says I am happy with it as well. Purvi’s choice is right.

Prakashi and Anjali inquire as to whether she will utilize a Molkki’s belly to bring forth her child. Anjali inquires as to whether she even knows what she will do. Your child will remain in Molkki’s belly for quite a long time and she will render retribution for you for 7 births yet you will hush up? Sakshi advises them to hush up. I know what Purvi is doing is correct. She has saved me and Mukhi ji. I will be obliged to her for a really long time. Dislike both of you who will fall in such snares. Quit affecting me against Purvi and leave. Prakashi calls her imbecilic. You gave Molkki your significant other and children. Give her all the other things also. You will understand the genuine significance behind our words then, at that point. They see Purvi at the entryway while leaving. Sakshi grins. It is acceptable that I saw Purvi at the entryway prior. It is Purvi who is stupid as she doesn’t realize that I have concocted an arrangement to grab everything from her as of now. I will win eventually.

The IVF process begins. Doc advises Purvi to take excellent consideration of Sakshi for the following 14 days. We will then, at that point, put her eggs in your belly and start the cycle. Purvi guarantees her about it.

Purvi and Virender take great consideration of Sakshi for the following 14 days. They visit the medical clinic again on the fourteenth day. Doc tells Purvi and Virender that Sakshi is fine. We have eliminated her eggs effectively. We will rich them with Virender’s sperms and afterward we will establish them in Purvi’s belly. Sakshi and Virender’s child will be brought into the world in Purvi’s belly then, at that point. Purvi and Virender look mitigated and glad. Virender embraces Purvi.

At night, Virender tells Purvi she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how she has helped him. They crease turns in adoration before Kanha ji’s symbol. He holds her as she trips on account of the rug. They share an eye lock. Virender asks her what she is doing. She will be pregnant soon. Pregnant ladies must be extremely cautious. She calls attention to that that will happen tomorrow. You are here to care for me. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to stress? He tells her that he will take care of her well and take great consideration of herself after tomorrow. I wont even let you walk or keep you your feet on the ground. He lifts her in his arms. She requests that he put her down yet he shakes his head pleasantly. She embraces him. Sakshi watches them in this way and looks annoyed. She doesn’t show it all over when Purvi sees her. Virender puts her down. Sakshi says I have kept a puja at home before we will visit emergency clinic. All prepares have been made. You should come on schedule. Virender praises her on the thought. It is nice to look for God’s gifts prior to doing anything propitious. Purvi nods.

Next morning, Sakshi brings Purvi first floor. Virender grins taking a gander at her. every other person is as of now there. Virender tells Purvi she is looking like old Mukhiyayin in these garments. She advises him that she I Choti Mukhiyayin. I thought to get back to the old style as I am back in your life. He grins. Days of yore are back at this point? She gestures. Days of yore and your old spouse is back. Sakshi asks Purvi tomorrow for the puja. Purvi and Virender are going to sit when Sakshi lets him know that main Purvi can stay here. He sits behind. Sakshi gives a coconut to Purvi to keep in her lap till the finish of the puja. You can’t give it to anybody till then, at that point. Purvi acknowledges it. Sakshi smirks.

Flashback shows Sakshi breaking not many coconuts in her room. She grin checking out one coconut and purges it from inside. She puts a little bomb inside and embellishes it appropriately. You may be feeling that you have dominated however the match has recently started. However, i wont make you hang tight for quite some time. I will make such an impact today that neither you nor your belly will actually want to conceive an offspring. Flashback ends.

Sakshi sits close to Virender. Intellectual ji lets Purvi know that this coconut is a gift for herself and for her child. Sakshi grins. This coconut will wind up destroying things such that you wont have the option to at any point turn into a mom!

Precap: Sakshi asks Purvi and Virender where is the coconut? Virender says it was here as it were. Sakshi figures she should think that it is quick, it should be going to detonate. In the event that it detonates, Purvi will be saved once more. She sees Juhi and Manas playing with it. She takes it and hears the signal sound. She thinks clock is going to be finished, it can detonate any time. What will happen now?

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