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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th October 2021

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi deals with Raghav, Raghav says gives up eat, Pallavi says specialist has asked you daily bed rest, likewise let Amma, Keerti and Esha avoid one another, I feel so awful for Esha, I know she isn’t imprudent and its not her who added peanuts, Raghav says OK, Pallavi sees Esha and calls her in and asks did she eat food, Esha says OK and asks Raghav is he fine, Raghav says OK, Pallavi says Esha, I am sorry for Keerti and Amma, you are our visitor, and Amma Keerti are simply annoyed with you, dont acknowledge their words, Esha says its alright and leaves.

Keerti says to Sunny, we should eliminate this Esha from the house,there is most certainly something going in her brain and young ladies like her are bad, they can effectively get what they need, Sunny expresses what verification you have it’s Esha, you individuals are so frantic behind Pallavi you don’t see whatever else, staff can be to blame as well, entire house is behind that helpless young lady, and I am seeing you Keerti alongside Amma, you generally behind Pallavi.

Rajni conveying tiffin, Milind Jumps infront of her hidden in South Indian clothing and says I. Rajnikant, Rajni says me and my folks are your fan, Milind says I know it all and here to see you, Rajni sees Milind’s mustach falling off, Milind harms his finger whie playing trick’s, Rajni ties her dupatta to it and says don’t lie to anybody in light of the fact that even I don’t, take care bye.

Sulochana shows Sharda, Milind’s garments and says take a gander at these we wanted to show him to specialist, Sharda and Sulochana see Milind moving checking out his finger.

Pallavi pressing food, Raghav says we are taking some time off and not settle we don’t need such a lot of food, Pallavi says we will oversee and Amma and Aai gave this how could we not take it, Raghav says OK and thinks I love to see this grin all over and guarantee will consistently keep you happy.

Amma, Keerti, Sunny bid Raghav and Pallavi bye, Raghav gets call from Sumit and says as much totally got ready for Maldives, Raghav says how would you know, Sumit says give me 10 cr and afterward go, Raghav says are you distraught, Sumit says I have seized your sweetheart and assuming you need your extra conjugal alive, give me cash, Raghav says avoid Esha, Sumit says don’t illuminate police and get me my cash in 30 min, Raghav tells Amma and Pallavi, Amma says both of you go, Farhad will deal with the present circumstance, Pallavi says no Amma, Esha is in peril we can delay this excursion, Raghav expresses profound gratitude for comprehension and leaves.

Raghav arrives at area where is Esha is caught, Sumit focuses weapon at him and requests that he give cash, Raghav says I will move cash can’t get hard money unexpectedly early, Sumit says no brilliance, venture back and go get my cash, Raghav tosses box at Sumit and afterward assaults him, both get in battle, Raghav relises Esha, yet Sumit assaults back, entryway falls on Esha’s hand and she swoons, Raghav saves her.

Sharda says Sulochana lets converse with Milind however resist the urge to panic, Amruta says Baba is here, Milind strolls in and inquires as to for what reason are you three featuring at me, Sharda says come sit and let me know this, Sulochana expresses how you manage these hairpieces and garments, Milind says same thing you do with Ghagra choli. Amruta says Dad enough presently come clean with us, Milind says look your aai is tricking us by masking as Rajni, so I am doing this, Sharda says yet she is consistently with us she isnt Rajni, Milind says she is a major player and look she tied her dupatta to my harmed finger, and its so adorable thing, she never focused such a huge amount on me thus look I didn’t take it off. Sulochana takes a gander at Sharda for help.

Jaya asks Pallavi did he arrive at Raghav, Keerti says I am so tensed.
Mansi, Amruta, Sharda and Sulochana together, Mansi says I thinks Baba is fantasizing, Sulochana says gracious god what’s going on with him, did I torment him such a lot of that it drove him to this, Amruta says we need to show him yo a councellor, my companions sibling is one we will call him home.
Raghav gets Esha home in his arms.

Pre cap: Pallavi says Raghav I saw you taking care of Esha soup, and I feel Esha actually cares deeply about you. Raghav says have you lost it and leaves. Esha grins seeing them argue.
Pallavi orchestrates party for Jaya, Raghav says it’s her birthday yet demise commemoration of Appa and Bhai as well, Pallavi in shock.

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