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Meet Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Raj Ask Meet To Have Patience

Meet 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Raj says to Meet I can’t fail to remember this blessing. Meet says stop on one side you called me girl and opposite side say thankyou there isn’t anything more significant than my family. Raj says you have a major heart in contrast with your little hair. Meet says then you have all the more large heart as indicated by your rationale that is the reason I call you “bade dil grain uncle” and explain to me for what reason aren’t you sleeping till yet. Raj says I will make tea with sugar. Meet says tea as of now. Raj says say courteously or you will tell everybody. Meet says you likewise don’t see time like me. Raj says there is no particular chance to drink tea and from now you are my tea accomplice and the two of them shook hands.

Raj and Meet in kitchen making tea. Raj says to Meet I realize I fouled up by asking you wed my child, you need to live with strength. Meet says I have strength yet I can’t do make-up like different young ladies I don’t have information to wear appropriate garments I’m similar to chain in calfskin sack, I’m similar to additional grass in garden which don’t fit anyplace. Raj says did you see ever tea garden in the event that you see from far they look like grass just however when you cook you become more acquainted with about its character and taste its like medication and you are additionally similar to medication assuming anybody say something to our folks, its OK to respond, excellence isn’t in doing cosmetics its with regards to your inclination and being truth and I think you are great and excellent yet my child will set aside effort to comprehend and work that you need to stand by.

Meet Ahlawat in visitor room attempting to rest however somebody contacts him he gets up from bed terrified and yells who’s there and checks out young lady. Young lady says howdy to him. Meet Ahlawat says Chavi you, when you came. Chavi says I came few moments previously however the thing are you doing in my room, you came to meet me. Meet Ahlawat says you room implies. Chavi says this is visitor room and I’m visitor yet for what reason aren’t you in your room, you just got hitched, you are torturing your new spouse hovel today is your vacation. Meet says who told you. Chavi says entire city thinks about Ahlawat’s family work.

Raj says to Meet think about this as your test, you are getting ready for that and one day you eill get the consequence of your test remember this that you need to battle and win this, I have dream that when individuals see you both and says they are a symbol couple and you need to satisfy my fantasy. Meet says you are an unadulterated finance manager, marked no joking matter just by saying me child. Raj says I made tea for yourself and says you ought to be content consistently.

Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I’m amazingly sorry I didn’t realize you are in this room and attempt to escape room. Masum come and says you met Chavi she was inquiring as to yourself since she came so I told her he may be dozed. Chavi says Meet Ahlawat didn’t feel better so came to meet me. Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I didn’t realize she is here as of now I came to take books. Masum says you accompanied cushion to take book and grabs pad from him and says Chavi came here uniquely for you since she need to learn worn and will be with you 24×7 OK. Meet Ahlawat goes out.

Chavi says to Masum I can’t take care of job don’t request that I do that. Masum says loosen up Chavi come sit and listen work is a reason so you can invest energy with Meet and you become near him currently pay attention to me cautiously my sibling don’t care for that young lady with whom he got hitched and he doesn’t care to see her face as well, his heart is broken and you need to leave his heart with your magnificence and style. Chavi gets up in energy says and become Mrs. Ahlawat. Masum says astute young lady. Chavi says you believe I’m astute, my mother believes I’m not unreasonably shrewd and do you figure Meet Ahlawat will go through night with that young lady. Masum says no chance this can’t occur.

Meet Ahlawat strolls in his room. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and recall what Raj said to him before. Meet Ahlawat closes entryway and sit on seat.

Sunaina holding Ragini hand and taking her. Ragini stops her and says first trll where are you taking me. Sunaina says few moments back our Meet Ahlawat took is pad and went outside of his room. Ragini says don’t have the foggiest idea when he will acknowledge her. Sunaina says he will acknowledge on the grounds that couple of moments back he went inside his room with that cushion.

Meet Ahlawat applying cream on him. Meet strolls to him and says you headed outside yet you returned did you left something. Meet Ahlawat says this is my room and its my desire assuming I need to come in or go out who are you to tell me. Meet says you did that by your own desire I never request that you do anything, you are a particularly confounded man. Meet Ahlawat says excuse me for what reason are you so inquisitive with regards to me let me do my night schedule I don’t need any pressure. Meet sees him doing his everyday practice and says you are doing like young ladies its okay since cream and powder dosent know whether a young lady is utilizing them or kid, Manu likewise use to do same thing, you resemble Manushi. Get Ahlawat gets together. Meet says to herself for what reason did you say anything can’t sit calm, I made him tragic subsequent to taking Manu’s name.

Manushi in room applying cream. Kunal strolls to her and says child you are as of now excellent so for what reason are you doing this, whatever you are doing kindly quick look how heartfelt night it is and I don’t want to squander it. Manushi says first you proceed to spruce up then we will went through this heartfelt evening. Kunal says alright and gets call from and obscure number and figures who may be it and gets. Hooligan from opposite side says when we called you from new number you picked it. Kunal expresses what are you talking uncleji. Thug says we have your inn name and room number, assuming you need we don’t beat you then, at that point, come and meet us in hitel stopping. Kunal says I’ll there uncleji. Manu asks who called you. Kunal says father’s director called me he came first floor need to talk about something significant so will be directly back. Mansays stand by Kunal listen request that your chief give your dad a message that we need to get back home kindly take me your home and I need to support my in law’s if it’s not too much trouble, take me. Kunal says I’ll talk.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat which side you’ll rest. Meet Ahlawat ask what do you mean. Meet says prior you were single so had the option to rest anyplace on bed yet presently you are hitched so kindly choose you side. Meet Ahlawat says you need bed all yours I’ll rest on couch.

Sunaina says I’ll proceed to really take a look at what’s going on. Ragini stops her and expresses what you want to see. Sunaina says I just want to perceive what’s going own between them. Masum come and says looking through somebody’s protection is definitely not something to be thankful for. Sunaina says this has happened to everybody and we likewise realize everybody was posting. Masum says this occur in typical wedding and there isn’t anything ordinary in this wedding and nothing will hap inside. Ragini says to Masum a show is been telicast each day called as figure positive you ought to likewise see with us day by day. Chavi remaining there says I’ll see that show. Masum give chavi cold look and she says no I’ll not see. Ragini says by watching that you will have positive contemplations day by day we are positive that anything can occur.

Meet Ahlawat attempting to change on couch. Meet watching his battle. Meet Ahlawat tumbles from couch and yells. Everybody heard him falling. Chavi says it was Meet Ahlawat and strolls toward his room. Ragini and Sunaina expresses what befall him.

Get Ahlawat gets together and says for what reason did you yell. Meet says since you yell.

Masum says to Ragini, Sunaina and Chavi there is a tallness of creative mind and my sibling don’t prefer to see her. Sunaina says yet thigs changes after marriage when two individuals live in same room. Ragini says didn’t you heard.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet this is my room so this bed is likewise mine I’ll rest here you can go on couch. Meet says you are such a lot of befuddled individual and what is this my room and all chachiji let me know this room is mine as well and who rests on couch in there room. Meet Ahlawat gets in bed and says would whatever you like to do I’ll rest here. Meet says I’ll likewise rest here. Each of the four external room attempting to hear what’s happening inside through entryway. Meet and Meet Ahlawat quarreling about light the two of them pivot Meet says who lays down with light on. Meet Ahlawat says I’m terrified that is the reason I need some light. Get Ahlawat gets together and says I can’t rest close to you I remember something awful. Meet gets uo and says I have answer for this. Meet Ahlawat says that is the thing that I was saying go rest on couch. Get says closed together do you get things or not, I need a sledge. Meet Ahlawat gets terrified and says for what reason do you need. Meet says I will require rope and nails as well. Meet Ahlawat gets out if bed and inquire as to for what reason do you need. Meet says this is gour house you should be realizing where are everything so proceed to bring them. Meet Ahlawat says first let me know what you’ll do. Meet says you would prefer not to see my face I guarantee you’ll not see ky face currently proceed to bring. Meet Ahlawat sure he proceed to open entryway if his room Sunaina, Ragini, Masum and Chavi falls in Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat expresses what’s this Chavi says hey to him. Meet Ahlawat yells and says move to Chavi he gets up and ask everybody why are you all here. Ragini strolls to Meet and inquire as to for what reason are you remaining on bed.


Meet pounding on divider. Meet Ahlawat converses with himself says individuals are correct you envisioned her with hammer and thata occurring. Meet falls while introducing window ornament Meet Ahlawat gets her

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet from yesterday I have saved both of you times I have different attempts to do as such kindly don’t make this as your propensity

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