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Meet 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Meet 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj says we acknowledge Meet as she is and we are here to discuss Manushi and not Meet, Babita asks are you in touch with Manushi, Anubha says not after she disappeared, Babita says she fled, Anubha says OK she didn’t have a go at contacting us neither one of the we did yet what’s going on, Babita says we asked nothing from you except for now we need a certain something and we need you tell Manushi she has no connection with your family now, she is not welcome in your home or any relationship, Amma feels terrible, Babita says in light of Manushi duping my child is in issue thus you won’t ever permit her in this house and we need this guarantee from you, Amma says I concur my Manushi fouled up yet how might we do this.

Kunal says Manushi you need to figure out how to return home, Manushi says impractical, they as of now are exceptionally irate, so gives up your home and my home is your home now, Kunal says unrealistic, my Dad is severe and needed me to wed a rich young lady and not working class like you.

Meet asking says I realize Manushi quite well, and if she has fled it implies somebody has impacted her and that inept young lady consented to one who affected her. Amma approaches Anubha and says Meet is reason my Manushi ran so why rebuff Manushi.

Meet says Mummy consistently said somebody who doesn’t deal with relationship, society doesn’t regard them, and Manushi offended all relations what did she get doing that.
Kunal asks Manushi for what valid reason did she lie, Manushi says since I love you a ton, I am frantically enamored with her thus I fled with you.

Anubha says to Amma, the young lady who didn’t contemplate her Dad ones his standing or Ahlawat notoriety I won’t uphold that young lady and on the off chance that you attempt to stop me you will see me dead.
Meet implores God, you want family backing to remain glad and I have that and I need my companion Meet Ahlawat bliss back and his satisfaction is his families joy, so if it’s not too much trouble, give it back.

Babita says Anubha I realize I am asking excessively however my child has failed to remember what is satisfaction and its a mother who is asking guarantee that you will keep no connection with Manushi, Anubha says I guarantee, I have no connection with Manushi and fail to remember that I have a little girl called Manushi, I have just a single girl and she is Meet

Kunal attempts to persuade Manushi says your mom will acknowledge us, you really want to margarine her and pay attention to me cautiously and do as I say. Manushi says this is enormous untruth, Kunal says you are master in this thus you should lie.

Meet Ahlawat says I will follow Manushi till I observe reality behind why you did this to my adoration and will track down Manushi from anywhere.
Meet goes to God to assist her with finding Meet Ahlawat’s bliss and for that she really wants to track down Manushi.

Meet strolls to Meet Ahlawat and thinks he looks tuff however is so enthusiastic inside. Meet Ahlawat sitting in tears. Meet eliminates bag, Meet Ahlawat goes to washroom, Meet messages Deep to meet her as its vital from Meet Ahlawats telephone and erases message. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet has his telephone and inquires as to for what reason are you contacting my telephone, Meet says since its touch screen, Meet Ahlawat says avoid me and my things, Meet says OK and says I am not tracking down charger so thought will check whether your telephone has same charger and quit worrying about you don’t should be so agressive there are many individuals in this house. Meet leaves.

Chavi sees dress on couch and says bhabhi has such incredible decision, Meet Ahlawat will dee me in this dress and will be very happy.
Meet meets Deep, Meet says I can’t ask Meet Ahlawat however you let me know who was Manushi with, where did you track down her, and I am doing this so Meet Ahlawat can face her and stop his aggravation and continue on and be glad, kindly assistance. Profound says I don’t accept you are sisters, you are so not quite the same as her, you simply consider others and Manushi self centered in any case I met her in area 26 market and was separated from everyone else, Meet asks did she look wedded, Deep says OK she was wearing Chudda bangles.

Kunal requests that Manushi wipe sindoor, eliminate mangalsutra and studs and any remaining adornments and even bindi, Manushi checks out herself after that and expresses how have you dealt with me, Kunal says this is circumstance interest and I am not your significant other but rather your companion Parth, Manushi says what.
Meet says this implies she raced to wed that person, Deeo says did you realize she had illicit relationship, Meet says I didn’t know yet saw her once with a person, Deep gets a call from office and leaves earnestly and says don’t stress I will converse with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet says I need to track down Kunal to track down Manushi.

Anubha gets Amma tea, Amma denies, Anubha says if you don’t eat your wellbeing will turn sour and I raised Manushi and gave all my adoration and its difficult to break with her and after Meet’s Dad I figured I will thoroughly take care of my young ladies, one little girl did and penance everything and other one demolished everything except that doesn’t mean its simple to break connection with Manushi, she didn’t consider anybody not even Ahlawat and my Meet is in that family and for her bliss we want to acknowledge the condition and I want your assistance and support.

Anubha hears entryway thump and sees milkman, he gives Anubha milk and leaves, Manushi strolls in and calls her mummy, Anubha sees Manushi and droos vessel. Anubha recollect her guarantee to Babita and goes close the entryway on Manushi’s face and locks it. Manushi attempts to call Anubha however she doesn’t open the door

Meet Ahlawat opens Meet’s bag and says Meet will have some data about Manushi, and sees Meet is taking a gander at him.

Pre cap:Amma sees Manushi. Anubha tossing Manushi out of house, Amma doesn’t let her.
Meet Ahlawat says he will go with Meet to her home for Pagphera.
Meet thinking why Meet Ahlawat needs to accompany her, Meet Ahlawat figuring he will find some piece of information about Manushi there

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