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Meet 28th October 2021

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Babita resting Raj come and calls her says great morning and wish her cheerful karwa chauth. Babita says uts my karwa chauth and your are energized for that, I need to do courses of action for karwa chauth. Raj says you no compelling reason to do any plans Ragini has done all that you need to vome out and give sargi to your little girl in law. Babita awakens and says who I need to give sargi more established one who’s spouse left ir the more youthful one which you brought, my child dosent like her, I can’t do any conventions I won’t give sargi to anybody. Raj says I thought your musings are changing for Meet. Babita says no and I give her authorization on account of my child, I allowed her opportunity for quite a long time to be ideal lady of the hour for myself as well as my child. Raj says when you invest energy with somebody you begin preferring them and during days of yore before marriage man and lady don’t know one another yet in the wake of investing time you begin caring deeply about them and god knows due to these ceremonies our more seasoned child vome back. Babita says I actually have trust that my child Tej will return afterall I’m his mom, at times I imagine that he is no more.

Ragini doing arrengement for sargi custom. Raj ask Ragini yo get each little girl law. Ragini days is Babita prepared to do on the grounds that this custom must be finished by relative. Raj says first call them. Ragini accompany Sunaina and Meet. The two of them take gifts from Raj. Meet get invigorated for ceremonial says we don’t have any custom whatsoever home. Raj says we are in Chandigarh from such countless years so we follow custom of Chandigarh as well. Meet says however sargi custom is been finished by mother by marriage. Raj approves of Meet, as you are two of every one so I can likewise resemble you and play out the custom. The two of them take endowments. Raj says its hard to have quick for karwa chauth assuming you need you can have and don’t do it. Meet and Sunaina says we will keep quick. Raj says there here is extraordinary sweet for you from Ragini, you realize Meet Ahlawat likewise like this and it will give you energy for entire day. Meet says when chachi is sweet why won’t her sweet be. Ragini favor them and deal them food. Raj says eat.

Meet taking sargi to her room. Babita meet her on steps and says on the off chance that you have lifted sargi, follow your karwa chauth effectively with entire obligation since this custom is associated with my child and I don’t need my child to be hurt perceived. Meet contacts her feet. Babita give her endowments. Meet says I realized you will give me endowments don’t stress I’ll follow with gull responsibility.

Meet Ahlawat alert rings and see Meet having food says individuals in morning go to exercise center or do proactive tasks and you are eating desserts. Meet says its not my concern chachi fixed things such that yummy I can’t handle myself. Meet Ahlawat says eat it and gaze at food. Meet derides her wryly. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t need to eat, says I need you to complete quick with the goal that I don’t listen your biting and return to rest. Meet says then I can’t help you I need to complete everything since I need to quick for karwachauth. Meet in shock says who request that you do this, don’t fail to remember that I don’t love you this connection is a direct result of father, for me its all dramatization stop it, you think assuming you got this room, you can get to individual life, I never considered you as my better half you are a visitor for me an undesirable visitor who isn’t leaving my life and goes to take shower..Meet in tears

Manushi looking sharp and contacts her feet. Kunal see her in stun and ask what’s happening with you. Manushi says I’m doing my obligation of being a spouse, give me gifts today I won’t anything to in light of the fact that is saved quick for your long life. Kunal in shock. Manushi ask what occur, you are super disturbed. Kunal says I didn’t expected this I’m so cheerful I love you. Manushi thinks an individual who brought precious stone jewelry yo just prapose me don’t know what he will gift me for quick. Kunal thinks today you are gone assuming she kept quick, you need to gift her says I have concluded you won’t save quick for me entire day I have concluded that I’ll feed you from my hand. Manushi stops him and says I saved this quick for you so it’s not possible for anyone to break it. Kunal thinks I’ll entice her a great deal that she won’t have the option to do her quick and break it mean no gift.

Masum doing cosmetics. Chavi come and says till when you will be distraught on me, don’t you see how Meet dealt with me I need to bounce yo save it, yet you turned everything and I’m currently on target to persuade Meet Ahlawat. Masum says you the amount he disdain lie I’m frightened that he will eliminate you from house. Chavi says please bo positive and you realize I have saved quick for Meet Ahlawat, I guarantee I’ll do nothing to hurt you. Masum request that she stand by and says hold this case under Meet’s bed go quick. Masum says today will be her first and last Karwa chauth today.

Raj says to everybody that there is Karwachauth reasonable close to our home. Hoshiyar come and says to Babita in our bill treats are added and it has today’s date. Babita yet I didn’t request any treats then who did. Masum says who here may be who doesn’t care about Karwachauth or her husband’s long life, Hoshiyar says yet everybody is fasting, Babita says aside from Meet summon her here right, Raj says for what reason will she. Meet strolls to Babita, Babita says I let you know Meet approach this quick in a serious way, this quick is a big deal, that you purchase treats, Meet says I haven’t, I didn’t even have water, Raj says for what reason will she lie, Masoom says lets really take a look at her room, Meet says alright come check. Duggu comes eating treats and says I thought that it is in Mummy’s room under the bed.

Chavi holds treats under Meet’s bed, Meet sees that, Chavi going to run, Meet stops her, Chavi says don’t hurt me, Meet says I won’t get what you stow away under, Chavi brings treats and says I don’t know more with the exception of that bhabhi asked me as well, Meet says goodness Masoom di was doing the custom, Chavi asks what custom, Meet says during Karva chauth, sister in law conceals treats from sister in law and consequently we get anything we desire, Chavi says OK, Meet says did you do this custom, Chavi says no, Meet says go do then, at that point, and request whatever you want

Babita gets some information about treats, Masoom says why my room, Duggu says I thought that it is under our bed and its exceptionally yummy, Chavi comes and says bhabhi will give me what I need, Masoom says gracious recall Duggu school requested treats and Hoshiyar requested it, Hoshiyar says goodness yes yet it slipped my mind, Raj says look Babita you with no explanation questioned her and presently you will take her to admission alongside you, Babita says alright and requests that Meet adhere to her guidelines and behave.

Pre cap: Esha gets prodded by couple of men, Meet hits them. Babita calls Meet uncultured.
Meet Ahlawat says to Meet he won’t break her fast.

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