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10 Things About Liebe From Black Cover which Makes This Character Highly Interesting

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the widely popular anime series named ‘The Black Cover’. At the very end of the anime, we were introduced to the character of Liebe. Very little is known about Liebe but don’t worry we are here to enlighten you about the character.


Who is Liebe?

Liebe is a low ranked devil who has emerged from the deep and dark underworld and has been outcast from this homeland. In the past, he was brutally tortured by the devils who were ranked higher than him. When Liebe was kicked out of the underworld the bullies thought that he would die just by coming in contact with the gates of the realm. But as he possessed no mana he managed to get past the gate of the underworld realm. He forms a pact with Asta and now let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about this character.

Interesting Facts About Liebe

  1. Liebe has no power at all and this powerlessness also helps him to survive the attack of Licita.
  2. Just like he has no magical power, Liebe also does not possess any mana.
  3. When Licita accepted her death, she secured Liebe in her five-leaf magazine. Licita did that to empower Liebe with the magic she once had. 
  4. While being sealed inside of the five-leaf magazine covering given to him by Licita, he drew power and gained strength. His anti-magic capability made Asta stronger when he formed a pact with Asta. 
  5. To nullify magic, a great amount of mana is required. As Liebe has no mana he can easily handle the process of nullification of magic. His partnership with Asta helped him bring the most out of the anti-magic.
  6. Liebe has no self-love.
  7. Liebe was named by Licita when she adopted him after being banished from the underworld.
  8. Liebe and Asta do not share a master-servant relationship, instead, they are close to being best friends. 



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