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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phirki says that Mumbai house? Cash? Get me wine so I can appreciate it in the pool. Didn’t you hear? Samaira checks out her out of resentment. Samaira comes in the pool. Phirki sprinkles water on her. Samaira pushes her. Phirki suffocates. Samaira suffocates her and says you will undermine me? I will kill you like Shubhra’s father. Phirki says leave me. samair suffocates her and says I will erase the video and break your telephone. Phirki battles. Samaira continues to suffocate her. Phirki passes on. Samaira dries herself.

The TV plays report about Narain’s passing. the journalist says Narain Gokle was killed my Samaira. Shubhra’s father. Whose spouse took part in an extramarital entanglements with Samaira. Vedika sees it. She asys Roli is correct. You’re Ravan aunt. You’re evil. You killed uncle. The police come in to capture Samaira. Overseer says you killed Phirki and Narain. Vedika flees from her. Samaira says listen please.. She flees from her. Phirki’s body is recuperated from the pool. Vedika cries. Samaira checks out her. The policetake Samaira away. Samaira awakens. it was a fantasy. SAmaira says no I don’t need to go to jail.

Samaira comes out. Phirki is in the pool. Samaira checks out her. Phirki says would you be able to fill my glass of wine? Samaira reviews her fantasy. She fills the glass. Samaira says where is that video? Phirki says I will tell you once you give me that Mumbai house and more cash. Cheers.

Scene 2
Rishi says Roli I feel like Aaju baa is seeing us. Roli says I miss him a great deal. Rishi says Aaji says he went to Ganu bappa. Roli says we will request that he send our Aaju ba back. Rishi says Dadi says the ones who go to ganu ji won’t ever returned. Chandrani embraces them. She says missing your grandpa? Stay here. Chandrani expresses what do you do when you miss aai? Rishi says I make her a card. Roli says I make her a sorry card too when I commit an error. Chandrani says how does mother feel when she gets the card? Roli says great. Chandrani says you never met your dada ji. I miss him a great deal. I think of him a long letter and post it. You can compose a letter to your aaju baa. Roli says where will you post it? Chandrani says you right it I will post it. He will understand it and be glad. Vitthal says you both have prodded him a great deal. He reviews when Rishi and Roli came there interestingly. Vitthal says he cherished his underhanded grandchildren. The children go to compose a letter. Vitthal says where will you post the letter? Chandrani says kids have a good nature. They trust us.

Roli and Rishi compose their letters and adorn it. They keep it in the sanctuary. Rishi says Ganu bappa give our letters to aaju baa. Roli says send them by expedited service. We will give you Modak. Roli says I will make you a note to say thanks. Rishi says expedited service please. We will sit tight for his reply. Madhura and Chandrani pick the letters once they leave.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira hears herself saying you are following through on a major cost of killing Narian right? Samaira says why should you say that? Her still, small voice says your heart that you never want to pay attention to. Would you at any point fail to remember that man’s last breaths?

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