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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phirki shouts. Kuldeep and Shubhra say Harsh open the entryway. Phirki says pleae leave me. He says let me know Samaira’s three most appalling things and I will release you. Samaira says Phirki don’t say anything. She says I will tell you. She gave Kuldeep poison and imagined that Roli’s kidnaping. Unforgiving says third? He says killing Shubhra’s father. Samaira is shocked.

Scene 2
Anand says to Chandrani Vedika and I have endured so much as a result of Samaira. Chandrani says we figured Vedika may awaken the human and mother in her. In any case, she can never show signs of change. I sent you there. Pardon me. He says don’t say that. You’re like my mom. How would it be advisable for me to respond? She says attempt to fail to remember everything. It’s difficult however not feasible. Vedika is evolving Samaira. The mother in her is coming out. Unforgiving says no Biji. On the off chance that she had a mother in her, she won’t anticipate going to Dubai. She just has a stone not a heart. Chandrani says you’re not off-base all things considered. I heard the delinquent consistently wins. in any case, this time is looks the delinquent will go to Dubai.

Scene 3
Phirki says I let you know everything. Brutal says how might I trust you? You might have gone off the deep end. Allow me to give you a shock and check if you’re insane or in your faculties. He is going to give her shock. Phirki screams.

Vedika says my mother is leaving me once more. Roli says she will return once more. VEdika expresses imagine a scenario where she doesn’t. Rishi says regardless of whether she doesn’t you can proceed to track down her. Vedika says yet for what reason would she say she is leaving? Roli says they talk. Vedika says how would we see whether she’s saying truth or lying? Rishi says let’s do head and tails. It’s head. Vedika says this implies my mother won’t go. Vedika moves and says my mother won’t go. Rishi says let’s rest now. Rishi appeals to God for Veidka.

Scene 4
HArsh asks Phirki for phone’s secret word. She tells the secret word. Brutal sees the video. Shubhra says let’s call the police. Kuldeep says we can’t. We will get captured. Shubhra says let’s ask biji to get the keys. Kuldeep says we can’t call her here. Shubhra says I don’t know what’s occurring. Kuldeep says would we be able to trust Harsh? She says we can. He won’t fool us. Kuldeep says individuals change. Shubhra says Harsh has a decent heart.

Harsh chokes Samaira and says I need to kill you right currently like you killed Shubhra’s father. However, that owuld be a simple demise for you. You should live and see yourself in the mirror until you disdain yourself. However, there’s another discipline. THis video. I should give it to the police. Samaira says they will get it one day or other. Give me this shock. I will either kick the bucket or become deadened. Give me an infusion that will give me unconsciousness. If it’s not too much trouble. Cruel says I think shock is a superior thought. In any case, that’s simple too. samaira syas please Harsh. I don’t need to go to the prison. Brutal says I will allow you another opportunity. Samaira says last possibility? If it’s not too much trouble. Whatever it is. I will do what you say.

Vedika says to Anand mom will consistently remain with us now. He says who said? She says Rishi’s enchantment coin anticipated. Anand says that’s not how it functions. Life’s answers can’t be found with throw. Veidka says if mom leaves, I can proceed to observe her when I grow up. I will bring her home. Will you help me? Anand says yes..

Harsh comes out. Shubhra expresses how did you manage them? What occurred inside? He says it was a little dramatization. Peak is left. Shubhra says where right? He says let me start the last scene. He says Samaira come out. Samaira comes out. Samaira says to Shubhra if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. She sits in her feet. Samaira says I need to apologize for taking your better half, made your life hellfire. You and your children endured. What’s more, I am sorry for every one of my wrongdoings. There’s insufficient lament for them. Please fogrive me. I killed your dad.

Episode ends

Precap-Shubhra slaps Samaira. Cruel requests that Shubhra allow her one final opportunity. Shubhra says that’s not possible.

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