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Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Preeta Informs Rakhi About The Truth Regarding The Mastermind

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Rishab takes the pack of food taking out the tiffin, Sherlin remains next to him while he sets it on the table, taking out the spoon he begins having it while she sits adjacent to him, Rishab grasps it, Sherlin seeing inquiries what happened to address in the event that he didn’t care for it, Rishab answers it has been since a long time ago he had natively constructed food, Sherlin promptly shouts she will serve him, she excitingly begins serving him and even spills out water, he begins hacking taking the principal nibble, Sherlin apologizes referencing she won’t mess up the same way again and will make it appropriately, Rishab anyway grabs the dish shouting he won’t leave it without eating it, he begins eating it, Sherlin begins grinning perceiving how Rishab is eating the food which she made, the constable asks Preeta the leave and take the ladies with her since the time has finished, Preeta feels loose, seeing Rishab jee grinning, so leaves.

Preeta leaving ponders where everybody is, she sees Sameer crying so questions what occurred, he clarifies that Rakhi is talking extremely abnormal and upsetting things since she is saying that she will endeavor self destruction alongside Mahesh in the event that anything happens to Rishab, she can not pardon herself, it is presently the battle between a mother and Bhagwan, assuming Rishab is condemned, she will perform such an activity after which the whole fault will be on Bhagwan, Preeta questions for what reason is she talking like this, she is the individual who is holding the family together, in the event that anything happens to her, how will they respond, Preeta guarantees Rishab would be fine thus nothing would happen to them both, Rakhi questions how could this be conceivable when it is basically impossible, Preeta answers it is on the grounds that they have the confirmation that Sundeep is simply acting and nothing has happened to him, he can even walk, Rakhi questions why are they not in the police headquarters to free Rishab, Preeta answers in light of the fact that Sundeep is simply doing this on orders of somebody, this brains is another person who is attempting to obliterate the Luthra family, so they need to contact him. Rakhi questions what is she saying and who is the individual, Preeta clarifies that the individual is living in their own home, Rakhi causes Preeta to vow to uncover the name, Preeta takes the name of Prithvi and even Sameer remains with her, Preeta guarantees Prithvi took steps to kill Sundeep and surprisingly called him to an unwanted spot, she some way or another came to after him so came to know the truth.

Rakhi shouts the individual in view of whom her child is in prison is living cheerfully in the Luthra house, she promises to not keep silent and toss Prithvi out of the Luthra house, she requests that Sameer accompany her as they will go to the Luthra house, Rakhi while entering hollers the name of Prithvi calling him, Karina gets stressed hearing how Rakhi is truly furious, prithvi comes to Rakhi addressing what has happened in light of the fact that she is irate and calling him, Rakhi slaps Prithvi addressing for what reason is he attempting to demolish her home, she realizes he is pursuing her family, Prithvi clarifies she is mixed up and ought to have come to him in case there was anything off-base, Karina guarantees Rakhi is mixed up as Prithvi is attempting to save the family. Dadi requests that Preeta uncover reality, when Rakhi shouts that he is the person who paid Sundeep to get Rishab captured, prithvi shouts that they will unquestionably lose, and he makes certain of it. Rakhi hollering shouts he won’t win, Prithvi seeing the chance figures out how to flee, Kritika is paralyzed when Mahesh guarantees, he can not run very far.

Preeta wakes from the idea, she racing to Rakhi demands her to not do this now as she is doing this out of frustration and it at times causes issues, Rakhi asks what’s the significance here as she will currently proceed to call Prithvi addressing him to uncover reality, Preeta clarifies that assuming Rakhi goes to stand up to Prithvi, he will actually want to subvert reality and not stay without taking any kind of action, Rakhi shouts she feels Preeta is correct however what will they do now, Preeta clarifies subsequent to returning they will go about as though they lack hold of anything and the matter is presently up to Bhagwan, they are the ones who realize that Sundeep would give his assertion for them, after which Rishab jee would be liberated and Prithvi will land in prison. Rakhi questions then what might befall her little girl Kritika who thinks Prithvi is a great individual, Preeta clarifies it is in the blood of certain individuals to consistently be off-base, does she truly think Kritika merits somebody like him, Rakhi concurs then embraces Preeta shouting she would have benefited some in her previous existence that Preeta is a her relative, the two of them embrace each other when Sherlin comes addressing what occurred, Rakhi is going to uncover reality when Preeta stops her, requesting that Sameer get in the car.

Prithvi in the house considers what happened in light of the fact that the Luthra manor is so calm, he sees them all coming so quickly goes to Rakhi addressing what occurred, he even inquires as to whether all is great however Rakhi looks to him out of frustration, Sherlin goes to the kitchen while even Sameer shouts Pihu called them, Prithvi gets strained considering what may have occurred, he considers guaranteeing Rakhi that he will consistently be there for her yet Preeta makes reference to they need to leave since Pihu is calling them, Prithvi thinks he now needs to get some information about reality so demands her to come as he really wants to chat with her.

Preeta requests that Rakhi and Sameer go ahead, Prithvi likewise guarantees for his assistance in the event that they need anything, he can doubtlessly get reality for them, Preeta thinks she needs him to uncover reality, she shouts they have not had the option to discover anything and tomorrow is the knowing about the court, she demands him to give them any kind of confirmation which he can discover as everybody is truly strained, Prithvi in a condition of pressure takes a gander at Preeta.

Precap: Preeta specifies she is certain prithvi would think what the shortcoming is, he is unquestionably imagining that Sundeep is the flimsy spot, Preeta shouts that Prithvi ought not realize that Sundeep is with them, Prithvi in the medical clinic chooses the pad intending to kill Sundeep.

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