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Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi begins investigating the rooms, he is astonished to see Dadi resting so calmly and afterward shouts that his rest has evaporated while she is dozing, prithvi then opens the entryway of Mahesh Luthra, he imagines that anybody can rest subsequent to taking a pill, prithvi shutting the entryway ponders where is Sundeep Khana, he shouts he has actually looked at every one of the rooms so figures where might have Preeta jee concealed him, he sitting tight briefly figures they can propose he is Preeta je and needs to conceal somebody who can’t be found, prithvi acknowledges then figures that he would not keep the individual in a similar room and will continually change his area, Prithvi is truly dazzled with the considering Preeta je, he shouts that at whatever point he will battle individuals who are additionally keen, he is compelled to think carefully much quicker yet sad to say Preeta je would not have the option to conceal Sundeep from him, she will herself accept him to his area as she doesnot know how kind of an individual he is.

Prithvi while strolling thinks he is an even harmed that kind of an individual anybody for his own benefit and presently the greatest foe is the Luthra family so he needs to do the demonstration which will guarantee he can track down Sundeep.

Shristhi shouts that they can utilize her arrangement, Preeta requests that she uncover the arrangement, Shristhi clarifies that they can continue to change Sundeep starting with one room then onto the next on the grounds that regardless of whether this is tyring this is the main way, Preeta discloses they need to ensure prithvi doesnot see Sundeep, and let him know some unacceptable area so when he goes to that particular room, they can rapidly take Sundeep to the next room, Rakhi inquires as to whether prithvi would really accept anything that they say to which Preeta answers he would need to trust it, Sameer likes Preeta, Shristhi quickly reacts that it was her arrangement so for what reason is he adulating Preeta, Sameer even acclaims her. Preeta clarifies there is one individual in the Luthra Mansion whose words Prithvi accepts, and it is Kritika, Shristhi demands Rakhi to give her the obligation of moving the data, they would meanwhile be able to conceal Sundeep in the visitor room, Preeta additionally says that she will proceed to make Pihu rest in the children room. Rakhi leaves to proceed to prepare the visitor room, Sameer goes to watch out for prithvi.

Shristhi calls Kritika going about as though she has called Preeta, Kritika attempts to clarify she isn’t Preeta yet Shristhi clarifies that she is in the room of Karan where she has Sundeep and is getting drained so needs to take some rest, Prithvi hears all that she is saying from behind the entryway, he goes about as though he is coming inside when he questions Kritika what occurred, she clarifies Shristhi called her and informed that Sundeep Khana is in the room of karan bhai, she passes on to beware of him, prithvi likewise begins to follow her platitude he is fine.

Kritika and prithvi arrive at the room of Karan, she shouts she may have heard it wrong on the grounds that there is nobody in the room anyway Prithvi out of resentment shouts she was correct and heard nothing off-base, Kritika questions what’s up with him and for what reason is he acting so strained, Prithvi leaves shouting all is great, Kritika thinks there is something genuinely amiss with Prithvi jee today.
Prithvi while strolling in the lobby sees Shrishti pulling the wheelchair, he understands it was his misstep to think so low of the Luthra’s as they are truly shrewd, by changing the area of Sundeep, he goes directly to the kitchen taking out the jars of lamp fuel, he then, at that point, readies a bottle.

Shristhi thumps on the room, she goes into the room with Sundeep shouting they are most ideal in light of the fact that Prithvi couldn’t see Sundeep if not their arrangement would have been ruined.

Prithvi is absorbing the furniture the room with the lamp oil, he in the wake of completing ti feels that he is the brains of this game and will doubtlessly win, he will actually want to end the existence of Sundeep by wounding him while everybody would be occupied in finishing, he fire, he then, at that point, lights the room ablaze, passing on with the expectation to end the existence of Sundeep.

Preeta alongside every other person attempt to awaken Sundeep, Shristhi smells the smoke, they all miracle from where is it coming so surge towards the room of Sameer, they are left stunned to see that the room is totally ablaze, they all carry the fire quenchers to end the fire, and begin pursuing it while Prithvi taking cover in the background feels that he realized they all would come pursuing with their souls seeing the fire, he then, at that point, passes on to the room where Sundeep is perched on the seat, he thinks what are the Hieneas worth before a lion, he turns Sundeep who gets stunned to see Prithvi, he demands him to not kill him yet Prithvi attempts to hit him with a blade anyway Sundeep figures out how to propel himself out of the wheelchair, he falls onto the floor, Prithvi goes to him out of resentment, gradually strolling towards him, Sundeep figures out how to hit him with the wheelchair, Pri9hvi falls giving Sundeep an opportunity to creep away, prithvi attempts to follow him, Preeta closes the fire, when she hears the calls of Sundeep calling for help, she s stunned reasoning cap they call reached end the fire and he was left alone, they all race to save him.

Sundeep creeps down the steps shouting he doesnot need to bite the dust and wants to live, Prithvi follows him with the blade, he blows up in light of the fact that Sundeep stowed away indeed, prithvi hears somebody coming so takes cover in the background, Preeta sees Sundeep, Prithvi likewise spots him and grins imagining that he would win by and by on the grounds that Sundeep is before him, he contemplates whether Preeta has not told Rakhi anything in any event, when she knows his reality, he shouts that there is no time left in this world for genuineness, he will doubtlessly win.

Shristhi clarifies Sundeep would not be feeling in the room which is the reason he came first floor anyway he got oblivious due to his wellbeing so fell onto the ground, Rakhi shouts it has gotten truly late so they should likewise allow Sundeep to lay on the couch, she requests that Sameer bring a cover for him, he encourages everybody to proceed to rest while he will remain with Sundeep, Shristhi even calls Preeta to accompany her.

Prithvi is as yet taking cover in the background when he ponders when Sameer leave would, he is happy on the grounds that Sameer at long last leaves so Prithvi comes out with a blade, he puts the pad all over, and cuts him with the blade, Preeta digging out from a deficit shouts that his actual face has been uncovered, Prithvi is stunned to see Rakhi alongside Shristhi and Sameer additionally remaining before him, he is let startled.

Precap: Preeta shouts there is no requirement for him to act, since now everybody knows about his actual face, Rakhi slaps Prithvi before Kritika, shouting that her child is in prison as a result of him, Mahesh questions why they are pausing and ought to promptly call the police, rather he will do it without anyone else’s help, Prithvi is left stunned.

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