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Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Preeta help of the doctor to discover the truth.

Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Sameer is driving the vehicle, he abruptly stops it, Shristhi questions in the event that they have reached, he answers it is showing the area of this spot, Preeta clarifies this is a similar area since the place of the specialist is around the bend, Preeta consents to leave yet as she is going to open the entryway Shristhi likewise attempts to leave, Preeta questions where is she going, Shristhi clarifies he can remain in the vehicle, yet she will go with Preeta since, in such a case that the specialist doesnot uncover reality, she will compel him to talk it, Preeta questions how can she realize the specialist will lie, Shristhi answers assuming he doesnot express what they need him to, it implies he is lying however at that point Preeta gets bothered with Shristhi’s conduct so requests Sameer to hold the hand from Shristhi, she gets disappointed so hits Sameer which even concerns Preeta, she questions for what reason is Shristhi so discourteous yet Shristhi clarifies that it is Sameer who is inconsiderate since he held her hand, Preeta stops Sameer saying that she won’t listen this way, she considers calling Karan, Shristhi stops her platitude that karan sir is as of now truly strained so she doesnot need to cause any more issue, Preeta questions on the off chance that she understood now what sort of a circumstance they are in since Karan went to meet Rishab jee and is now strained, Shristhi consents to stop, Sameer encourages Preeta to watch out

Preeta leaves the vehicle towards the place of the specialist, Sameer inquires as to whether she needs anything, she is stunned to see the police constable remaining at the entryway so turns around towards the vehicle, Sameer and Shristhi both are stunned, Shristhi shouts Preeta is returning this implies there is something off-base so it is currently an ideal opportunity for her entrance and she will perceive what occurred, Shristhi leaves addressing what is happening, she attempts to enter without paying attention to Preeta yet she turns around when she sees the constable, Preeta questions if Shristhi thinks she is idiotic on the grounds that she returned this way, Sameer questions what is happening which stressed them.

Sherlin is sitting with Rakhi, she shouts how she neglected to call the specialist so leaves without paying attention to Sherlin who is left standing, Rishab is brought out, he is paralyzed to see Sherlin remaining there, he reviews how she vowed to carry on with a glad existence with him and even beginning another family yet in actuality was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Prithvi which he discovered on account of the ear ring, Rishab goes to return, he quits seeing Rakhi get back with tears in her eyes, she comes to embrace her inquiring as to whether he is OK, Rishab takes her favors, Sherlin then, at that point, calls Rishab, she attempts to clarify however he flags her to stop, Sherlin demands him to cause Rakhi to comprehend that she has left eating, Sherlin questions how might she stop in light of the fact that Rakhi has quit eating anything, Rakhi questions what might be said about herself since she likewise quit eating, Sherlin clarifies that everybody in the family is stressed over him, Dadi is taking her medication yet she isn’t solid and surprisingly her circulatory strain isn’t alright, Rakhi demands Sherlin to stop, she then, at that point, guarantees Rishab all future great when he returns, she embraces him so Rishab is additionally compelled to go with her in the demonstration, she ventures back grinning.

Rishab questions Rakhi why she isn’t eating as though she isn’t well then, at that point, he would likewise be in torment here, she should deal with herself and Mahesh, Rakhi while crying begs him to return early, he guarantees he would return soon, Rishab leaves while Sherlin is disappointed to see Rakhi continually sobbing.

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Sameer questions what is happening, Shristhi clarifies that there is police, She even duplicates him, then, at that point, powerfully sends Sameer to proceed to search for himself, Preeta inquires as to for what reason did she send Sameer, Shristhi clarifies it was on the grounds that he didn’t trust her, Sameer returning asks what’s going on, Shristhi discloses to Preeta that she told her Sameer isn’t astute but instead he doesnot have any cerebrums, she clarifies why he isn’t canny, she then, at that point, makes reference to Preeta went to meet Sandeep in the clinic as the specialist, Shristhi clarifies that Luthra family is the blamed so it is all the doing of Sandeep, he is the one behind this, so no individual from the Luthra family can meet him. Preeta clarifies that the specialist is the person who can come clean yet assuming Sandeep came to think about it, he will record one more argument against them that they attempted to pay off the specialist, Sameer recommends they should pay off him, Preeta questions why they need to pay off him since he will talk reality. Sameer indeed fail to really see what the police is doing outside the house.

Shristhi clarifies that it is the doing of Sandeep and he is truly sharp, he has large chunk of change to pay off other, Preeta questions what should they do now since the police won’t let them inside, Shristhi shouts she can do it in isolation, Sameer questions how, Shristhi clarifies she isn’t a Luthra, as Sameer who is the sibling of Rishab jee and karan, he even handles their business while Preeta is the spouse of Karan however she is neither and isn’t extremely famous, Preeta concurs however at that point questions how might she do it, Shristhi clarifies she will go about as the patient, claiming to be harmed in her feet, she will figure out how to discover reality, Shristhi then, at that point, requests that Preeta wish her karma.

Shristhi then, at that point, goes to the entryway, she is truly strained however goes about as though she is harmed, the police constable requests that Shristhi leave as she can’t head inside, Shristhi attempts to clarify saying that she got harmed while playing football, Shristhi clarifies she was pursuing the ball and examining the sky to get it after which the ball hit her feet and harmed it, the constable shouts football is played on the ground so how could she be examining the sky, Shristhi shouts it was on the grounds that there was down of cricket going on in the ground directly close to where she was playing, the ball went to the ground so she needed to get this is a result of the game soul, in that interaction she hurt her feet. The constable inquiries in the event that she hurt her feet, why they can’t perceive any injury, Shristhi shouts it is on the grounds that the injury can’t be seen outwardly, she begins exaggerating. Sameer asks Preeta for what reason Shristhi over acting is, Preeta answers there is just a solitary issue with Shristhi, and it is her exaggerating, which she can’t leave. Shristhi shouts assuming her feet can’t fix, she would not have the option to get hitched, the constable shouts even he is an unhitched male and she can wed him, Shristhi begins getting baffled saying who might wed her in the event that she kicks the bucket due to the injury, who might wed her, she will come to torment them as a phantom in the event that they don’t permit her to head inside, the constable concur and afterward permits her to head inside, Shrishti begins moving yet the constable gets stressed, she by and by begin acting to head inside.

Shristhi in the wake of going into the house calls the specialist, he is strolling down the steps says he knows there was a ladies who hurt her lower leg, she can show it to him, Shristhi clarifies she is the sister of Dr Preeta Luthra, the specialist clarifies there are a few conventions which he needs to follow, until the case if over he can’t engage any individual from the Luthra family, he requests that she leave, she is sorry and goes to leave however at that point clarifies she won’t go until he responds to her inquiries, she inquires as to whether Sandeep is really harmed or is he acting, specialist answers Shristhi acted of being harmed yet Sandeep is really harmed to the degree that who knows whether he would have the option to walk, he doesnot know whether Rishab Luthra needed to kill him yet the truth of the matter is that Sandeep got in the mishap with Rishab Luthra’s vehicle. Shristhi while crying shouts she can’t trust Rishab jee is behind it, Shristhi forces directly to leave the house, the constable shouts that the specialist is great since he fixed the injury of the young lady. Shristhi going to Preeta, and Sameer makes reference to Sandeep is really harmed, the specialist disclosed it is hard to say in the event that he would have the option to walk once more.

Precap: Prithvi cautions the specialist that assuming he attempted to act brilliant, his child would be captured from school, Prithvi shouts it is truly simple for him to seize the youngster from school, Shristhi alongside Preeta and Sameer drive off, prithvi grins seeing them leave. Preeta while sitting with Sarla shouts they will unquestionably figure out how to help Rishab jee till the time they are largely together, Karan is anyway truly disappointed.

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