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Kumkum Bhagya Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Abhi Gets Arrested

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Abhi let Tanu know that he had given her solace to remain with him, and not given her any privileges, as the right is of just Pragya. He says I have many grumbles and inquiries with her, which I will do it without anyone’s help later. Tanu asks don’t you love me? Abhi says when did I tell you, that I love you? He says did you at any point get a sensation of giving your everyday routine for somebody or can’t experience without somebody, no. He says you were remaining with me, as there was a bad situation for you to remain. He says let any one thing know which makes me succumb to you, and says I don’t love you and won’t ever cherish you in future as well. Shagun says Inspector saheb comes. Assessor accompanies the constables and says you will now be taken to jail. Aaliya requests what? Reviewer says he is blamed for 6 persons’ demise. Aaliya says you are accusing incorrectly individual. Mitali inquires as to whether he is discussing that episode, when you had beaten the folks. Reviewer says Mr. Abhi had provided requests to break the divider for remodel and 6 individuals have kicked the bucket, as the structure imploded. Aaliya says you can’t fault my sibling. Abhi says I didn’t provide request for break east side divider. Pragya says I am the organization proprietor and asks how might you fault him. She says on the off chance that any occurrence occurs there, I am mindful. He says the worker for hire who was doing redesign, had cautioned Abhi that individuals will lose their lives, yet Abhi said that he don’t care for anyone’s lives and needs daylight in the workplace. Abhi says I didn’t say this, I requested that they reinforce every one of the dividers so individuals remaining there, don’t have any issue. Auditor says this will be chosen by the court. Pragya says that worker for hire is lying, he can’t do this. Examiner says I have conversed with him as of now, he isn’t lying, yet your better half is lying. He says for your Sunlight, you have killed many lives. Pragya says you can’t say this for my better half and tells that he can’t do this with anybody. Controller requests that she let him take care of his job. Pragya calls Contractor and requests that he tell that her significant other haven’t provided him any orders. The project worker says your better half arranged me to break the divider, despite the fact that I cautioned him. Abhi says I didn’t ask you, and says you are lying. Project worker says court will conclude, you are compromising me. Reviewer requests that Constable capture him. Aaliya says you can’t capture my sibling. Pragya says you can’t capture him. Abhi says I haven’t done anything, while he is removed by the Police. Pragya stands shocked.

The worker for hire Subhash is in Gaurav’s home or office. He takes a gander at him. Gaurav comes there and requests that Contractor break east side divider and let the daylight come inside. Worker for hire says it isn’t protected, and tells that a little while ago I told Abhi. Gaurav says you can get 20 years pay immediately. Worker for hire says individuals can pass on. Gaurav says leave them on their fate and do as I say. He says I guarantee that you won’t be accused. Fb closes. He gives him cash and reviews Pragya slapping him. He thinks your time is gone, this present time this is my opportunity, and see how I manage you.

Pragya asks Aaliya and Tanu, who is engaged with this? Aaliya asks who are you to inquiry us, and says we can ask you and say that Bhai went to prison because of you. Tanu says she has the propensity to blame others. Aaliya asks how could you, how might you imagine that I can send my sibling to imprison. Pragya says I am his significant other. Tanu meddles. Pragya says he has no connection with you and says I won’t leave anybody hurting him. Aaliya requests that she proceed to save him. Pragya says I will save him. Aaliya says bhai went to your office. Pragya says for whom you works. Aaliya says I don’t work for Gaurav. Pragya says Abhi has an uncertainty that you actually work for him. Aaliya says Bhai had simply uncertainty and you are accusing me. She says on the off chance that this would have occurred, Bhai would have seen me in his office. Pragya says office. I didn’t say this, you have told it yourself. Aaliya says you have said bhai went to drop me to Gaurav’s office. Pragya says I told home, and says you told office. She says I am certain that you are supporting him, just Mitali Bhai and you both think about the remodel. Tanu says we had gone to meet Gaurav, as he needs to deliver retribution from you, however he can’t do anything amiss with Abhi. Pragya commits to toss them out of Abhi’s lives. Tanu says you have attempted previously and got ineffective. Pragya says last time she didn’t swear, yet time even her fate will uphold her. She goes out in a rush. Mitali inquires as to whether the relatives will be kicked out individually. Aaliya says shut up. Mitali says I will ask Mummy ji and Dadi to remain in Punjab, and says our visit will end here. Tanu requests that she see what she will do. Aaliya requests that Mitali let her be. She thinks assuming Pragya is correct, that Gaurav have done this, he ought to haven’t got Bhai this matter.

Gaurav plays chess and figures no one but he can overcome himself in this game. Pragya is in the vehicle and calls legal counselor, requesting that he get bail and arrive at the PS. Gaurav calls Pragya and asks how is she? He says quite recently I came to think about your husband’s capture. Pragya says reality will be your capture which will come in paper tomorrow. Gaurav asks how did I respond? Pragya says you won’t be saved from my sight now, after you attempted to hurt my better half. Gaurav says I need to come in my heart and assurances to get him liberated. She closes the call and requests that driver stop the vehicle. Gaurav hears the entryway ringer and figures she may have come here. He sees somebody on the door.

Media goes to the PS and questions Abhi for the 6 person’s demise. Constable takes them from that point. Pragya comes there. Abhi says sorry to Pragya for feeling embarrassed infront of society and media. Pragya says you don’t need to feel embarrassed and says let society and media come, I will explain them. She says I have full trust on you and realizes that you can’t do anything wrong. He says it is your trust that I can’t do anything wrong. Pragya says I had failed to remember this inclination and says when you are harmed, I am feeling torment. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says don’t say sorry, this inclination is likewise vital. She asks him not to think anything and says you great examine our room, I can bear you there, yet all the same not here. He asks will I break it? Pragya says no need of herogiri, legal counselor is coming and you will get bail, then, at that point, can accompany me. He asks her not to cry, and says you have lost the dart game and will submit to me for 24 hours. Pragya says we will return home and play another game. He says as much that you can win and asks what she needs him to become.

Gaurav asks Aaliya why is she here? Aaliya says today a sister has come for her sibling, and says I had just let you know that Bhai went for office redesign. Gaurav expresses what do you mean, I don’t comprehend. She inquires as to for what reason are you catching my sibling. He says I like you more when you are loose. Tanu says you can’t win Aaliya’s heart by harming Abhi. Gaurav says I need to render retribution from Pragya and presently she will realize who is the genuine chief. Aaliya says you are focusing on my sibling to render retribution on Pragya. He says I will get your sibling liberated, when Pragya requests my assistance. Tanu says however you won’t help her straightforwardly. Gaurav says I will concur when she satisfies my fantasies. Tanu says one more admirer of Pragya. Gaurav says business, and says I need a business which gives me much cash for quite a long time. Aaliya inquires as to why Pragya will give you business. Gaurav says I have the verification which can demonstrate him innocent.

Precap will be added later.

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