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Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Tanu requesting that Aaliya determine what all she arranged against Pragya. She says the attack case which Gaurav documented on you, was Aaliya’s thought. She says Aaliya is with Tanu, and the cash thought was of her as it were. She says she needed to demolish you with Gaurav, first attack case and afterward she took your citation and provided for Gaurav. Aaliya says OK, I did. I needed to destroy Pragya, however I am not answerable for whatever occurred with Bhai. She says Bhai is liable for whatever occurred with him. Gaurav needed to deliver retribution as Bhai had beaten him. She requests that Pragya ask Tanu, why she urged Gaurav to kill Abhi. Tanu says I didn’t empower. Pragya requests that Aaliya tell where did Abhi go to meet Gaurav? Aaliya says red zone splendid inn. Pragya smacks Tanu hard all over and says I had halted myself since numerous days, so did it today. She leaves.

Abhi goes to the lodging and asks assistant for Gaurav Thapar. Secretary calls Gaurav. Abhi accepts the call and says I am coming. Gaurav advises assistant to allow him to come. Pragya sits in the vehicle briskly and considers Aaliya’s words. Abhi strolls inside considering Aaliya’s words that she caused Pragya to comprehend to give her beginning and end to Gaurav. Pragya calls Abhi and inquires as to why didn’t you arrive at home. She says you didn’t let me know that you went to Gaurav. Abhi says you named all the property on Gaurav’s name just to save me. Pragya says you are my universe, and tells that she can give anything for him. Abhi says he needs to rebuff him, as he needed to welcome you out and about. Pragya says you will do nothing. Abhi says I will dole out all retributions with Gaurav. Pragya says don’t go there, he has intended to kill you. Abhi says he had arranged this from the beginning. Pragya doesn’t say anything is demolished, my property and business is with us, whatever I have acquired isn’t lost. Sushma aunt has taken care of everything. He requests that she sit tight for him. Pragya says my guarantee. He closes the call without finding out about the guarantee. Pragya implores God to ensure him. Gaurav utilizes chloroform in the cloth, when two hooligans come there. Gaurav says just you both came. The hooligan says this is lodging, everything is recorded in the CCTV. He says we need to initially ensure. Gaurav says he has arranged all that where to kill him. The thug says you will be ganster. Gaurav says there will be no injury on his body, and tells that he needs his demise as a mishap. He says individuals will think, why he came here, and why he went that side. Pragya is halted and the cop advises that the street is impeded because of work in progress. He requests that she go through ring street. Pragya runs. Abhi gets some information about room no. 505. Pragya attempts to eliminate the blockade and tells that she is attempting to save her significant other. Constable eliminates the blockades and says you are with your significant other, Delhi Police is with you. Pragya drives off.

Abhi is as yet strolling and comes to room no. 505. Gaurav requests that the hooligans stow away and says he will sign them. Gaurav opens the entryway. Abhi comes inside and says you need to kill me. Gaurav says I was furious and that’s why informed that I will kill him. Abhi requests that he apologize to Pragya. Gaurav says I have sent you to prison and says I paid off Subhash so he breaks the divider, and 6 individuals kicked the bucket. Abhi blows up. Gaurav says needy individuals are destined to kick the bucket and I don’t atone for anything, and I won’t apologize to anybody. Abhi snatches his collar and says you have coerced her, upset and tricked her. He says you will apologized to her. Abhi hits Gaurav. Gaurav requests that his hooligans save him. The thugs come there holding chloroform. Abhi battles with the thugs and make them smell chloroform. The thugs fall oblivious. Gaurav gets strained and says pay attention to me. Abhi holds Gaurav and beats him.

He keeps on beating Gaurav and limits his options. He says you will apologize to Pragya, and to the group of individuals whom you have killed and to the law. He says I don’t need to kill you and go to prison. Pragya goes to the gathering and asks where is Gaurav Thapar. Secretary says room no 505 and tells that somebody had gone to meet Abhi. Abhi lets Gaurav know that he has recorded everything, whatever he said and says this recording is sufficient to send you to imprison. All of a sudden Gaurav’s father comes there and breaks glass bottle on Abhi’s head. Abhi holds his head. Abhi says I don’t lift hand on elderly folks, and says I need to slap you for bringing forth such kids. Gaurav gets up and takes chloroform cloth. Abhi is addressing her dad, when Gaurav makes Abhi smell chloroform. Abhi blacks out. Mahesh lets Gaurav know that he will illuminate him, any place he goes. He says he needed to send me to imprison, I have intended to send him up. They wear covers and cause Abhi to sit on the wheelchair while he is covered with cloak. Pragya is coming there. Gaurav checks out Pragya. Pragya doesn’t take a gander at Gaurav and his dad. She is strolling from that point, yet doesn’t see Abhi. She detects his essence and turns around. She goes to the room no. 505. Somebody opens the room. Pragya simply find the oblivious goons.

Gaurav lets Mahesh know that he has destroyed his arrangement. Mahesh says when I came there, you was secured and lied potential gain. Gaurav says I was not safeguarding him as I don’t need any scratches on his body. Mahesh says he had said that he has recorded your admission and tells that they will get his telephone, it fell on the floor. Pragya observes Abhi’s telephone and thinks where right? on the off chance that he is fine, he would have his telephone with him. She gets worried.

Precap: Gaurav brings oblivious Abhi to some room and says he isn’t going to recover awareness before his demise. Presently they have evened out. Ranbir sees Prachi and Sid dozing together by holding their hands. He gets mad.

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