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Know Everything About the Famous Meme ‘Sussy Baka’

If you are a regular user of TikTok or Instagram Reels then you might be familiar with this line, “Roses are Red, Omae wa mou Shindeiru, Do you know what a Sussy Baka is? Why… Why are you acting like one, Deku?”. Anime series and characters related to the series have become popular and the craze is increasing exponentially with every passing day. So you might be wondering what Sussy Baka is? This catchphrase has been made popular by a tik tok artist, Akeam Francis and since then it has become a part of numerous memes. In one of the episodes, a character called Deku and said, “Why are you acting such like a Baka?! Deku!!”

Sussy Baka imresizer

Akeam mentioned this phrase in his live stream but after sometime another Tiktok artist (@Nyatsumii) shared a snippet of this live stream which successfully garnered close to 2 million views and others have made a lot of covers of it. Later Akeam added the word ‘Sussy’ in the line after someone requested him to do so. Another story is behind the word ‘Sussy’. At the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic a game, Among Us became very popular and whenever a player acts in a fishy manner in the game he or she will be termed as ‘sus’ which is an abbreviated form of the word ‘suspicious’. On the other hand ‘Baka’ means silly in Japanese. So, from now on if you see someone acting foolishly you can call him or her ‘Sussy Baka’. 

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