Important feature included to the OnePlus Pad update, however not in Europe

OnePlus Pad Update – Last week, OnePlus revealed that it will soon be releasing an important upgrade for the OnePlus Pad, its very first tablet. However, the upgrade is just now reaching tablet buyers, and based on what the Chinese business has to say, it doesn’t appear that everyone will profit from the new capabilities.

The “Cellular Data Sharing” feature is scheduled to be added to the OnePlus Pad by the update that is currently rolling out internationally, according to a post made on the OnePlus Community forum. Users won’t need to use the hotspot feature on their tablets because they can immediately share 5G mobile data with their phone under the same account.

The bad news is that this movie won’t be seen in Europe. Since the functional experience and associated performance indicators fall short of the user experience standards, OnePlus has delayed the launch of the Cellular Data Sharing functionality in the European countries.

Other areas are not impacted and will receive the feature after the update is released. Although the statement’s language may have given some European consumers hope that Cellular Data Sharing would soon be extended to their tablets as well, that isn’t actually the case.

It appears like OnePlus will be keeping an eye on how the function performs and “evaluate launching it in [the] future,” thus there are currently no plans to make it available in Europe. It’s odd that the Chinese corporation released the upgrade despite knowing that many of its clients wouldn’t profit from its contents.

Maybe they should actually pay attention to how customers of the OnePlus Pad utilize the feature and whether they are happy with how well it works. In either case, once you receive this update, you will be able to share 5G mobile data directly from your phone without using a hotspot.

The update ought to provide Call Sharing to the OnePlus Pad in addition to Cellular Data Sharing. It would enable users to make and receive calls from many devices, as the name would imply. Additionally, the OnePlus Pad may now be paired with any nearby compatible OnePlus smartphone thanks to the new Auto Connect feature. The last but certainly not least feature is App Relay Playing, which makes it simpler for OnePlus Pad users to transition between their tablet and OnePlus smartphone when watching TV, accessing social media, and editing documents. All users, even those in Europe, have access to these features.

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