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Imlie Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

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Dev with Meethi and Anu visits Tripathis. Tripathis welcome them disregarding Anu. Adi contacts Meethi’s feet and leaves disregarding. Aparna apologizes Meethi for their rowdiness prior. Meethi says she is glad that they acknowledged Meethi. Imlie strolls in singing seeing her mom. Aparna requests that she complete the process of pressing garments. Meethi says she brought dishes for them, and Tripathis take her and Dev in going about as though Anu is imperceptible. Malini lets Anu know that she can’t endure their bliss and festivity, what has she thought to demolish their joy. Anu says they will likewise design an amazement for worker junior/Imlie. She leaves mouse from confine. Imlie saves garments for pressing and goes to bring iron. At the point when she returns, she is stunned to see mouse gnawing garments and acknowledging Anu more likely than not brought it keeps it to the side. Tripathis alarm seeing rodent and ruin adornment. Aparna asks what will befall Imlie’s shock. Imlie asks what? Aparna says she implies what will befall them. Much more mice assemble. Imlie says these are English mice. Anu insults that Tripathis assembled town soil in their home and thus rodent danger is self-evident. Dulari says her town mice are all around refined and insults her. Aparna smiles hearing that.

Anu attempts to hit a mouse. Imlie stops her and inquires as to whether she didn’t leave her pastime of harming frail. Anu yells to leave her hand. Imlie picks mouse and lets Tripathis know that even mice are freezing seeing them freezing, they ought to consider it as Ganeshji’s vehicle mushak maharaj and thank who brought them, pointing at Anu. Nishant asks how will they manage mice now as they spoilt even pooja desserts. Imlie takes care of desserts to mice and removes them. Malini says Imlie fixed it once more. Anu says mice spoilt entire improvement and shock party. Rupali says mice even spoilt their garments. Harish says they spoilt food, garments, and even improvement. Malini takes Anu to her room and commending her arrangement says she can’t see Tripathis tolerating Imlie, her today’s plan worked and what might be said about straightaway. Anu asks not stress. Dev enters and inquires as to whether she isn’t afraid to ruin Imlie’s shock party. Anu says she won’t give worker junior access harmony for grabbing her daughter’s husband.

mTripathis sit tragically after their unexpected party plan is astonished. Adi asks them not to be pitiful and simply illuminate Imlie that they have acknowledged her as bahu, she will be glad just with that. Anu and Malini stroll to them. Harish irately says they shouldn’t host arranged a get-together by any means. Imlie enters and says they can perform garba actually like that. Radha says how might they with torn garments and spoilt adornment. Imlie says she will refix it everything, requests that Sundar get ready dishes, Nishant to rearrange house, and herself refixes garba garments. Family celebrates seeing their garments refixed like they weren’t torn by any means. They prepare for garba and acclaim Imlie. Malini lets Anu know that even this time Imlie put everything right, Tripathis will uncover her uplifting news after garba. Anu says even she isn’t getting any thought. Malini smiles getting an idea.

Imlie sees her dupatta still torn in the wake of refixing it. Adi enters and starts sewing dupatta. She insults he might become zero attempting to become saint. He says he will fix it without a doubt. She watches him quietly. He asks what is she checking out. She says she generally saw young ladies fixing garments, where did he learn it. He says his revealing work showed him everything. He then dorns dupatta on her and requests that she watch out. She expresses gratitude toward him and joyfully strolls out.

Precap: Anu blows up seeing Malini pitiful watching Adi and Imlie’s dance and indignantly attempts to stop them.

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