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Imlie 27th October 2021

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Tripathis plan an unexpected party to invite Imlie as their little girl in-law/bahu and talk about they shouldn’t let Adi know as he will ruin all the shock. Imlie strolls to them and questions. Harish goes about as chiding her to focus on her work. Malini goes along with them and feels cheerful seeing that. When Imlie leaves, Rupali lets Harish know that it was a noisy acting. He says he couldn’t think a lot of when Imlie came unexpectedly. Pankaj says they shouldn’t hurt Imlie in lieu of giving her an astonishment. Malini asks what shock are they getting ready for Imlie. Aparna says she needs to address her misstep, she never considered Imlie as her bahu yet Imlie thought about her as a mother, so in the event that she doesn’t acknowledge Imlie now, she can’t be a decent maa or saas/MIL. Adi hears that and inquires as to whether she needs to acknowledge Imlie as bahu. Harish says gabbar came to ruin their shock. Nishant illuminates about their unexpected arrangement for Imlie. Aparna says she needs to perform Imlie’s graha pravesh and inquires as to whether she will excuse him. Adi genuinely embraces and says thanks to her. Malini gets desirous. Pankaj asks Adi not to ruin their astonishment. Adi asks which shock. Harish asks not to illuminate him as they don’t trust him. Adi says he won’t eat then, at that point. Pankaj gives his promise.

Aparna inquires as to whether she is fine. Malini says OK. Rupali says Malini is energized as she is Imlie’s senior sister. Adi inquires as to whether she had morning medication. Malini says she is having morning infection and leaves. Malini gets back to her room and indignantly breaks things. She cries that Imlie is winning even after her endeavors. She asks Adi’s photograph for what reason he fell in his affection for quite some time and unexpectedly left her for Imlie, entire family is cheerful failing to remember that she is Adi’s lawfully married spouse and his baby’s mother, yet she won’t allow Adi to fail to remember that main she has a spot in his heart and won’t allow Imlie to win. She consumes Imlie’s photograph saying there is a bad situation for Imlie among her and Adi.

Imlie cries in her room. Adi gives her garba sticks and inquires as to whether she won’t play garba with family. Imlie cries that his family didn’t acknowledge her yet. He says even she didn’t fail to remember him yet and is thinking about him an outsider. She says she thinks about him as her and thus furious on her. He says likewise seniors are irate on her and requests to hit the dance floor with him and demonstrate that their relationship is as yet solid. She denies. He strongly hits the dance floor with her. She surrenders and hits the dance floor with him. Piya Tose Milne.. melody plays in the background.

Next morning, Tripathis select their garba night garments. Radha gifts garba dress to Sundar and he expresses gratitude toward her. Rupali gets some information about an extra dress. Radha says tailor sewed extra and gives it to Imlie. Imlie leaves tragically. Adi says she will cry on the off chance that they proceed with their acting. Malini inquires as to whether she can welcome her folks for tonight’s work. Tripathis’ face changes. Adi says sorry, no one would be OK with Anu’s presence after ongoing episodes, Anu consistently makes issues during capacities. Malini says she sees however was feeling the loss of her mother. Aparna says she can welcome her mother then, at that point. Malini says thanks to her. Aparna says she, when all is said and done, will welcome Anu and Meethi. Radha and Rupali like her thought while Meethi gets jeaolous hearing that.

Imlie while getting back sees a kid squirming in serious torment and calls for help. A biker strolls to them. Imlie says she wants a specialist and not biker. Biker says he is Dr. Abhimanyu Birla, checks kid and solaces him. Kid unwinds. Abhimanyu says it was a fit of anxiety. Imlie inquires as to whether somebody took his wild oxen. Kid says somebody made himextremely upset and grabbed everything from him. Imlie recollects Adi’s double-crossing and says she knows how it feels when heart breaks and trust is broken. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t comprehend heart break, there is just outcome of it, torment and no one but specialist can help mental episodes. Imlie says an individual who will make him extremely upset is exceptionally close to him. He drives away. She thinks if all bikers are arrogant.

Anu gets Malini’s call and exhaust finding out about Tripathis shock plan for Imlie. She freezes sees a rodent. Meethi snickers seeing her circumstance. Anu hollers to quit snickering and remove this rodent from her home. Meethi says she ought to address her with deference on the off chance that she wants assistance. Anu demands. Meethi places rodent in an enclosure. Anu insults that she realized Meethi can as lady like her effectively trap creatures or men in their holds like a flash. Dev strolls to them and says Tripathis welcomed them for garba party around evening time. Anu says she knows as Malini previously illuminated her. Dev says he is addressing Meethi and disregarding her tells Meethi that Aparna and Radha extraordinarily welcomed her. Meethi inquires as to whether Adi’s family acknowledged Imlie. Dev says they have. She says she will get ready dishes and take it for them. Dev says he will get her fixings required. Anu exhaust seeing that and thinks let us see who will trap whom.

Precap: A rodent jumps into Tripathi house during garba celebration. Imlie attempts to get him. Anu attempts to hit it, however Imlie holds her hand.

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