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Imlie 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Malini Sneaks Out With Idol

Imlie fourteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Aparna sees just 8 Devimaa’s golden calves and asks where is ninth symbol. Malini takes symbol and saying ‘sorry’ god says her place is in sanctuary, yet she needs to do this to prevent everybody from commending Imlie. Imlie inquires as to whether they left one symbol in truck. They say its not in truck. Imlie says stop. Malini gets strained. Imlie strolls to transporter and demands to check truck once. He shows her truck and says there is not much, she was sitting behind with icon and whoever gave her this undertaking committed an error, presently no one but god can help her. Imlie sees a wet soil bundle in truck and says god helped her. She begins getting ready icon with soil. Malini conceals symbol in her room.

Aparna calls her. Board of trustees individuals grumble Harish that his believed kid committed an error and they did a mix-up by confiding in her. Pankaj proposes to bring another icon. Nishant says he checked and all icons are sold. Adi thinks if Imlie gets some time, she will accomplish something. Aparna thumps Malini’s room entryway and says she brought her drugs. Malini conceals symbol in shelf and leaves. Council individuals keep on regreting their choice of confiding in Imlie.

Dulari requests that Sundar bring tea and snacks for everybody and signs him. Adi to redirect council individuals’ consideration adulates their work and says he will take their meeting and print how a little province’s panel individuals strive to sort out navrati celebration. He requests that Sundar get his camera to click their pics. Rupali requests that he take their video. Memebers succumb to Adi’s stunt.

Imlie finishes Devimaa’s golden calf. Driver says its looking exceptionally beautiful and attempts to pick it. Imlie says its actually wet and goes in to bring something dry it. She passes by Rupali’s room and seeing her crying seeing her better half’s photograph. Rupali cries that she is missing Pranav as he used to perform pooja with her consistently and used to improve her veena at whatever point she used to sing, he continued on in life failing to remember their adoration, yet she is trapped in his recollections. Imlie consoles her and says she is a lady who is a type of Devimaa, they can’t separate if men break their trust or heart; she shouldn’t fail to remember everything and considering singing bhajan in pooja, she will embellish her veena this time.

Rupali says thanks to her and says she ought to have been her sister rather than Malini as Malini doesn’t merit her, they are soul sisters. She then, at that point, gets some information about symbol. Imlie freezes and requests that she give her hair dryer motioning in an insane manner. Rupali recognizes her sign at long last and gives hair dryer. Imlie leaves her room and think she neglected to ask Rupali how it functions.

Specials for Diwali Festival:

Adi look through Imlie. Imlie battles to turn on hair dryer, and when it at last beginnings, she partakes in its air. Adi desires to discover Imlie or Devimaa’s golden calf in any event and seeing Imlie getting a charge out of air stands hypnotized, then, at that point, gets ready and inquires as to whether she discovered symbol. She says she can’t hear him. He turns off hair dryer. Nishant strolls in and requests that he come and take board of trustees individuals’ meeting. Adi requests that he take their pics while he look through Imlie. Nishant says he is a columnist all things considered and should take meet. Adi look through Imlie agian. Imlie dries Devimaa’s object of worship with hair dryer. Driver flabbergasted says its a decent creation and inquires as to why she helps T family when they get into mischief with her. She says they are her family and their nobility is her obligation. He requests that she dry icon quick. She advises him that he even he was reproving her at some point back. Adi leaves on his bicycle to market to get an icon figuring he can’t allow Imlie to lose.

Precap: Imlie is stunned to sees Malini giving taken symbol to a helpless family.

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