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How Will Itachi Die in Naruto?

Naruto is a Manga anime that gives equal importance to every single character of the series instead of focusing on only the protagonists.

That is why every single character of the Naruto series is very close to the anime lovers’ hearts. All the characters in this anime series want to change the world in their own way.


Some of them want it to be good and thus become heroes and others who have not chosen the righteous way have become villains. The biggest lesson that we can learn from Naruto comics is that we need a purpose to live. One of the popular characters is Itachi Uchiha.

There is a high possibility of him dying in the series but the question which is arising is that will he die and if he dies how will it affect the village? In this article, we will try to find out the answers to these questions. 

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As most of you know, Itachi has a younger brother Sasuke Uchiha and a former member of Konoha. He has killed all the members of his clan after receiving orders from  Lord Third and Danzo just to protect his brother’s life. He has been portrayed as a secretive person who never reveals his true colors and loves to contain feelings inside. Itachi has managed to save Konoha on rare occasions. 

In episode no. 138 the hero of Konoha, Itachi will die at the hands of his own little brother, Sasuke. After a hard fight, Itachi will die because of the ultimate move applied by Sasuke known as Kirin. The aim of the fight is to check the growth of Sasuke and Itachi died because of his ill health during the fight. Now as you know how Itachi will die it is time to find out the truth and the reason behind Itachi behaving like this.

At the beginning of his life, Itachi the elder son of Fugaku used to think like a Hokage but after some time when he grew up, seeing several battles happening he started questioning the purpose of life. At that time he became the leader of the Anbu group at a very young age. During that time Danzo and Third Hokage gave him two options to kill all the Uchiha members or to die in the hands of them along with the rest of the clan. He decided to choose the first option under one condition that they will take care of his younger brother, Sasuke. Once he murdered all the members of the Uchiha clan he joined the terrorist group known as Akatsuki as ordered by the Third Hokage. 

After a long time, Itachi visits Konoha village alongside Kisame just to let the bad guys know that he is still alive and will kill anyone who will harm his little brother. After assessing Sasuke’s power, he told him in a rough manner to sharpen his skills. After dying, Kabuto tried to revive him by casting a spell but he freed himself by using the Shisui Jutsu. Before disappearing he expressed his love towards his younger brother. 


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