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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Dr. Udhas requesting that Vimlesh reveal her hand. Vimlesh says I have lost all the cash. Beni is stunned. Rajjo says Vimlesh is a major card shark and will get all the cash. Dr. Udhas requests that Vimlesh sell Beni’s kidneys. Vimlesh asks truly? Dr. Udhas requests that she bet her better half. Beni says I don’t have 5 spouses and so forth Vimlesh says I will keep my better half on bet. Dr. Udhas requests that Vimlesh sign on the stamp papers. Beni inquires as to whether he is specialist or attorney, and says he don’t have pen. Dr. Udhas gives her pen. Vimlesh signs. Beni requests that Udhas show the cards. Udhas wins. Manohar whistles.

Dada ji sings melody for Amma. Amma asks what befallen him? Dada ji inquires as to why there is sparkle all over. Amma says ghuya. Dada ji inquires as to for what reason is she getting disturbed. Amma says your child is multiple times more awful than you. She tells Dada ji that Happu will get familiar with an illustration, I have arranged everything. Manohar requests that Rajjo save her officers. Rajjo says she don’t have cash. Cheerful says Manohar is our child. Manohar will not give them cash. Rajjo says she is left with no cash. Manohar requests that Rajjo put down Happu on bet. Rajjo says alright, I will keep him on the bet, assuming I win, I will get Happu and afterward you need to leave Beni as well. Manohar says alright. Dada ji says you are acceptable, don’t know when you render retribution from me. Amma says you don’t recollect my adoration. Dada ji says you generally play band of men. Amma says I am not that saas who don’t support her bahu. She drinks. Rajjo requests that Manohar show. Manohar shows the cards. Rajjo loses Happu in betting as well. Manohar says I have won, presently Happu Sir has turned into my slave. Happu is shocked.

Amma cries and says my bahu made my child slaved. Rajjo says I did a serious mix-up. Amma says you messed with him. She says in the event that it will be acceptable that Inspector Happu will work under Constable.

Happu asks Amma not to stress. Amma requests that he open his eyes, and says your significant other has lost you in betting, requests that he imagine that Manohar will inconvenience him a great deal. Happu says Manohar regards me a ton, similar to his senior sibling. Amma says yet shouldn’t something be said about Beni. He says Dr. Udhas will deal with him like a slave. Beni says he resembles my companion. Dr. Udhas and Manohar come there. Manohar gets out of hand with Happu and requests that he go to PS. He says I will make you my slave. Happu inquires as to whether he don’t feel embarrassed. Manohar requests that he read the papers. Udhas requests that Beni go to his center and says work is forthcoming for you. Beni asks what I will do? Udhas requests that he talk with habits being his slave, else he will take out his kidney and sell it. beni peruses the papers and says we have become slaves for the real world. Kat says father and Beni uncle resemble hippo and are futile animals, who eat and sit. Manohar says they are presently our slaves. Amma requests that Manohar leave them and apologize to him. Manohar says I will beat your child much and requests that he put on something else. Dr. Udhas requests that he come to center. Beni says he will change and come. Happu goes to change.

They go to change. Manohar apologizes to Amma for making trouble with her. Amma says it is my arrangement and requests that he sit close to her. Rajjo says they were stunned. Happu and Beni come there. Manohar requests that they come. Amma cries as they leave.

Manohar makes Happu wash the garments in the PS. Happu requests samosa. Manohar requests that he dry the garments. At Dr. Udhas’s facility, a patient’s father asks Dr. Udhas to eliminate the dread of the child. Dr. Udhas checks out Beni. Kid asks who right? Dr. Udhas says there is no character of dead individual, you can contrast him with bull whom certain individuals left here. He says I will show the infusion on him. Beni gets apprehensive and chuckles. Dr. Udhas gives him infusion. The kid chuckles. Beni faints.

Manohar requests that Happu clean every one of the shoes. Happu says as much many shoes? Manohar says it is of every one of my family members. Happu says I gave you such a lot of adoration and praise. Manohar says you have offended me, as you sow, so you harvest. He requests that he clean the shoes quietly. Resham Pal comes there and asks what’s going on here? Happu says I am cleaning the shoes. Resham Pal says you need to clean the crooks, not the residue on the shoes. Manohar says Happu isn’t telling you obviously. Resham Pal asks what is the way of talking, knocks about Happu and says you will regard him as he is your senior. Manohar says he is presently my slave. He says Happu caused me to get ongoing to betting. He says Rajjo Bhabhi lost him in betting and from that point forward, I am causing him to do my administration. Happu asks Resham Pal, did you see. Resham Pal and Manohar sing melody. Resham Pal requests that he clean his shoes also, and go to his home and takes his clothing garments. He requests that he knead him in the evening.

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