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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd November 2021 Episode Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Rajjo inquiring as to whether she is prepared to play. Vimlesh says OK. Rajjo sees Happu and Beni coming there and lets Vimlesh know that she is a decent boss. Vimlesh says no one can overcome her. Rajjo wins and lets Vimlesh know that she has won. Happu and Beni let each know other that their spouses are betting. Rajjo lets Vimlesh know that if their spouses could have known this game, then, at that point, this would be enjoyable. Vimlesh says OK. Rajjo says he can’t do this, I won’t stop this game and bring in some cash for Diwali. Happu and Beni get upset.

Rajjo sings melody, satte pe satta. Happu goes to the room and says this melody is my top choice, I actually recollect that I had purchased this ticket in dark. Rajjo says when did you come here, I didn’t see you. Happu says when you was singing. Rajjo says I am playing the game and tells that she is having the high score. Happu says I didn’t know about your this ability. Vimlesh inquires as to whether he had food or not? He says he had food as of now. Vimlesh says she used to bet during school days. Happu says happiness is twofold in case cash is identified with the game. Rajjo says I am a major player, however don’t have cash to bet, else Vimlesh and I would have played every day. Happu says I have concealed something from you and tells an occurrence. Beni lets Vimlesh know that he has won cash in betting and gives her cash. Vimlesh says you are capable, I need to make you as my master. Happu requests that Rajjo play with him. Rajjo says I will play such, that you will lose all your cash. Happu requests that she play first. Rajjo requests that he make her as his accomplice and afterward she will contribute in the house as well. Happu says my home bahu don’t play outside. Rajjo says this is business, there is nothing out of sorts in it. she says it needs knowledge which you have. Beni lets Vimlesh know that they will play together. They laugh.

Happu takes gifts from Amma so they win in the betting. Amma favors them. Rajjo says she won’t return with basically nothing. Hritik and Chamchi put wreath on their neck. Happu gets passionate seeing kids’ excitement. Kat asks them not to put their head down. Chamchi says your success will prepare our gifts records. Amma says she confides in Happu well and he has blood of a speculator. Happu is stunned. Beni requests that Amma favor him as well. Amma says I have endowments for you four. Vimlesh says I was rehearsing morning, noon and night. Beni says I got enthusiastic seeing her doing hardwork. Amma says she is glad and says she won’t eat food until they get back as champs. Ranbir sings tune and plays shank.

Manohar, Dr, Happu-Rajjo, Beni-Vimlesh sit to play. Dr asks Rajjo from where did she pick up betting? Rajjo says she is a decent player and lifts about herself. Manohar requests that Vimlesh convey the cards. Dr. Udhas says this is cheating, on the off chance that you win or bhabhi ji, the cash will go to your home. Happu recommends him to call Nurse Sarita. Manohar giggles, and says I wish my better half would have known. Vimlesh insults him. Resham Pal calls Happu and requests that he assault the card sharks, and says path no 7, purana market. Happu says alright and asks who will go there. Dr. Udhas says we are staying there as it were. Rajjo says strike will occur here. Happu asks we are situated here, then, at that point, if Resham Pal will come here whistling. Resham Pal comes there with constables and says everybody will remain on their places, else I…He requests that everybody show their appearances. Happu shows his face and says the players got away. Resham Pal says you gave you lead about this. Happu says Manohar. Manohar gets up from safe-house and welcomes Resham Pal. Resham Pal says even Beni is here. Beni acquaints his significant other with him. Resham Pal asks Dr. Udhas and says even you. Happu comes up with a rationalization that they came for panchnama, and tells that Dr. Udhas is a spy. Resham Pal says all of you have forfeited for the country, I recognize your endeavors. He likes Happu and says alright portable luggage. He leaves.

Kat tells that she thought to give tea to father and mother, for their endeavors. Amma likes Happu and says I made you take birth with the goal that you turns into a decent speculator and my bahu too.

Beni brings tea for Vimlesh. Vimesh says we need to go out and get the stuff for Diwali. Beni says they will arrange everything and requests that she center her brain around the game. Vimlesh says don’t be avaricious. He says once we win huge, you can purchase all the make up brands etc.

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