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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Happu is awarded a medal for his valour.

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The scene begins with Kamlesh and his uncle carrying oblivious chief to police headquarters and griping CID auditor that he killed a man. Chief awakens and uncovers his character. Kamlesh says he saw Commissioner killing a wavy hair man. Manohar says he is that wavy hair man and uncovers entire story. CID official yells at CID official and says he will now be taken to jail for attempting to kill a man being a chief. Official says he can’t capture him. CID official places him in prison with Happu and Manohar.

Vimlesh fretfully trusts that Beni will get back. Beni enters home by means of window. She is stunned to see him arising out of nowhere and gets heartfelt. Beni says Happu is as yet in prison. She says she couldn’t care less. Rajesh enters and hearing that stands up to her. Vimlesh says Rajesh is hitched to Happu since 20 years, however she wedded Beni only a couple of days prior, so she can’t avoid Beni. Rajesh keeps crying.

CID official keeps embarrassing Happu, Manohar, and Commissioner. Happu gerts a plan to escape from prison. Manohar inquires as to whether he will burrow a passage. Happu gets prison key and escapes with Manohar. They hear hoodlums taking a house and examining that its great Happu is in prison or, more than likely would have looked for an offer from them. Happu gets a thought and snatches them. CID official gets them. Happu says these are genuine hoodlums and requests that he handle their packs. CID official finds moneya nd adornments in their sack and captures them.

Happu gets back. Amma vents out her resentment on CID official. Amma says lets fail to remember CID official. Rajesh says he endured a ton in prison and requests that he discover Beni as Vimlesh is weeping for him. Official enters. Happu says he truly didn’t do anything. Official says he came to give him decoration for getting criminals and applauds him. Rajesh calls youngsters and shows decoration. Official says Happu is a languid investigator, yet quickly got cheats. Amma acclaims Happu and requests that youngsters gain from their dad. Rajesh says truth consistently pays off. Kids says they understood that way of truth is tought however takes them to an ideal spot. Chief requests that Happu follow his own recommendation given to youngsters, arrive at police headquarters on schedule and quit accepting kickbacks. Happu concurs. Magistrate lets kids know that off-base way brings them to prison. Rajesh says everything is in the groove again. Amma says its her great childhood and a mother is behind each effective man. Rajesh says its a spouse all things being equal. Amma concurs scowling. Beni enters concealing hearing an alarm and requests that Amma conceal him. Happu says case finished and its an emergency vehicle alarm and case has finished. Amma says her child got an award for his valiance.

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Amma gets back after jagran. Rajesh and Vimlesh asks how was her jagran and in the event that she brought prasad. Amma says she implored got for their cheerful life and them serving for what seems like forever. Rajesh says she petitioned God for herself then, at that point. Vimlesh asks which mata did she implore the previous evening. Amma says Skand mata and clarifies her importance exhaustively.

Kat in her room feels baffled with Kamlesh’s falsehoods. Malaika requests that she chill and leaves room. Kamlesh enters by means of window obviously. Kat says he was gloating about his trustworthiness, however is a quitter in genuine. Their theatrics proceeds.

Precap: No precap.

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