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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Pakhi’s Jealousy

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganapati pooja begins at Chavan nivas. Panditji asks Bhavani who will perform pooja. Bhavani says Virat and Sai will perform Ganapati Bappa’s uttar aarti. Pakhi stands desirous. Vaishali asks Pakhi when she and Samrat perform starting aarti, for what reason are they not performing finishing aarti. Pakhi says Sai is adjusted to grab her right, she deliberately got released from emergency clinic today to get pooja freedoms. Vaishali says this is off-base. Pakhi says she wants to effectively get back her right. She brings seat for Sai and requests that she sit as she should be feel frail. Shivani lets Mohit know that something isn’t right, there is something cooking in Pakhi’s mind or probably for what reason would Pakhi stress for Sai. Mohit says she is correct. Sai says thanks to Pakhi for pondering her and requests that she reclaim seat as she can stand and doesn’t need to affront Baa and older folks by sitting during pooja. Vaishali says as opposed to suspecting so a lot, they ought to get pooja by Pakhi and Samrat as Sai is feeble and shouldn’t strain herself. Bhavani says she can comprehend her anxiety as a her mother girl to stand out enough to be noticed, yet this is their family issue and they will conclude who will perform pooja. Ashwini says Sai crushed demise and won existence with Bappa’s favors and henceforth she ought to perform aarti. Samrat says Ashwini is correct, they think about everybody as equivalent in this house. Omkar mumbles that they don’t consider everybody equivalent in this house. Panditji requests that Sai and Virat approach and perform pooja.

After pooja, Chavan family bring Ganpati icon out singing and moving for visarjan. Nind requests that Virat look for anything he desires in Bappa’s ears. Omkar insults to look for some knowledge for his significant other. Everybody grimace hearing that. Sai says he is correct, she is turning into a specialist and thus requires a ton of knowledge. Everybody grin hearing Sai’s reply. Virat implores Bappa to satisfy Sai’s requests and assuming Sai needs to disappear from him, he ought to satisfy her interest without harming her as he can’t see her in a tough situation. Sai asks Bappa to satisfy Virat’s request as she got a caring aayi/Ashwini on account of Virat, he ought to satisfy Virat’s demand assuming he needs to isolate from her. Pakhi supplicates Bappa to cause Virat to understand that she is a most ideal decision for himself and he committed an error by picking Sai. Samrat asks Bappa to not demonstrate his choice of giving his marriage second change and make it fruitful for his family’s purpose. Virat then, at that point, lifts symbol and inundates in water, performing visarjan.

Chavan family then, at that point, serves prasad to brahmins. Pakhi brings prasad. Bhavani takes prasad from her and lets Sai know that as per family rule, all bahus get ready prasad, yet since Sai didn’t help this year, she should serve prasad. Sai serves prasad to brahmins and takes their endowments. Pakhi consumes in desire and attempts to leave. Vaishali stops her and says he can comprehend her sentiments, Sai took her right. Pakhi says Sai has become everyone’s top pick as she is Virat’s spouse, its amazing to realize that Ashwini is keeping Virat and Sai in discrete rooms. Vaishali asks how might a couple stay independently. Pakhi says they can when there isn’t a spouse and wife’s connection between them.

Virat gets back to his room and cleans up. He envisions Sai grinning behind him and thinks he is missing Sai such a lot of that he is envisioning her all over. He then, at that point, attempts to understand book. Sai strolls to him and waves. He thinks he is wandering off in fantasy land. Sai inquires as to why he is acting peculiarly with her. He asks not to a drag him as he probably is aware she isn’t here. Sai asks what befallen him. He says he is envisioning him like a genuine individual and requests that she leave before he wakes up. She pulls his nose. He inquires as to whether she is genuine. She says OK, for what reason is he acting peculiar, she realizes he can’t endure her. He says he didn’t imply that. She thinks he doesn’t need her to be in his room. He asks why is she here. She says she will go in the event that he disapproves of her. He says she can visit this room at whatever point she needs to, he implied she should rest in the wake of stressing herself entire day. She says she feels cheerful in his room. He thinks if aayi altered her perspective and allowed Sai to come here. Sai asks where is he lost. He causes her to sit and says he wasn’t lost yet was thinking in the event that she will remain again in his room.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that Bhavani requested that they stay in independent rooms, however a couple stay in same room according to his bestfriend Pakhi. She asks how are they related at this point. Pakhi sprinkles pooja water on them uninformed.

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