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Famous Quotes of Eijiro Kirishima from the Anime Series My Hero Academia

Eijiro kirishima is quite popular among the fans of the anime series named ‘My Hero Academia’. Eijiro has a dynamic personality and he often inspires others with his words.

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Everything he said is capable of becoming a quote because of the fact that how popular the character was. In this article we are going to talk about some of the best lines said by this character.

  • “They might be really hurt, we can’t just let them die here”

Other than the rough and tough side, Eijiro also has a soft and compassionate side of his character. This character trait of Eijiro makes it easy for him to mix with people. In this quote, he is talking about someone who is in dire need of help. 


  • “If I don’t act now, forget being a hero, I can’t even be a man”

Eijiro talked about manliness a lot in the anime series. In some of the instances, he performed some of the most daring actions to save people who were close to him. In one of these instances, he said this line. 


  • “One day I will become a hero who can protect everyone”

In his childhood, Eijiro always portrayed him to be a mentally strong kid but he was vulnerable and broken from inside. That is why he always wished to get stronger and said the above quote.


  • “Get harder and become a wall that can never fall”

Throughout the anime series, Eijiro had talked several times about his quirk. Eijiro has  a very low self esteem and that is why he said the above quote.


  • “Instead of small tricks, I need to bulldoze my way through”

Eijiro gets what he wants and we can get inspired by this character trait of his. We have to act like a bulldozer and we need to demolish the problems which are just like roadblocks in our life’s journey, just like Eijiro is saying here.

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