Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update &TV Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Bhim Rao Gets A Case.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

In this scene, Rama embraced Daliya amma for prompting like her mother.

Police came to get the hooligans. Bhim Rao said thanks to the cop and advised the hooligans to never disregard the law. A Barrister secures the law, he could never challenge it if not it will figure the society.

Ramji and Puranjan were going towards the fishpond. Joshi halted them as the business has finished, there was a great deal of wreck subsequently it was given to another person. Joshi excused their obligation, Ramji and Puranjan were free. They mentioned for another work; it was their critical need. Joshi requested that they walk the truck however was denied. Joshi left. Puranjan was stressed, Ramji chose to work at a similar spot as Anand. They considered his chief kind who named Anand notwithstanding knowing his station. Puranjan and Ramji went there.

Barrister applied the medication on his injury. Bhim Rao aske on the off chance that he could apply, Barrister requested that he stay away. Bhim Rao would not touch him however utilize a paper all things considered. He collapsed a piece of paper, applied medication on Barrister’s wound. Bhim Rao was approached to pick a blue record. Attorney needed to know about Bhim Rao would look for a new position or not. The record was Barrister’s new case. Attorney comprehended that Bhim Rao was brilliant, approached him to zero in looking into the issue and discover an answer. Bhim Rao had endured a great deal, he never considered leaving the workplace. He vowed to work give his best to the case, said thanks to Barrister for excusing him and for relegating him a case. He took the record and left.

Anand was working, his director came and gave him prasad. Anand needed to take it since the director didn’t think about his rank. Puranjan and Ramji saw him, Puranjan thought of him as an honorable man who didn’t separate between the ranks. Ramji and Puranjan came and mentioned him for a task. Puranjan argued for work. Sethji asked about their rank. Puranjan informed that he had a place with the lower rank. Sethji got chafed, requested that Anand send them away. Sethji left. Puranjan was confounded, Ramji requested that Anand send them away. What’s more, mentioned Ramji to leave. Cash has changed Ramji and Anand’s caste.

Bhim Rao reviewed his endeavors to turn into a Barrister and Bhimabai’s dream. He sat in a corner and cried. Rama came. She asked what stressed Bhim Rao. In his adolescence, Bhim Rao contend with Ramji on the grounds that he saw a Barrister in a dark coat and afterward wore a dark blanket. Following day Bhimabai was gazing at the dark blanket, Bala addressed. Bhimabai said that she didn’t know whether Bhim Rao could at any point have the option to turn into a Barrister and wear a dark coat. on the off chance that he turned into a Barrister, it would be Bhimabai’s greatest achievement. Today, Bhim Rao was alloted a review a case, it was his initial step, however Bhimabai wasn’t here. Rama reassured her, said that Bhimabai has been watching him as a star. She might want Bhim Rao crying.

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