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DART Mission is Launched by NASA to Save the Planet

Exactly at 10:21 PM PT with the help of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket DART mission is launched by NASA. Double Asteroid Redirection Test popularly known by the abbreviated form DART is launched with the goal of destroying an asteroid in space that is coming towards our planet Earth.

After nine minutes of the launch, the booter which propelled the rocket to space returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists of NASA now have to wait for the acquisition of a signal which will let all of us know that DART is safe and on the righteous path.

It can be a new way to save the planet of ours and the moonlet that is used to dodge the asteroid is called Dimorphous. This piece of rock known as Didymos possesses no threat to our planet but space scientists have spotted that another big asteroid is coming directly towards earth which can leave a huge kinetic impact after the collision.

DART Mission is Launched by NASA to Save the Planet

DART Is launched as a test run of a planet-saving operation. The ion thrusters attached with the DART will speed it up. In a Livestream during the launch, Denton Gibson who is associated with the NASA launch services said that the event will occur in September 2022 and the approximate speed is going to be 15000 miles per hour.

To describe the speed he said, “That’s like going from New York City to Los Angeles in less than the blink of an eye.” The result of this mission will help Earth to avoid asteroids in the future after detecting one.

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