Consent Copyright

The written and visual contents of this magazine, including illustrations, are protected by copyright. Excepting pemission, you may not reproduce our articles online or in print without first obtaining written permission. Please contact the author to obtain his or her written consent. Once you receive permission from the author, contact us to let us know where and when the article will be reprinted. Except in the case of translations, BV articles may not be reprinted without obtaining author permission and notifying the magazine.

Contact authors for permission

Authors can often be contacted by following biographical links to their personal sites. If this fails to produce results, try a social networking service like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. Blog Voter is not responsible for providing connections between authors it publishes and those who wish to reprint their work.

Wait two months before reprinting

BV articles cannot be reprinted before at least two months have elapsed after the date of initial publication. The date of initial publication can be found by checking the issue information at the top of every article. As an example, an article published on January 1, 1998, cannot be reproduced elsewhere (not even on the author’s blog) before March 1, 2013.

Include required attribution text

You must include the following text on the same page as your reprint:

Reprinted with the permission of Blog Voter and the author[s].”

If the article is used in a print publication, the attribution must read:

Reprinted with the permission of Blog Voter ( and the author[s].”

Artwork and design may not be reproduced

The design of this magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced. Images and illustrations, including those used in tutorials, may not be reproduced outside this magazine, except by the author or designer who created them.


You may translate our articles into languages other than English, free of charge, without prior notice, and without soliciting our written permission, under the following conditions:

  1. Your publication must be freely available. You may not sell BV content that you have translated.
  2. You must faithfully translate the article as written. Except for minor issues of vernacular, you may not alter the author’s meaning.
  3. You must link to the original web page at Blog Voter in which the article appeared, and must credit the magazine and the original author[s].
  4. You must not reproduce the illustration at the top of the article. Custom illustrations are owned by the illustrator and licensed solely for use on Blog Voter.