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Choti Sardarni Written Update Episode 16th October 2021 – Sukhi Kills Herself

Choti Sardarni 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Nimi’s mother says your mother is asking kindly get back home. Please we as a whole need you to return home. They constrain her. Nimi gestures. Seher says would you say you are certain Nimi? I trust you’re not under tension. Nimi is quiet. Seher thinks of her number on paper and says call me in case there is any issue. Seher asys in the event that you do anything amiss with Nimi I will not regard you. Nimi embraces Seher. Seher is concerned for Nimi. She says I need to watch out for them.

Scene 2

BAdi bi returns home. Harshdeep says gave the reports to Param and Karan? WHy give them pressure? Badi bi says I cautioned them as it were. You’re there to offer strain to individuals. Harshdeep says you don’t have to stress. I will give this child such a lot of affection. Badi bi says any mother adores her kid like Seher would cherish her child. Cruel is furious. Badi bi says regardless you do Seher will be called his mom. You can never be a mother. Unforgiving hits her with the moving pin and says sorry I did it accidentally. Badi bi says this blood has Gill family’s salt and I will not allow you to have it.

Scene 2

Seher calls Rajveer and says where right? He says was searching for Nimi’s folks. Seher says they came here. Rajveer says I need to return. Seher says why? He says we need to return. I have a meeting. Seher says would i be able to remain here for certain days? You can return after your meeting. You can return tomorrow. He says deal with yourself. Seher says you stay safe as well.

Seher ponders Nimi. She calls her however her telephone is off. The house keeper says Rajveer sir sent this juice for yourself and this letter. Seher peruses my dead Tusnami drink this juice with bread rolls. It gets cold. Wear the cover and on the off chance that you miss me there’s my photograph in the wardrobe. Seher sees their photograph. She grins. Seher reviews her minutes with Rajveer. she peruses there are genuine lions here to lock the entryway. Seher says I am grieved that I lied. I will let you know everything. I need to discover what’s up with Nimi.

Around evening time, a young lady bounces off the scaffold in the waterway.

Scene 3

Param and Karan get a bail.

Param calls Seher adn says where right? For what reason didn’t you inform us concerning the outing? Karan says we were concerned. Seher says dida amazed us with this outing. This spot is so beautiful. No commotion, I am partaking in my personal time here. Param says where is Raj? She says he needed to go for a meeting. He will be here.

The locals bring natural products for Seher. They say we are cheerful you’re here. Rajveer? Seher says he will come soon. Seher says come in. THey say no there’s a burial service. We need to go there. Seher says where? They say a young lady did a self destruction. Seher is stunned. She contemplates Nimi.

Param and Karan call badi bi. They tell her Seher is OK. Nothing to stress over. Badi bi says there’s something. Param and Karan say how about we eat. Truly eager. They see a dead body going. They ask individuals. They say it was a young lady, she did self destruction.

Seher goes to the burial service. She sees the young lady. It’s Sukhi. Her mother cries and says for what reason did you do this Sukhi? Seher says it was a similar young lady Nimi was talking as well. They said our story is something similar. Her mother cries and says it’s all my shortcoming. It’s your family’s slip-up. On the off chance that that didn’t occur my girl will not have offed herself. Seher says for what reason would she say she is accusing herself? Seher asks that lady what befell Sukhi? For what reason did she commit suicide? She says my Sukhi.. Her sibling says mother we should go from here. He takes her inside. Seher is befuddled. Seher says these imprints occur in pregnancy. Seher sees Nimi. Nimi flees.

Scene closes.

Precap-Seher asks Nimi who did this to Sukhi? For what reason did she commit suicide? What befell you? Soemone begins breaking the house they’re in with a crane.

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