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Choti Sardarni Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Choti Sardarni 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer asks do you at any point know ky most loved shading? Seher is befuddled. She says blue? You’re eating it. No? Red? Beige jeans? He says no. Seher says I don’t even realize that, she’s envisioning. She says Raj isn’t even here. His creative mind asks do you know my cherished film? Seher says ddlj? He says no. You don’t know my birthday, most loved shading or film. Also, you say you love me. Seher says I love you yet.. he’s not there.

Rajveer comes seriously. Sehrr thinks it’s fixation. She says as much you are back? I don’t know your beloved tone or natural product or anything. I want to know it all. Your preferences disdains. I’m so sorry I never attempted to know it. Rajveer expresses what are you saying? It is safe to say that you are alright? Seher says you’ll vanish again and pose another inquiry. Return without a doubt. I miss you. She embraces him. Seher reviews her minutes with Rajveer. Rajveer says you’re seeing my fantasies with open eyes? Shock. Seher says this is genuine rajveer. What did I say before him. Did he discover that I.. I need to relax. Rajveer meets dida. Rajveer takes a gander at Seher and says she needs to know everything about me. Rajveer says Seher I.. seher says I.. seher sees cotton on his shoulder. Rajveer says cotton, those children waved it at me.

Scene 2
The kids sit tight for Seher. The gatekeeper shows gilori video of Seher asking kids inquiries. He says if camera wasn’t there, they probably told her beginning and end. Would it be a good idea for us to rebuff them? Gilori says this young lady will come back once more. She has an uncertainty now. Rebuffing the children won’t do anything now. we need to do super durable treatment of this problem.

Scene 3
Seher asks Rajveer what’s your beloved occasion place? He says Jhoomri talaya. Seher says quit kidding. He says whizzes don’t advise these subtleties to fans. She says stop it. He says it’s the asme as yours. Moscow City. Seher says how would you know my beloved occasion objective? He says I read it in your eyes. your cherished food is saag, your beverage is latte. Your cherished film is DDLJ and main tune is machine di chada. Seher gets enthusiastic. Rajveer expresses what was the deal? Lioness doesn’t cry. Seher says how would you know such a huge amount about me? You possibly know so a lot in the event that you love somebody for long. Rajveer says in heart I have cherished you as long as I have known. Rajveer grins. He says nothing.

Rajveer says Seher.. All my cherished food is here. Let’s eat. Harshdeep says I got it made however Seher will cause you to eat it. Unforgiving says my hands aren’t broken. Harshdeep says awful joke. Harshdeep says you’re arranging a child. You ought to be close. There are 5 detects. Your adoration is deficient until you get to the base of these five detects. Harshdeep says Seher cause Raj to eat and Raj will make you eat. Raj says yet.. Seher says continue to sit. I will cause you to eat with my hands. Seher makes Rajveer eat. The melody mein taa tere naal plays. Rajveer makes Seher eat. The two of them grin together. Rajveer hacks. Seher gives him water. The house keeper takes a gander at them and grins. Rajveer makes Seher eat. Rajveer says would you like to say anything? Seher says nothing. Seher asks am I your closest companion? He says OK. Most elite. Seher says do you have another closest companion? He says no you. Seher smiles.

Rajveer goes to his room and moves. He hits the dance floor with the pad. Seher says as much I am as yet his closest companion? So he doesn’t love me? Is it accurate to say that we are more than dearest companions? How might I clear this disarray? Rajveer says she cherishes me. My uneven love is compeleted. I will admit my adoration to her. seher I love you. He runs with the flowers.

Seher comes in. The blossoms fall on Seher. the melody sanson ko sanson mein plays. Seher grins at Rajveer. Rajveer says I first. Seher says first me. HE says me first. He says women first. rajveer says the person who adored first will say it. I fell head over heels for you first. Rajveer bows down. Rajveer says I fell head over heels for you from the outset. I made you my reality. Prior to making you my companion, I was infatuated with you. I realized you were somebody else’s yet I love you. Also, see God’s plan. You’re mine now. Seher says shut up. She’s stunned. Rajveer expresses what was the deal? Seher says you cheat. you dramatization. This was all your theatrics. This was a snare. Seher says no please. she says cherished me prior to being my companion. That’s why you were after me. No big surprise that industrial facility fire, you returning to my life, Kunal missing, us getting hitched, it was all your arrangement since you needed to get me. Seher cries. Rajveer says that’s not the case Seher. She says it is. Rajveer says you’re failing to understand the situation. Seher says assuming you adored me why didn’t you tell me? Would you like to say since the time you met me, it was all occurrence? We got hitched on account of the conditions or your arrangement? I confided in you the most and you made meextremely upset and trust. Rajveer says no Seher.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher reviews Omkar’s sonnet. Seher says they are kept hidden. Those children were claiming to be content. I need to proceed to save those children. Rajveer says I will go with you. Seher says why can’t I go alone?

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