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Choti Sardarni Episode Written Update 25th October 2021 – Kulwant Kaur To Come Back

Choti Sardarni 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher calls the administrator and inquires as to whether he can discover the location and who sent the letter? He says this PO box number is from a desserted place. He tells the street. Seher says is there an orphange there as well? She reviews the child waving at her. Seher says it resembles a kid’s composing. Seher says something is wrong.

Scene 2
The kids say our letter has gone to Baba ji. Presently they will send us help. We will be liberated from this prison. Nobody will hit us. They dance. The superintendent comes in. She hits them and expresses what commotion is this? You thought you need assistance? You disrupted my guidelines? Need opportunity right? Accompany me. She requests that all children say bye to him. The child cries. He says for what reason would you say you are requesting that they say bye to me? She says in light of the fact that they’re seeing you once and for all. Presently you will go to the dull room. The child says if it’s not too much trouble, excuse me. Omkar says kindly pardon me. All children say kindly pardon Omkar. Gilori Tai hauls Omkar out. She says currently let me show you something new. She shoveshim on the floor. The watchman says there’s a rich lady outside. She needs to give and give toys. She envelops Omkar by a blanket.

Seher comes in the workplace. A young lady goes to her. Gilori tai prepared them and requested that they claim to be content. She said don’t attempt to act brilliant. Or on the other hand I will toss you in the stove. Seher asks the young lady are you and the children cheerful here/The children embrace Gilori Tai. She says we will eat with you. Seher sees them. she says you keep them so well. They all look so cheerful. They love you. Seher says I got them gifts. Gilori says they’re my life. Seher says kids see what I got you. Seher gives them gifts.

Omkar emerges from the cover. Omkar sees Seher and says baba’s holy messenger is here to save us. He attempts to unfasten himself. He runs out. Seher gives gifts to the children. Seher asks a young lady when do you each chocolates? She says never. gilori says she doesn’t like desserts. Omkar comes and says you came? Seher reviews him.

Scene 3
Badi bi asks Ramila for what good reason did Tricky send you the message? Ramila says you should realize that. Badi bi says I know it. How did you deal with my Tricky? Unforgiving says she’s behaving like we terrified him and called him with frightening voices. Badi bi says how could you alarm my Tricky. Cruel says badi bi turn down the volume. Ramila says Badi bi we terrified your Harsh. He’s terrified as a result of us. You can’t demonstrate anything. You don’t have a proof. Brutal snickers. Ramila says as much gather your sacks and leave. Brutal says let us see you off. Badi bi says you are committing an enormous error by controlling Seher. Be that as it may, presently I will bring somebody who will be a mass of metal before you. She will battle with you. A lady takes a gander at Seher’s photograph in a psychological assylum. it’s Kulwant Kaur. She says brilliant ji awesome. She shouts and says Meher..

Scene 4
Seher asks Omkar for what valid reason would you say you are garments messy and these injuries? Your ears are red as well. Tell me. Gilori is terrified. A child says he is extremely underhanded. He plays the entire day. He tumbled from the tree. Seher hacks. Gilo goes to get water. seher inquires as to whether something wrong is going on there. Seher says I’m here to help you. Did you compose this letter? Tell me, I will deal with everything. They take a gander at the camera. Seher says tell me. The young lady says no we didn’t compose it. Seher asks Omkar did you compose it? Did you get this injury by tumbling from the tree or is it something different? Children request that he say no. He checks out the camera and says no I didn’t compose it and I tumbled from the tree. Gilori comes and says thank you Seher for the gifts and money. Children need to rest now. Seher says I adored gathering you kids. She leaves. Omkar says stand by didi.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher calls Rajveer and says when will you return? The room is designed. Seher expresses what’s going on here? He says an extremely uncommon day. Badi bi comes to meet Kulwant. the superintendent says she assaults any individual who goes to meet her. Kulwant beats a lady before badi bi.

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