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Choti Sardarni 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher and rajveer drink milk. Seher says my head is shaking. Rajveer says mine as well. He says you continue to battle. Seher says you battle. He says we are both tired. They lay on bed. Seher says for what reason is everything shaking. He says in adjusts. The two of them break their glasses.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana say mummy ji your girl is in trouble.

Harshdee’s men come in. They say did you blend the medication in the lassi? They call Harshdeep and says the two of them blacked out. would it be a good idea for us to begin? She says yes.

Bitu and Rana say mummy ji would you be able to tune in? She says I am not hard of hearing. I can tune in. She hits them.

The men give Seher and Rajveer infusion. They tell Harshdeep they will be super drawn to one another. They will need to bond with one another. Rajveer wakes up and says Seher you’re such a lovely witch. She says you resemble a keen swank monkey with lipsticks. He says your lips are pink as well. She says I dracula teeth as well. Rajveer approaches her. Seher touches his face. the tune lahu slack gaya plays.

Seher wears her nighty. Rajveer embraces her and kisses her from the back. He takes her to the bed. Rajveer and Seher come close.

The specialist says to Harsh subsequent to getting cognizant, they won’t recall that anything. Harshdeep says very much done. I rule people’s destiny. I realize where to drive their lives. Nobody can prevent me from getting what I want.

Scene 3
Seher says Rajveer sun.. close the blind. He says leave my hand first. They get up. Rajveer says when did we rest? Seher says we had lassi and afterward we dozed. We were so drained. Seher sees flashback of approaching him. she says I am envisioning it. Rajveer says pass me towel. Rajveer says in heart what am I envisioning. Rajveer drinks water. Seher expresses what was the deal? He says my head harms. Seher says do you have fever. He says I am alright. Seher says I don’t realize what is he thinking. Rajveer says let me get fresh.

Scene 4
Everyone searches for Kuldeep. Bitu and Rana say mummy ji is insane. She will accomplish something insane and we will be gotten. Rana expresses what will we do now? Bitu says where could she go?

Kulwant runs on the streets and says you will hurt my little girl? I will kill you. A man says bebe if it’s not too much trouble, agree with a particular position. She says can yuo drop me? He says sure. She pushes him the farm truck and flees with his tractor.

Scene 5
Seher and Rajveer tie his turban. The tune milay ho tum humko plays. Seher says I remember all that you said the previous evening and did. He expresses what? Seher says you said I am fat. He says I didn’t. You’re so thin. You are light as a plume. Seher says demonstrate it. He says I can pick and show you. She says shut. He pursues her. Rajveer falls on Seher. Seher says for what reason do I feel like Rajveer is the piece of me now?

Kulwant is coming. Harshdeep plays drum. She says set up the agreement. The legal advisor says would you say you are certain? She says OK I am. She says I need everything clear on the agreement. Kulwant says I am coming. Harshdeep says compose, in case there is any difficulty during conveyance, the child ought to be saved rather than Seher. Sign Rajveer’s signature. He says yet this is Seher’s demise warrant.

Seher prepares. Kulwant is coming. Seher says you’re a piece of me. I realize that. I can feel it.

Episode ends

Precap-Kulwant comes to Rajveer’s house and says where is my girl? Cruel says Kulwant Kaur. The watchmen stop her. Seher says leave her.

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