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Choti Sardarni 27th October 2021

Choti Sardarni 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramila puts oil on the steps. She says now Seher will break her leg and realize she ought to never screw with me.

Badi bi ganders at Kulwant and says her condition is genuinely awful. The medical attendant says I gave her an infusion to quiet her down. Kulwant says my Meher is alive. I know that.

Ramila shouts. Seher rushes to her. Kulwant says something awful will occur. I won’t let anything happen to you Meher. If it’s not too much trouble, have favors on my young lady. She cries and attempts to go out. Kulwant supplicates. Ramila claims to tumble from steps. Seher runs first floor. Kulwant continues to supplicate. Seher gets a call and stops. She is going to come first floor. Unforgiving sees oil and stops her. Seher comes first floor cautiously. Seher says mausi ji would you say you are alright? Unforgiving reviews herself tumbling from steps. She says get up mausi ji. Seher says would she say she is alright? Ramila says how could I come here? I may have fainted.

Harsh takes Ramila to the room and says let me fix it. You did this show. Cruel brings oil and says you put it on steps. Why? For what reason did you need seher to fall? seher says let me get her water. Cruel says don’t you know how significant would she say she is to me? Ramila says I retaliate for my discourtesy. Brutal says nobody can hurt her till I’m alive. Seher brings water. Unforgiving says she attempted to kill you and you’re giving her water? Sehrr says you should have a misjudge. Brutal says no it cleared. She says gather your sacks and leave. Seher says dida please. Brutal says you sound be grateful that I’m requesting that you take off from the house. It were something different I would request that they leave the world. You’ve half and hour.

Scene 3
Rajveer calls Seher and says would you say you are alright? I felt like you were in a difficult situation. Seher lets him know everything. Seher says my dad consistently knew whether mother was in a difficult situation. He said such association is there between two individuals who love one another. Two hearts and one heartbeat. Rajveer says in heart would she say she is enamored with me? No she just thinks of me as her companion. Seher says thank you for continually being there for me. Return before long please. I can’t stand by any longer. Rajveer says she sounds changed.

Ramila is going out. She says you got this force and status as a result of me. You ought to be embarrassed. The mausi who gave you safe house and backing in your most noticeably terrible occasions, you’re showing me out? For that young lady? Cruel says she’s my DIL. Ramila says you can’t be faithful to anybody. I’m taking every one of your mysteries and I will uncover them all. Brutal says to worker take her stuff. She says mausi ji, the hands with such a lot of blood aren’t frightened of another homicide. Don’t even take Seher’s name until she gives me my sonu.

Scene 4
Badi bi meet bitu and rana and says that brutal is seher’s foe. She says Harah is utilizing seher to get her kid. Just kulwant can save seher. Bity says yet you know her condition. Badi bi says you need to attempt. Brutal is a cunning lady. No other person can battle her with the exception of kulwant. Rana says however she is old at this point. Badi bi says she’s still a lioness. This is about Seher. Meher’s girl. Won’t you do that for her?

Scene 5
Omkar says let’s open the gifts. We may find the angel’s number. The other child says however Gilori took every one of the gifts. Omkar says she should be snoozing. They sneak in and attempt to track down a number. Omkar says baba ji will give us another chnace. Another child says as much another heavenly messenger? Rajveer drives past. The children wave at him.

Seher asks workers for what good reason such cleaning? Due to diwali? The workers say no. It’s rajveer’s birthday tomorrow. Cruel expresses what are you giving him? Tomorrow is the greatest day. Seher says in heart I didn’t even know. Seher says I’m arranging it. Seher goes to the room and says how should I not know? Rajveer is in the room. He says when did you trick in adoration with me? Seher is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer says to Seher I have been enamored with you since I saw you. Seher says shut up. It was your trap.

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