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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aao offending Chiku. Nupur shields Chiku and cries. They embrace. Nupur asks Aai not to utilize wrong words for Chiku. She placates Chiku. Chiku goes. Nupur contends with Aai. Chiku says everything is going on amiss with Nupur. Milind asks where is Nupur. He goes to Nupur and inquires as to for what reason are you crying. He welcomes Naresh and Abha. Aai says this is my childhood, perceive how Nupur contended with me, and how my child is treating you. Milind asks Naresh and Abha not to mind Aai’s words. He gets water for them. He asks how did this occur. Chiku sits crying in her room. She says this is a result of my misfortune, Nupur and her folks needed to get insulted.

She says how much will they endure as a result of me. Naresh apologizes to Milind. Nupur says I didn’t effectively make you embarrassed, I didn’t foul up, don’t apologize, whatever happened is for an explanation, what’s going on for me perhaps appropriate for you. Aai says you can’t overlook the feelings, you are prepared to leave us for a more unusual, you were rarely our own, Nupur and this young lady are hanging around for four days, you can take them with you assuming you need today itself. She says my child has given you that house in cause, your right on that house will end now, you have confidence, you will abandon that house, right Nupur. She reprimands Nupur.

Kamini grins. Aai says you can trap Milind in the most natural sounding way for you, not me, I won’t let anybody utilize my child. Milind says if it’s not too much trouble, stop it Aai. He is sorry to Naresh and Abha. Aai says I won’t let them use you. She allows them two days time. She says I need that house cleared in two days, you can go to any chawl or street, else police will empty that house, I don’t care in the event that you get pounded by police. Milind and Nupur stress. Chiku says Milind will deal with everything, I will take a brief trip and see. Aarav and Nivaan ask her how could she come inside the house. She says Milind got me here, he won’t let leave. They request that she bet. She says fine. Milind says its off-base, where will they go. Aai says you aren’t ready to see anything, I won’t let them take anything. Nupur says we will take off from your home always, allow us a few days time. The children look on. Aarav says you need to lose now Chiku. Nupur gets bleary eyed. Milind says stand by, I will converse with Aai. He holds her. She says this perhaps my arrangement, avoid me. Milind says nobody will take off from this house. Chiku says we won’t go. Aai affronts Nupur’s guardians and shows their status. Abha says sufficient now, we have heard it a great deal, we are not vs, we have less cash, however we are wealthy in reasoning, person’s genuine resource is his high reasoning, not cash, sorry, your reasoning is tiny, else you can’t affront a kid before parents.

She says thanks to Milind for giving them a rooftop. She favors him. She says I need to keep Savitri’s words, we will take Nupur with us today. Nupur embraces Abha. Kamini says she is chiding Aai and Milind is simply hearing it. Aai requests that Milind see them, how might he regard Nupur’s mum. She says you better keep them with you, I will take off from this house and go. He says you are the establishment of this house, you can’t leave, you will remain here. He says Nupur, I won’t endure in the event that anybody affronts my mum. Nupur says we can regard somebody until somebody doesn’t ruin their confidence, my folks didn’t affront anybody, they just ensured their regard, Aai had called us hoodlums, thieves and extortion, my folks are my pride, I can’t let it break, whatever occurs, can’t you perceive how Aai was offending them. He asks what’s up did I do that this is going on with me, I m simply enduring this. She says its my desire. She chooses to leave. Chiku cries. Nupur requests that she come. Aarav says you lost, you need to go. Shashi looks on. Nupur blacks out. Everybody holds her.

Nupur and Chiku see Payal’s pic and talk. Chiku says I need this family to join together. Shashi sees her wearing Payal’s pendant and responds. She asks what happened to you.

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