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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Subodh And Kamini’s Evil Plan

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Subodh making Milind drink before the puja times. Everybody is hanging tight for Milind. Nupur stresses. Chiku says Milind will come, relax. Subodh gets Kamini’s message and leaves. He goes to Aai and falsehoods. Milind comes down the stairs in an inebriated state. Aai sees him and stresses. She admonishes Nupur and requests that she leave the puja. Chiku goes to her room. She gets an arrangement and goes to Milind. Aai conciliates Milind and requests that he return to detects, up to that point she will not converse with him. She requests that he recall, assuming he can’t handle the circumstance, the circumstance controls him. Chiku goes into Milind’s space to toss out the wine bottles. Milind comes. She says I stayed faithful to my commitment that I will not show my face, I have covered my face by a veil. He inquires as to for what reason did you come here. She says I have confessed all the room. He says another person will accomplish the work. She says you got chastened by your mum, so you have an awful mind-set, and a headache. He says I asked you not to utilize this word. She says I asked you not to drink. He requests that she leave. Nupur comes and asks him not to act seriously with Chiku.

They contend. Chiku says I m fine. Nupur requests that she go out. She asks what’s happening with you. He faults her for it. Chiku says they got into a battle as a result of me, the issue here is of that liquor, I will discard every one of the containers, where are the jugs. She goes to discover. Nupur says you had guaranteed Payal that you won’t ever drink, you had broken the guarantee. He says I just broke one guarantee, don’t have the foggiest idea the number of did you break. She requests that he have water. He declines. She says I will knead your head. He says stop your theatrics, you could do without me. She says fine, you don’t accept my words, investigate my eyes, our fellowship is since 12 years. Chiku figures how might I go in Subodh’s room. Subodh and Kamini drink. He adulates her arrangement. She says we need to make Milind frail and alone, we need to show Nupur and Chiku the exit from the house. Somebody taps Chiku.

Nupur says we have never allowed our connection to self-destruct, what has happened now. Milind says that is past now, I need to continue on. She says you will pass on me and need to continue on. He asks what’s your concern, what is our connection, is there anything left. Kitni baatein… plays… He says we have no connection left presently, don’t hinder in my life’s choices. He leaves.

Aarav and Nivaan ask Chiku what is she going. She says nothing, I m a major devotee of your mum and father, they stay in style consistently. They grin. Aarav says we are rich individuals, so we will act like rich. Chiku says then your folks would drink also, right. Nivaan inquires as to for what reason are you getting some information about them. Aarav asks are you spying. They point the air rifles at her. She flees. Kamini asks what’s going on. Aarav says we made that spy away, Chiku was meandering here.

Kamini asks what was she inquiring. Aarav says she was adulating a ton, she posed an interesting inquiry, do you drink liquor. Subodh conceals the wine glass. Nivaan says we frightened her and make her run off. Kamini gives them toffees and sends them. Subodh says I will see that young lady. Kamini says quiet down, there perhaps many reasons that she is searching for wine. He asks what reason. She says I will make it an explanation. Kamini goes to the kitchen. Nupur sends the nourishment for Chiku. Kamini spills water on Nupur. Nupur goes to change. Kamini reprimands the worker. She requests that he proceed to tidy up her room. She causes Chiku to hear the discussions. Chiku goes into Kamini’s room and says I won’t leave any jug here. She takes all the liquor bottles in a sack. She says I m not taking, I m doing this to help Milind. She takes the jugs to the next room and stows away. Everybody eats. Kamini says I failed to remember my telephone in the room. She returns. She sees Chiku there and yells. Chiku gets strained.


Aai requests that Nupur remove the young lady. Milind additionally asks something very similar. Nupur takes Chiku with her. Milind sits drinking.

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