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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kamini saying Milind couldn’t persuade Chiku to leave. Subodh says we couldn’t make that young lady away. She says I have a reinforcement plan, its chance to utilize ace in the hole, how much cash do we have. He says 2.5 crores, why. She says I need all the cash. He asks what are you saying, Milind has all the control, assuming we lose this cash, I need to beseech him for drinks. She says contribute 2.5 crores to get venture of 2500 crores, I will probably kill that Payal. He says fine, I trust your shrewd psyche, I m with you. She says pass on it to me now. Its morning, Kamini requests that the men enrich the house soon. Chiku looks on. She says Kamini is chiding them. Kamini chides the worker. Aarav and Nivaan say Dadi orders silver utensils consistently. She says I will arrange it, proceed to play. Chiku says I m sure that Kamini doesn’t know at least something about puja. She sees Milind sitting tragic. She searches for Nupur. She says she perhaps sitting in her room and thinking about her legend. Shashi grins. Aai requests that Kamini request any utensils she needs. Chiku says Aai is miserable, she is coming here, we need to begin our arrangement now, your grin is acceptable. She goes. Aai comes to Shashi. She requests that he have food.

She asks are you furious. Chiku comes and says I know why he isn’t eating, I have seen him, he felt pitiful when Nupur’s guardians got tragic and left. Aai requests that she leave. Chiku says sorry, I have seen Shashi crying. Aai gets some information about my better half. Chiku says I m saying valid. He gestures. She says I have a smart thought to take care of him the food. Aai says I m not your Dadi. Chiku says fine, you are Aarav and Nivaan’s Dadi. Aai asks what were you saying. Chiku tells her plan.

She says we will call Nupur’s guardians today and embrace them, then, at that point, Shashi will be cheerful. Aai says its an ill-conceived notion, this won’t occur. Chiku says I will take care of Shashi, he can have the food if he enjoys my thought. She requests that Shashi have food. He eats the food. Chiku says he had the food, its simply a thought, its your desire. She goes grinning. She goes to Nupur. Nupur says I will wear this yellow saree assuming you need, we will go to sanctuary for the puja, prepare. Chiku says no, you aren’t fine, you can’t go out, do the puja at home. Nupur doesn’t tune in. Chiku thinks how to persuade her. Kamini educates the worker. Aai comes and says inform him regarding jalebi and rasmalai likewise, I m speculation to welcome your folks in this puja. Kamini says you think a ton for me. Aai says I was thinking to welcome Nupur’s guardians too. Kamini inquires as to for what reason would you like to get offended. She thinks this can’t occur. Chiku requests that Shashi give her a good thought to prevent Nupur from going to the sanctuary. He signs her and shows the thermometer. Chiku asks do you have fever, how might I check. He signs no. She asks who has the fever then, at that point. He signs towards her. She says I don’t have fever, I m in pressure, goodness I have fever, gotten, what a smart thought. She goes to Nupur. She lies that she has a lot of fever. Nupur makes her rest. Chiku says we need to go to sanctuary, its fine, we will go. Nupur says no, simply rest. She goes to Milind’s space to get the kada bottle. Milind comes. Nupur slips. He holds her. Tum na hue….plays… Chiku grins seeing them.

Sai tells about Chiku and her friend’s plan to join the family.

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