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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Milind reviewing Kamini’s words. He requests that Chiku leave from their lives and not tell Nupur. She gets stunned and asks what are you saying. He says Nupur dealt with you, take off from the house and go for the good of we, what are you figuring, I will make plans for you, I will converse with Reema, police won’t get you, you simply go. She cries. She asks what will occur by this. He says you have seen our family separating, we lost Payal, I don’t need the whole family to get isolated, Nupur is obstinate, she won’t leave you, in the event that you go, she will return to me, you are the justification for our partition. Chiku expresses profound gratitude to show me this way of joining Nupur and you, I can effectively join you both, I will take off from the house. He says sorry Chiku, I have no real way to save my messed up family, you need our family to get together, then, at that point, you simply disappear. She says I will disappear, take me home once, I will express profound gratitude to Nupur and embrace her once and for all. He says you need to go from here itself, immediately. She asks how might I go without expressing gratitude toward her. He says you record a glad voice message for Nupur, you will tell her that you met your mummy, you are content with her. He says individuals call you side of the road, since you don’t know your folks, will you let Nupur know that you met your mum and you are cheerful. He shows her the message lines. Chiku says I can’t go this way, I love her a ton. He yells enough, what do you mean, you said you can do anything for us, you lied and did a drama.

She says I will take off from the house, however I can’t do without meeting Nupur, I can’t lie to her, she instructed me that taking and lying isn’t right. He chides her. He says you are narrow minded, you don’t need to unite us. He requests that she disappear. She says I m sorry that I can’t consent to you, I guarantee, I won’t tell this to Nupur. He says you additionally fail to remember what I said, I won’t successfully help you. She cries. They return. Chiku goes to Shashi and says everybody affronts me, you know why, since I have no family, Milind requested that I take off from this house to save this family from breaking, do you think, I m the justification behind this. He signs no. She says it implies you don’t think along these lines, yet for what reason does Milind think in this way, he is a legend, he can fix everything, else who will do. He signs towards her. She asks how might I do it, I can’t do this, everybody despises me here, they don’t need to converse with me, who will help me. He signs he will help. She asks will you help. He gestures and grins. She asks truly, will you help me, much obliged, I will do everything now. She wipes his tears. She says I guarantee, I will attempt to make everything fine here before I leave, we are one group now. He grins. She embraces him. She says thanks to Bappa. She implores. She says I was glad when Milind said I got my genuine mum, I was sitting tight during the current day, make me meet my genuine mum once, I will track down my genuine mum presently, help me please. She cries.

Sai tells about Chiku’s uncommon companion coming to assist her with joining the family.

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