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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th October 2021

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Mandira expressing profound gratitude Kamini for halting me, my disarray is clear now, Nupur is still in Milind’s life. She leaves. Aai asks what’s this Milind. He says Nupur planned to remain here for 30 days, still 5 days are left, she is unwell, she will remain here. Kamini contends. Aai chides Milind and tells her choice. She says Nupur can’t come here. He says I need to help Nupur for humankind. They contend. Nupur says no, I will leave. Milind says you will remain here, you said you simply have your regard, utilize your inflexibility in future, its my choice that you will remain here. He requests that Aai regard her words, she requested that he choose for family and business. Shashi signs yes to him. Milind thinks essentially father concurred with me. Nupur asks where is Chiku. Chiku comes. Milind says you can come inside. Milind and Chiku take Nupur to the room. He says I won’t let you be in this state. Nupur says I realize you are incredible, yet I will deal with myself. He says fine, I have left you here at this point. Chiku and Milind joke about Nupur’s anger.

Nupur requests that Milind take a brief trip and see his eyes, he is likewise furious, she doesn’t need his approval. He says fine, center around what I m doing. Chiku says he is correct, assuming you go with me, and get blacking out, I can’t handle you, I can’t deal with you, Milind handles you like a saint. Kaka gets Nupur and Chiku’s packs and prescriptions. Milind requests that Nupur have prescriptions. Chiku says I will deal with her now. He says I m calling the specialist toward the beginning of the day. He goes. Chiku behaves like him and chuckles. Nupur grins. Aai comes and says you are hanging around for 5 days. She reproves her a great deal and says you fell in my eyes. Chiku requests that she quit reproving Nupur. Aai says I will uncover you both before Milind, coming 5 days will be terrible for you, its my promise.

Its morning, Nupur and Chiku share the dry bread. Milind eats for Nupur and says you are my obligation, eat. She says I don’t need to turn into your obligation, I can deal with myself, you halted me here, however I will go. He asks where will you go, we will counsel a specialist, you can go if specialist licenses you. She says we are not we now, we are isolated at this point. He says fine, I m requesting that you eat first and afterward battle with me. Chiku says 2-2, I m counting who will win. She jokes.

Nupur expresses profound gratitude Milind, yet I m expelled from here, when Chiku was ravenous one evening, then, at that point, I was offended and denied, I can’t have food, your Aai can reprimand me a ton, I m tired, I have no solidarity to contend with Aai, kindly remove this. Nupur’s mum and father come to meet her. Nupur gets dazed. Milind holds her and asks are you fine. She requests that Chiku take her. Chiku says she is difficult. He says I know, deal with her. He gets a call. Nupur welcomes her folks. She says I m piece hurt, I m fine. She embraces her mum. She asks how could you come. Her father says your Saas called us here, is everything fine, you have high fever. Aai and Kamini come. Aai insults Nupur.

She says this house isn’t Nupur’s Sasural now. Naresh asks what are you saying. Aai says Nupur has chosen to break her connection with Milind. Naresh and Abha get stressed. Aai says Nupur will separation to Milind for this chawl young lady. Asha asks who is this young lady. Kamini says Chiku is consistently with Nupur, she is the justification behind Milind and Nupur’s connection getting ruined. Naresh asks how did this occur. Nupur says its not Chiku’s botch. Aai says she implies we as a whole aren’t right, its my mix-up to get Milind hitched to Nupur, subsequent to losing Payal, Milind dealt with Nupur and sympathized with her distress, Nupur looked for Payal to conceal her mix-up, this young lady is a cheat, Nupur got her here, she cherishes her such a lot of that she is separating from Milind. Chiku cries.

Nupur and Chiku have a discussion about Payal. Chiku cries and converses with Shashi. He sees the memento in her neck.

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