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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Milind Returns to His Home Drunk

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki fourteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Aai picking Milind as the main beneficiary. Nupur grins and praises Milind. Milind says yet Subodh is senior. Aai says he will consistently be there to help you, right Subodh. Subodh says OK, I will be there as his shadow.

Aai says Milind will get the whole business and property, after the separation, he can partition the business and property by talking about with Subodh, in light of the fact that Nupur has chosen to take off from Milind and this house for a more unusual young lady, she will have no right on the business and property, Milind’s new spouse and youngsters will have the right. Subodh, Kamini and Aai compliment Milind. Chiku looks on.

Aai requests that Milind sign the papers. Nupur cries and goes to her room. She says will Milind wed and have another family. Subodh says Kamini, this was your thought, I went to address Aai, everything got demolished. Kamini says Aai is the justification behind this, she simply favors Milind, what’s my error, she has grabbed our beginning and end, I won’t sit calm, I won’t ever allow Milind to remain cheerful, I will not tell him that Chiku is his little girl. She consumes the pic and says its the end.

Chiku reviews her family. She cries and thinks my mum deserted me, Rangoli additionally left me, yet Nupur upheld me, her family is leaving her as a result of me. She goes to reassure Nupur. She says I will attempt to discover what you lost, guarantee, you will deal with Payal a great deal when you get her. Nupur guarantees her. They embrace and cry.

Milind sees Nupur’s pic and sits crying. He says for what reason did you let me be, you ought to have been there with me, i’m not sure what to do, I can’t break Aai’s trust, Aai has given me a major liability, I feel forlorn. Kamini says Milind is distant from everyone else, proceed to do as I said. Subodh says I m furious, I will not go. Kamini requests that he put a phony grin and go. Subodh comes. He acts sweet to Milind.

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Milind says sorry, I didn’t realize Aai will do this, we will praise, come. Milind says no, I need to rest early today. Subodh says don’t provide requests to me at home, you will consistently be my more youthful sibling, I realize you have endured a great deal throughout everyday life, you need a break, come. Chiku thinks to converse with Milind about Nupur. She says I need to discover what he different preferences.

She says I need to effectively think about him. Chiku goes to Milind’s room and thumps. She sees Nupur dozing. She awakens her and asks are you sitting tight for Milind. Nupur says perhaps he has a lot of work at office, this food is intended for him. Chiku says he will have a lot of work, he loves great food. Nupur says he won’t have food outside. Milind returns home alcoholic. Nupur stresses. He says don’t contact me, you broke a marriage of 12 years. He yells on Nupur and grins. He says I don’t need your assistance and backing, simply disappear. Nupur cries. Milind goes. Chiku looks on and cries.


Nupur cries. Chiku goes to Milind. He requests that she get out. She asks him not to drink a lot, its a negative quirk, guarantee me you won’t ever drink, I will not come before you.

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