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Day 26
8 AM
The detainees awaken to the tune dance female horse re. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Umar, Karan and others are resting so the caution begins playing. Jay requests that Afsana awaken, you can’t become a skipper like this. Afsana says let me rest. Bigg Boss requests that Afsana wear her mic. Afsana requests that Jay let her be, you continue to insult me. Jay says I am simply reminding you. Afsana says you are sick mannered.

9 AM
Vishal checks out the sky and wishes her mom a cheerful birthday. He says I miss you Maa, I used to let my sibling know that our mom turned into a star. I’m making an honest effort here, they are for the most part jumping me since I was pushing ahead. They are altogether playing a game even with connections. He gets emotional.

10 AM
Karan asks Umar that you individuals took everything yesterday in the assignment genuinely so it’s a mental game.

10:30 AM
Karan tells Shamita that I lost a great deal of companions in last year in view of my separation. I got too associated with the relationship which caused me to lose my companions. Shamita says how could it occur? Karan says I was not tolerating my mix-ups. I wrecked associations with my companions, my family and others. I care about individuals yet I am likewise egotistical. I additionally continued to disappear from my accomplice. I ought to have conversed with her and afterward perhaps we might have arranged things. Shamita says I have consistently been with men that my family never enjoyed so I get you.

10:45 AM
Ishaan tells Vishal that I was not revolting with Miesha as Rajiv said. Vishal says not in any way, Rajiv is your companion yet he will play a game that will help him. I think Rajiv is additionally possessive with regards to his kin that’s why he doesn’t like Miesha with you and he doesn’t like Shamita as my sister. Ishaan says I am aggravated with individuals scrutinizing my relationship with Miesha.

11 AM
Miesha tells Karan that Rajiv provoked me that Ishaan’s family doesn’t like me. Karan says Rajiv is possessive with regards to Ishaan so he may be lying. Nishant lets Karan know that he will uphold him dating. Karan says you can’t date without asking me.

11:30 AM
Ishaan tells Karan that I don’t think my folks are annoyed with Miesha. Karan says Rajiv is exceptionally possessive with regards to you, Miesha would feel abnormal seeing his response to you. Miesha didn’t respond. Rajiv was going off on you for reasons unknown. Ishaan says I will stand firm against him if needed.

2 PM
Ishaan carries Miesha to Rajiv. He lets Rajiv know that don’t let me know my family’s opinion on Miesha and we are foul. You are obliterating my picture on public TV. I just don’t need any issue among me and Miesha due to your words. Bigg Boss requests that Ishaan wear his mic. Rajiv asks what is he rambling about? Rajiv lets Ishaan know that you got some information about your family and I let you know that they don’t like Miesha. Ishaan says I have a specific picture and you are obliterating it, you continued to discuss that issue. Rajiv says individuals are insulting Ishaan that I am Miesha’s contest. Shamita lets Ishaan know that it’s not Rajiv’s shortcoming in case others are provoking her. Ishaan says Rajiv isn’t halting them. Rajiv says I didn’t say anything to other people. He yells at Ishaan that you know me for a long time and you are taking the side of this young lady? Ishaan says she is my better half. Rajiv says you don’t care about our kinship for quite a long time? Karan says I kidded about Rajiv being Miesha’s contest. Ishaan lets Rajiv know that you said that Miesha is tricking me and so forth, your words are influencing me. Rajiv says I don’t care about Miesha, you are my companion that’s why I said this. Rajiv says I have no relationship with Ishaan from this point forward, I won’t converse with him by any means. Ishaan says don’t consider me a numb-skull and so forth. Karan requests that Rajiv quiet down. Rajiv says I have accomplished such a great deal for this person Ishaan, I was encouraging Ishaan to not be a simpleton. I have accomplished such a great deal for him. Ishaan says you continue to boast about it. Ishaan says I realize you removed me from sadness however you can’t continue to boast about it. Shamita says it was only a joke. Ishaan says I am a straight person however assuming they joke that Rajiv is Miesha’s contest, I resemble a gay individual. Shamita says what’s Rajiv’s shortcoming in this? Shamita enlightens Rajiv to not talk regarding outside issues any longer. He says yes.

2:15 PM
Shamita lets Rajiv know that you can’t request that Ishaan focus on you, Ishaan would place his sweetheart above than you. He would secure his better half. Rajiv says I know what’s going on outside.
Jay inquires as to whether he has taken Miesha’s side right? Ishaan says OK. Jay says then let’s end it. Rajiv says I am worn out on this wreck. Ishaan says I didn’t come to battle with you. Karan requests that they quiet down, you both have a decent kinship so don’t end it. Rajiv says it’s more profound than that, I am here a direct result of an explanation. Our relationship is close. Ishaan says don’t depict this like we have something continuing. We are brothers. Miesha lets Rajiv know that you don’t know me yet don’t say that I am tricking Ishaan, why you say that his family doesn’t endorse me? Ishaan tells Miesha that I am remaining with you so don’t stress. Shamita yells at Rajiv assuming he came for her in the house, for what reason is he behind Ishaan since yesterday?

3 PM
Rajiv cries and tells Shamita that Ishaan is making me look awful. My relationship with Ishaan isn’t excessively basic, I can’t say it. I have gone through a great deal of wreck for him. I’m not requesting that he leave his sweetheart however I am his companion for a very long time, I am not in any event, requesting that he pick me.

Ishaan lets Miesha know that you make a difference to me that’s why I conflicted with my companion for a considerable length of time. I’m not doing this for an errand. Miesha says thank you for agreeing with my stance, I would need you to figure everything out with him, he is your friend.

Shamita asks Rajiv what’s your need? Rajiv says you and the game. Shamita says this is helping your game? No right. Rajiv says I will avoid him now. Ishaan comes there and says I simply need to say assuming you don’t need to converse with me, fine however I will consistently regard you. You are simply annihilating my picture. Rajiv goes from that point. Ishaan tells Shamita that I was seeing someone 8 years, I was down in my life after that separation, this man has given me another life. Rajiv is making statements like that he can’t talk about our relationship on TV.. these remarks are making me examine an alternate light. Shamita says my prompt is to avoid him in the house.

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss lets the prisoners know that the captaincy undertaking will continue in a little. Group A will remain in the letters in order and Team B will attempt to remove them from it. Group B simply need to remove one detainee from the letters in order and they will win the errand. Rajiv advises Miesha to illuminate Ishaan to avoid him, everything is done from my side.

The task begins, Nishant, Simba, Miesha, Tejasswi and Rajiv remain in the letters in order. Jay lets Nishant know that you won’t become a skipper so leave the undertaking. Nishant says you will secure me if you become the skipper right? Jay says OK. Nishant says then I will leave the assignment in a little. Ishaan requests that Miesha leave the assignment. Miesha tells Jay that I won’t get away from this errand, my relationship with Ishaan isn’t for the game.

4 PM
Akasa attempts to converse with Afsana however Afsana says I don’t need any captaincy. Simply let me be. Afsana says they won’t make me a commander yet they need me to turn into a scoundrel in the errand and assault the other group. Tejasswi says Afsana plays well when she is playing against her own group. Afsana says Jay is requesting that I do the assignment since he doesn’t need to look terrible. Jay says I didn’t request that you do anything. Afsana says you requested that Akasa incite me so I will end up being a reprobate in the assignment. Umar applies cleanser on Rajiv’s face. Jay lets Rajiv know that you won’t become a skipper so get down. Nishant says they can’t toss water on him. Umar says I am not. Shamita requests that they not use water. Shamita says you can’t plunge cleanser in the water, it’s contrary to the standards. She tells Umar that I will exclude you in the event that you use water once more. Umar says you are not a Bigg Boss, I won’t pay attention to you. Shamita says watch me, you need to challenge me? Tejasswi requests that Umar stop it. Rajiv has cleaned up already.

4:45 PM
Jay and Umar are assaulting Rajiv. Umar utilizes a fluid wipe all over. Nishant says they can’t apply things all over. Jay says we are not tossing flavor all over. We are not placing it in his eyes. We are being cautious. Shamita says you can’t use water, I let you know that. I’m precluding you. Umar says I just got the wipe. Shamita says I need him precluded. Karan really looks at the wipe. Umar says they utilized ice against us which is water too. Shamita says I have as of now cautioned him commonly. He plunged the wipe in the water, we precluded Simba when he conflicted with the guidelines so we will exclude Umar too. Karan requests that everybody stop the undertaking for quite a while. Umar says don’t show me your hand. Shamita says he is excessively forceful. Umar says I don’t have a sh*t. Shamita says we are refs and the rulebook says you can’t use fluids. You are precluded for quite a while. Akasa requests that Umar quiet down. Umar yells at her to agree with his stance, I am conversing with them. Umar requests that Shamita think carefully. Shamita says I need him out of the assignment. Umar says why? Shamita requests that he think carefully and doesn’t do this with me. Jay takes Umar from that point. Jay requests that he quiet down. Umar says I didn’t use water. Karan says she doesn’t like Umar’s conduct. I will handle her.

5 PM
Akasa advises Umar to utilize chilies on them. Jay makes the bean stew paste.
Nishant jokes that I am in Vishal’s group. Tejasswi says Vishal isn’t playing from his group, he is being great to us. Akasa makes Rajiv smell stew power while Ishaan tosses powder on him. Rajiv hacks and attempts to bear the attack. Miesha says I love Rajiv’s looks. Shamita grins at Rajiv. Akasa and Ishaan continue to assault Rajiv. His group roots for Rajiv. Rajiv continues to hack. Shamita says Umar is annoying me. Shamita tells Jay that I don’t need Umar here. Umar says I am simply remaining there, I didn’t do anything. Shamita says I precluded Simba and he plunked down for a little. Vishal requests that Umar plunk down. Umar says goodness, he goes to plunk down. Akasa brings water for Rajiv as he is hacking. Tejasswi says don’t do exaggerating now. Pratik says let them play the errand. Shamita brings tissue for Rajiv.

5:15 PM
Afsana and Vishal begin assaulting Rajiv once more. They use chilies and powder on him. Nishant says they are tossing powder in his eyes. Tejasswi says Vishal is assaulting his eyes. Jay says he can shut his eyes. Tejasswi says as much you will focus on our eyes? Jay says no, we are tossing powder on the face. Nishant says Vishal is assaulting his eyes. Vishal says the cameras are watching everything, don’t express moronic things. I’m not assaulting his eyes. Nishant says I can see from my eyes that you are assaulting his eyes. Rajiv says they will torment me as it were. Nishant says Rajiv you are solid. Pratik says I guarantee you Rajiv that assuming you keep playing, we will make you the skipper, I needed to be the chief yet not any longer. We will all help you to turn into the captain.

Akasa lets Umar know that they all wanted to preclude you. Karan didn’t say anything, he might have halted Shamita. Akasa asks when can Umar rejoin the errand? Shamita says in a large portion of an hour.

5:45 PM
Akasa utilizes ice on Tejasswi. Pratik says as though ice can unnerve Tejasswi. Nishant supports Tejasswi. Akasa requests that Tejasswi not shudder if not she will feel awful. You have done khatron ke khiladi so breath through it. Akasa tosses ice in Pratik’s pants. He laughs.

6 PM
Akasa attempts to panic Tejasswi with creepy crawlies however Tejasswi doesn’t move. Afsana tosses garbage close to Rajiv. Rajiv says on the off chance that you individuals don’t make me the chief, I will beat all of you. Pratik says you have our assertion. We will make you the skipper. Umar and Ishaan make Rajiv smell stew once more. He hacks and attempts to continue to stay there. His colleagues continue to perk him up. Karan says they can’t assault others. Miesha and Tejasswi cheer for Rajiv. Shamita applauds him. Pratik says I am so pleased with Rajiv.

6:30 PM
Akasa requests that Pratik remove his shirt. Pratik says for what reason would I? Shamita requests that Umar not utilize fluid cleanser on Nishant’s face. I will preclude Umar again for the remainder of the assignment. Jay says why? How might you do that? Shamita says he utilized the fluid once more. Jay says you can’t exclude him for the total errand. Shamita says I am the ref and not you. I will settle on the choices. Jay requests that Karan make some noise. Karan says we don’t realize how long is left for the errand. We will get back to Umar in the undertaking in a little. Umar requests that Akasa assault Pratik. Akasa requests that he stop it, she is doing it. Nishant says this group isn’t joined in any way. Bigg Boss lets the prisoners know that main 2 hours are left for the task.

7 PM
Umar trims Vishal’s hair lock and gives it to him. Vishal says I will imagine like I have trimmed Rajiv’s hair and show this lock. Miesha watches them and says they are fools. Vishal and Ishaan assault Rajiv. Vishal behaves like trimming Rajiv’s hair. Miesha says don’t respond, it’s Vishal’s hair, he didn’t trim your hair Rajiv.

8:30 PM
Rajiv giggles and says they have tormented me for 6 hours in a row. It’s more than London to India’s flight time. Shamita laughs.

Bigg Boss says the ideal opportunity for the captaincy task has finished. Since both, groups couldn’t win the assignment so this errand is a tie. Tejasswi, Rajiv and Umar bounce in the pool.

9:30 PM
Karan inquires as to whether she can go to the restroom? Tejasswi says I can’t find my nightdress. Karan says I just gave it to you. Karan helps her in getting her garments as Tejasswi is shuddering. Akasa comes behind them and commendations their pair. Karan helps Tejasswi so she can scrub down. She goes to the restroom. Akasa prods Karan.

10 PM
Rajiv lets Miesha know that everybody is playing a game here, nobody knows my bond with Ishaan. I blew up that Ishaan is hearing others insulting him and afterward he began battling with me. Karan is playing a game and he is filling Ishaan’s ears against me. Today’s battle have annihilated our kinship for eternity. I have endeavored to be here so I will simply stay away from him.

12 AM
Nishant lets Jay know that we wanted to find our objectives. Jay says Karan is in effect sweet with everybody. Nishant says everybody is shrewd here. They all know what’s continuing. They are simply stowing away and playing in herds.

The scene ends.

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