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Bhagya Lakshmi Episode Written Update 29th October 2021

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The Episode begins with Malishka showing fragrance to Rishi. Rishi attempts it and says it is possessing a scent like valuable aroma. She says I will request that Mom add. Rishi says I will leave now, else Mom will get angry.He leaves. Kiran says Rishi is master is in his business. Malishka says I called him to illuminate him about my quick, and says she will be to him and heart and everybody. She can’t share him with anybody. Lakshmi goes to the feasting table and serves the food. Ayush and Dadi inquire as to for what reason would she say she is working? Sanjay says I asked her not to work. Lakshmi says don’t tell that I chastened you. Sanjay inquires as to whether it was admonishing? Ayush requests that she take in admonishing from her mom. Virender sees Aloo tomato sabzi and gets cheerful. Dadi says it is his top pick since youth. Sanjay says I told Lakshmi Bhabhi that Rishi loves it. Ayush takes the dish from her. Sanjay says she asked subsequent to making and I told Rishi likes it. Everybody prods Lakshmi. Dadi cautions them. Neelam thinks where is Rishi? I requested that he stay at home. Rishi comes there and embraces Virender. Ayush says Rishi Bhai has directly on this. Rishi asks on what? Dadi says on Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it isn’t care for that. They request that he sit. Virender says even I will get an opportunity to have it with you. Rishi says I don’t need to have it, as I am keeping quick. Dadi asks karwachauth quick. Ayush says Lakshmi merits this. Ahana says Rishi Bhai has saved quick for Lakshmi’s long life. She says no spouse has saved quick for their wives in our family. Dadi prods Virender. Lakshmi gets enthusiastic and goes from that point. She goes to her room, thinks about his words and gets weepy eyes with satisfaction. Ayush thumps on the entryway and calls her. He says you have locked the entryway and requests that she open the entryway. He inquires as to whether she is fine. Lakshmi says I am fine, and opens the entryway. Ayush asks what was the deal? Lakshmi says nothing. Ayush says you have tears in your eyes and ran from that point. He inquires as to whether she is harmed? Lakshmi says this is the issue of tears, it comes in bliss and bitterness as well. He requests that she determine what was the deal? Lakshmi says she got passionate and recollected old things. Rishi comes there and hears her. Lakshmi says my Maa used to save quick for Bau ji, and even Bau ji used to save quick for her mom. She says individuals used to joke on him, and Bau ji used to legitimize it. She says I didn’t see anybody other than my Bau ji. She says Rishi likewise saved quick for my longlife. Ayush says ofcourse, and says why he will keep? Lakshmi says I am extremely fortunate to get such a husband.

Neelam considers gem dealer and says my bahu Lakshmi will reach there for purchasing the present. She requests that he fare thee well. Kiran calls Neelam and says cheerful karwachauth. Neelam welcomes her for puja. Kiran says I haven’t kept the quick, you know the explanation. Neelam says we would have talked if you had come. Kiran says your call was occupied. Neelam says I called Bandini gem specialist, as I need to send Lakshmi and Rishi there. She says it is the question of one year. Kiran says OK, I know and believe you. Ayush says you are fortunate, no, yet we are fortunate as you came in our home. Lakshmi says this isn’t truth, Rishi would have any young lady. He has everything, except I don’t had even guardians, however presently in the wake of wedding him, I got everybody and acclaims all the relatives. She says she is fortunate. Lakshmi comes out and sees Rishi outside. She asks did you hear us? Rishi asks her not to laud him. Lakshmi says I was commending my fate. Rishi requests that she recall, that they will not be together in future, and things may change among us, and at one point you may detest me. Lakshmi asks what are you saying, today? She says I don’t need to hear.

Malishka inquires as to whether she needs to eat anything. Kiran says nothing. Malishka says she conversed with Neelam and said that she is sending Lakshmi with Rishi for karwachauth shopping. Malishka asks her not to take pressure. Kiran says assuming Rishi invests energy with Lakshmi, he will see that she is saving quick for herself and is feeble, this thing can contact his heart. She says he will not consider Lakshmi, and you will simply remain in his heart. Rishi tells that adoration doesn’t stay same after marriage, we might drop out of affection, yet we will be old buddies. He guarantees her that he will consistently be her closest companion and will bring chole kulche, gulab jamun and so on all her birthday events. He asks her not to show him out of her life, being furious with me. Lakshmi says you knows from numerous ways of saying, the amount you love me? She says you made me understood often previously marriage as well. She says I can detect the amount you care for me. He says I care for you, however didn’t acknowledge when…Lakshmi says when you began really focusing on me.

Kiran says Rishi is delicate and acceptable, and he won’t know himself when he succumbed to her. She says you don’t realize Lakshmi like young lady and says she is from helpless family. Malishka says she is from working class. Kiran says Lakshmi will cherish him for the shopping and he will likewise do anything for her. Neelam thumps on the entryway and requests that Rishi and Lakshmi go to the diamond setter. Kiran asks what is the utilization of saving the quick for him, who doesn’t care deeply about you. Rishi inquires as to for what reason to give? Neelam says to get present for her. Lakshmi says he has saved quick for me, and it is the gift. Neelam says it is his desire and tells that this is custom. Lakshmi says no spouse likes to go to gem specialist today, and tells that he is keeping quick and will get worn out. She says she is routine to keep diets, however this is first an ideal opportunity for Rishi. She says she don’t need to inconvenience him. Rishi says similarly as you might suspect right mother. Neelam says I will think something else.

Rishi gets Malishka’s call and she requests that he get some adornments for her, as she is saving quick for him. He says he will take her out tomorrow. Malishka says I have saved quick for you, and I figured you will do anything for me. He says alright, I am coming. She thinks to wear some pleasant outfit. Rishi inquires as to whether I can go for the gathering. Neelam requests that he return before the moon shows up. She requests that Lakshmi come ground floor and prepares with her plate. Lakshmi gestures her head.

Sonia comes to Karishma and says do you know, Rishi has saved quick for Lakshmi? Karishma says Malishka told that he has saved quick for herself and not Lakshmi. Sonia says Malishka doesn’t accept on fasting for long live. Karishma says it is love and says when you fall head over heels, you will acknowledge and will prepare to leave your mother and father as well. She says love makes a huge difference. She requests that she have something. Sonia says I previously had. Karishma inquires as to why you arrive behind schedule? Sonia says no. Karishma requests that she tell her reality, when she is prepared and not to trick her. Sonia says she has some work and goes.

Precap: Malishka eats the cake and thinks her quick broke. Neelam inquires as to whether she has broken quick. Lakshmi says no. Rishi says it is in the news that moon has showed up, says he is ravenous since morning. He says you have eaten food. Lakshmi blacks out. Neelam calls Rishi and requests that he get back home quick, as lakshmi blacked out. Rishi is shocked.

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