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Bhagya Lakshmi Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Lakshmi moving the blind from the window. Rishi awakens as the daylight falls on her and thinks he needs to go to office. He then, at that point, thinks he needs to remain at home today. He requests that Lakshmi take out his green shirt and dark coat. He tracks down her not there, and thinks she has gone. He finds green shirt and dark coat on the table. He thinks she has taken out before I asked him. He thinks what befallen her, she didn’t even grin checking out me. He thinks what’s going on did I do? Lakshmi goes to Virender and welcomes him. Virender says today is your karwachauth, and inquires as to whether she will have any issue. Lakshmi says Mummy ji caused me to have the delicious sargi and tells that she is keeping this quick with her heart. He says you are keeping it yourself. Lakshmi says OK, and says she feels that they will finish some puja for Rishi. She says it is acceptable in the event that I save quick for him. Karishma comes there and requests that Lakshmi call Sanjay. Virender requests that Karishma call Sanjay herself and says Lakshmi has kept quick and won’t work today. Karishma inquires as to for what reason are you viewing it in a serious way. He requests that she view his words in a serious way. Neelam hears them and says Virender is correct. Karishma says did I torment her? She requests that Lakshmi say anything. Lakshmi is going to say. Neelam says you are not tormenting her, yet you can’t treat her along these lines. She says today she is fasting, possibly you will favor her or….She requests that she let Lakshmi rest, as Virender said. Lakshmi goes. Neelam says Lakshmi has saved quick for my child, and I don’t need her to have any issue. She goes. Virender says today you won’t utter a word against Lakshmi, since you like Malishka.

Next morning, Malishka goes to her mother and says good day. Kiran requests that Malishka consider Karishma and say her sorry, and says she is pondering you. Malishka says quite recently I woke up. Kiran requests that she call her. Malishka calls Karishma and inquires as to whether she is annoyed with her. Karishma says no. Malishka asks what occurred there? Karishma says whatever happens day by day, everybody have kept Lakshmi on head, as she is keeping the quick. Malishka says Neelam aunt more likely than not constrained her, and says I won’t keep quick after marriage. Karishma says lakshmi has saved quick for Rishi herself and says when I requested that she call Sanjay. Virender and Neelam admonished me. Malishka expresses what befallen Neelam aunt. Karishma asks her not to tell once more, that Rishi is hers and so forth She says if this proceeds, Rishi’s heart will twist down towards Lakshmi and Rishi himself won’t know. Malishka asks do you feel that I will allow this to occur, and says I won’t allow Lakshmi to see his face today, and tells that she will welcome Rishi to her home today. She closes the call and picks Rishi’s quick. Rishi tells her that they need to drop the club night today, as Lakshmi has saved quick for him, and he can’t take off from house today. Malishka says I comprehended and asks him to kept the perfumed candles tests. Rishi says alright, I will come. Malishka says I needed to call him here, and I will likewise save quick for him today. I won’t allow Lakshmi to win today. Rishi is going to go and slams into Lakshmi. He holds her and they take a gander at one another. Mera pyaar hai ek tarfa plays…..

He asks did you need to ask something? Lakshmi says no. She then, at that point, inquires as to whether you was certain that you needed to wed me? Rishi inquires as to for what reason would you say you are asking this? Lakshmi says you requested that I ask, and inquires as to whether I was the one to focus on, whom you needed to wed. He says OK, just you. I needed to wed you, I couldn’t wed you, as no other individual can have your spot, as you are simply made for me. He asks whatever else. Lakshmi says thank you and gets mournful eyes. Rishi says I will be back in 30 mins and goes out. Lakshmi thinks Rishi said that he needed to wed me, and I am made for him. She says whatever I pondered that display area young lady. Rishi hears her remaining outside. Lakshmi thinks he was saying truth, there is a reality in his eyes. Rishi is leaving the house and thinks about his minutes with Lakshmi, Pandit ji’s words. He gets sad eyes and wipes his tears. He says OK Lakshmi, you was the one, I got married.

Rano and Neha show their dresses to one another. Preetam requests that Neha learn something. Rano insults him and requests that he awaken Shalu and Bani. Preetam says they had woken up, and took sargi for Lakshmi. He says they let them know that you made sargi for Lakshmi and kept your regard. Rano gets rankled and goes.

Rishi comes to meet Kiran. Kiran says you got going after marriage. He says he don’t have time because of office work. He guarantees her that he will come and meet her. He got some information about Malishka and goes to her room. Shalu converses with Lakshmi and says I realized that you will save quick for jiju and that’s why I came to give sargi to you. Lakshmi says I asked him, and he said that he needed to wed me, and I am made for him as it were. Shalu says you trusted him. Lakshmi says there was honesty in his eyes.

Rishi comes to Malishka’s room. Malishka is laying on the bed. Kiran brings espresso for Rishi. Rishi says we will drink together. Kiran says Malishka can’t drink, as she is saving quick for you. Malishka says for what reason did you tell him? Kiran says he needs to break your quick. Malishka says she will save quick for him, says it is sufficient for me that you love me. Kiran says you can sentiment, however why rebuffing me and requests that Rishi take the espresso. Rishi won’t drink espresso and says I will quick for Malishka. Malishka asks truly? Rishi says I will save quick for your longlife as well. Malishka says I will show you test and shows the example fragrance. He splashes it and says it is no different.

Shalu asks did you ask him, in case he is engaging in extramarital relations. Lakshmi says no. Shalu says I am making lunch and finishes the call. She thinks Di considered the to be as he was coming clean, as his father picked her. She says Di ought to have asked, in case he is engaging in extramarital relations. She says assuming jiju lies, Didi will get his untruth. She says he is savvy to let one know truth behind his affair.

Precap: Virender requests that Rishi spruce up and have his most loved sabzi with him. Rishi won’t eat and tells about his quick. Lakshmi gets enthusiastic and says I never saw any spouse saving quick for his better half. She imparts to Ayush that she is extremely fortunate to get such a spouse. Rishi hears her. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi will not consider Lakshmi, will not actually enjoy her. Malishka calls Rishi and says she is fasting for him. Rishi says I am coming. He lets Neelam know that he needs to go for the gathering. Neelam requests that he return before the moon shows up. Malishka eats the cake unwittingly and thinks what to tell Rishi now. Lakshmi swoons while everybody is moving. Neelam calls Rishi and asks where right? She says I requested that you stay at home the entire day, and lets him know that Lakshmi blacked out. Rishi gets shocked.

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