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Bhagya Lakshmi Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Rishi Gets Deeply Affected By Lakshmi’s Mood

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Lakshmi letting Rishi that it great know he is wearing. He checks out the adoration band, hacks and says that it was given to me by my companion. Malishka stows away from Lakshmi. Lakshmi reviews Ahana telling Rishi purchased love groups for them. Rishi says I have some work and will be back. Lakshmi gets dismal. Neelam’s companion Tanuja acclaims Lakshmi and says I haven’t drank lassi since such countless days and asks where right? Neelam says she will come. She sees Lakshmi and calls her. Ahana lets lakshmi know that Neelam Mami calling her. Lakshmi comes to Neelam and welcomes the visitors. Neelam presents her companions Tanuja, Manpreet and others. She says each year… Tanuja says let me talk. She says I didn’t see such party previously, it is unique. Other companion says on the off chance that you had told, we would have come in Punjabi clothing. Lakshmi says sorry and tells that every one of the game plans are done, and requests that they go to the originator room, says dresses are prepared. She asks Ahana. Ahana says done. Lakshmi says I had conversed with originator and they have orchestrated the dresses. The visitors go to change the dresses. Lakshmi pardons herself. Virender lets Neelam know that she is looking Billu Rani. Neelam expresses what garbage and goes. Malishka goes to Rishi’s room. Rishi says I was sitting tight for you since long. Malishka asks how you was doing Lakshmi. He says she didn’t care for the gift given by me. Malishka says are you feeling terrible that she didn’t care for. Rishi says I had given the gift on Dad’s platitudes, however it was my decision. Malishka says she is hearing him as he is talking negative for her. He says negative. Malishka says she didn’t care for your gift or decision. She says however I love my gift as he loves to see him wearing exactly the same thing, it is bizarre, yet it causes her to feel that she is hers consistently.

Lakshmi is going to the space to wear dupatta of her marriage, and gets her finger drain as she contacts the pin of the dupatta. Malishka requests that he say I love you and says you didn’t say such 2 days. He holds her face and says I love you. Malishka says now tell in my ears and kiss me on my brow and embrace me like you won’t ever leave me. He tells in her ears that he cherishes her. He kisses her temple and says I love you and embraces her. Lakshmi comes there and opens the entryway. She turns feeling torment in her finger and sucks it. Rishi and Malishka see her remaining on the entryway and break the embrace. Lakshmi turns towards them. Rishi and Malishka take cover in the background. Lakshmi looks for her dupatta and thinks that it is on the floor. It is left with Rishi’s watch. She takes a gander at the drapery and thinks in case it is left with some nail. She is going to come there, when she coincidentally hits her foot and sits on the bed to check.

Ahana inquires as to whether he saw Malishka. He says OK, I saw, however don’t have the foggiest idea where right? Ahana inquires as to for what reason would you say you are befuddled? Ayush says I saw her, however didn’t have the foggiest idea where right? Ahana says you are prodding me. Shalu comes there and says assuming I had sibling like you, would have broken your nose. He inquires as to why? He tells that whoever adores her, will be no more. A person crashes into her and inquires as to whether she is fine. Ayush tells Bunty that Shalu is wonderful, yet in at some point her fiend comes out from her, and she will discuss breaking your nose. Bunty goes. Shalu thinks to grumble to Lakshmi about Ayush.

Lakshmi goes to the drape and sees Rishi and Malishka stowing away there. She gets stunned and shocked. Rishi and Malishka requests that she hear. Malishka says whatever you are thinking? Lakshmi asks how would you can read my mind? Rishi says whatever occurrence in the background. Lakshmi says I was correct, you both were together consistently in kitchen, first floor and so forth Malishka requests that she tune in. Lakshmi says I am acceptable, yet not frantic. I can see reality. She says your issue is going on. Rishi lets Lakshmi know that he would prefer not to proceed with his issue from now onwards. Malishka is stunned. Lakshmi says I thought you are acceptable. Malishka faults Lakshmi for interfering with Rishi and her, and requests that she take a brief trip and see her face and worth. She says I requested that Rishi wed you, else he wouldn’t have taken a gander at you. Malishka slaps her for offending marriage. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi expresses what was my slip-up, I battled with the world and neglected myself and you. Neelam and Karishma come there. Neelam expresses what’s going on? Lakshmi asks do you realize that they are together, and requests that they come clean all things considered out. Neelam holds her head down. Lakshmi inquires as to whether everybody knows, all the family. She cries and says all of you have misled me. Malishka says it is sufficient of your theatrics, you don’t have any worth to open your mouth infront of us. Rishi yells Malishka and says I am alive because of Lakshmi, on the off chance that I must be alive, I need Lakshmi. I needn’t bother with you any longer, I need Lakshmi and not you. Malishka says you are doing a slip-up. Rishi slaps her. It is Malishka’s creative mind. She removes the dupatta and tosses it on the floor. Lakshmi picks it and thinks that it is torn. She figures how could it tear? She says ghatbandhan and adjusts have happened wearing it, and goes to God to save her marriage with Rishi. Ahana comes there and asks where is Malishka? Her dress is with me. Lakshmi requests that she call Malishka. Ahana sits and asks what’s going on with she? Lakshmi says she is sewing her marriage dupatta, as it is unfavorable to tear. She says I will join it. Rishi comes out and quietly takes Malishka’s versatile. The telephone rings. They switch it off. Ahana says it appears it rang here. Lakshmi prepares with her dupatta. Ahana makes her wear it and inquires as to whether she is taking rounds once more. Lakshmi says marriage happens once, and those 7 rounds join us for 7 births. Ahana says gives up. They leave. Malishka and Rishi come out. Malishka inquires as to for what reason would he say he was concerned? Rishi says he is fine. Malishka says I will go to Sonia’s room and prepare. Rishi sits on the bed and thinks for what reason am I influencing with Lakshmi’s temperament. The gift which I provided for her, she didn’t get cheerful, however why I am feeling awful. He says when chunari got torn, she got dismal and even I felt miserable as am I…

Precap: Gurucharan Chacha sees Malishka and Rishi moving intently and lets Lakshmi know that something is going on between her significant other and Malishka, which is off-base. He says your better half Rishi and Malishka are not simply old buddies, something is truly going on between them. Neelam hears them. Later Lakshmi sees love band in Malishka’s grasp and gets stunned. Rishi looks on.

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