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Barrister Babu Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Tapur’s Engagement Called Off

Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Bondita coming to Tapur. She says you previously prepared. Tapur says I thought you won’t come. She contends and goes. Bihari comes and says Anirudh requested that you get the gifts saved for the husband to be. Bondita opens a cabinet and gets the letter. She says I composed Tapur’s letter for Somnath, why is it here. Batuk looks on and kept the letter with the gifts. She says it implies Tapur didn’t give this letter to Somnath, why did he give her a blossom. She goes to Somnath and helps him. She says you read Tapur’s letter and picked her present than the past, you acknowledge this connection right, will you keep this connection all life. He says OK, I generally approve of it. She grins. Trilochan comes and requests that he see the Shiv icon, show it to Tapur too. Bondita inquires as to why. Somnath says Tapur composed this in the letter that Shiv ji’s icon is additionally positioned in our sanctuary, I satisfied her condition, you trust me now, right. She says OK. He goes. She thinks to discover the truth.

She actually takes a look at the cabinet. She gets the letter. She says its a phony letter, how might this occur, I need to tell this to Anirudh. Somnath and Tapur sit for the commitment. Bondita gets some information about Anirudh. Sampoorna says he was here. Bihari says he went to get shagun things. She goes to the room and says its great you are here, I m in a major issue, Tapur is deceiving me, its not Somnath’s botch, he has a privilege to know reality, we concealed reality, if Somnath realizes that somebody attempted to smudge Tapur’s pride, he will imagine that we duped him, possibly Somnath breaks the union. Trilochan turns and yells. She stresses. Batuk comes there and grins. She gave the red took to Batuk. Batuk gave it to Trilochan. Bondita says stop, I will tell you, don’t say anything, the visitors are here. Trilochan tosses the gifts. Bondita says I beseech you, don’t say anything. He says no rasam will occur here. He demands them to leave. Somnath asks what occurred. Trilochan says lie doesn’t keep going for long, you got cheated, its great I became acquainted with this from Bondita, somebody had attempted to destroy Tapur’s respect. Everybody gets shocked.

Bondita says I will fix everything. Everybody goes. Batuk says I will see him. Bondita inquires as to why didn’t you come clean to Somnath previously. Tapur says quit faking worry for us, stop this show. She reprimands Bondita. Bondita cries. Tapur says you aren’t content with this coalition, I heard it that evening. Bondita says I wasn’t feeling right. Tapur asks what, that a common young lady is becoming Roy Choudhary bahu. Bondita says pay attention to me once, don’t go. Trilochan reprimands Tapur and Tupur. He says my bahu shouldn’t cry, leave. Bondita says they are my sisters. Batuk says I will deal with Bondita. He sends Trilochan. He says whatever occurred, I assume the fault on myself, I will clarify Kaka and Somnath, don’t take off from the house. Tapur says don’t overlap hands, please. He says you don’t need to remain under a similar rooftop as Bondita, you stay in our other haveli, you will be protected there. Tupur says alright. He says thanks to them. He stops Bondita and says you shouldn’t go there, you should stand by, don’t stress, they will be protected there, I will bring them back. She asks truly. He says truly. He thinks you grabbed my sibling, perceive how I grab your family from you.

Its morning, Trilochan says I won’t let Bondita go to the court. Bondita says I will accomplish basically everything from home. He says no compelling reason to accomplish any work. A few men come. Bondita inquires as to why didn’t you send the case papers. The man says we called you ordinarily, somebody said advodate Bondita doesn’t stay here. Trilochan sees Batuk. Bondita asks what, its our number, I will see the case record now. The man gives the case and goes. Trilochan says it occurs. She asks how might this occur. Batuk says just let it be. A young lady comes and embraces him. She says I missed you, my darling. Trilochan signs him. Bondita makes her away and asks who are you, by the thing connection are you embracing my better half. The young lady says sorry, lovebirds see no fault in each other, I saw him after quite a while, I m Mallika, do I really wanted to tell our connection, I m Batuk’s sweetheart. Bondita thinks for what reason is she calling Anirudh as Batuk. Everybody looks on.

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